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How the Hotel Industry Can Utilize Destination Marketing Through a Mobile App Solution?

The tourism and Hospitality industries are always depending on each other. However, both were facing downtime for a few months due to pandemic situations. But now they are starting to bloom again. 

So, it is the right time to discuss destination marketing and its benefits and most importantly how to monetize it.

Digitalization and globalization have strengthened the need for mobile applications in the hotel business. At the same time, it can open additional ways to monetize and execute strategies for your hotel business. So, know more about how a on-demand hotel booking app can do all these and what you should do to avail yourself through this blog.

What is Destination Marketing?

As we know the hospitality industry including hotels are depending on tourism in most places. So, when people choose a destination to plan their vacation, the hospitality business also chooses the same place. In simple words, the destinations attract tourists and the tourists attract the hotel business.

On the other hand, respective governments or organizations are promoting their most attractive destinations worldwide to attract more tourists. This promotion is called destination marketing. The hotel business can be benefitted from this type of marketing directly even though they didn’t spend money on it. 

So, if you are an entrepreneur in this industry, you should know about destination marketing and how it can benefit your hotel business. Let’s check.

How to Monetize the Benefits of Destination Marketing with an App?

Since the destination marketing organizations (DMO) are responsible for the destination marketing, it also benefits the hotel business in that particular destination. When DMO, promotes a destination, people around the world are attracted to it. Then they will look for hotels to stay in that place. 

But it is difficult to find such potential customers around the world. To weed this difficulty you need an online presence through multiple channels and a mobile app for hotel booking. By having these, you can be found online by potential visitors.

The hotel booking app can help your visitors to find the best deal from you on the hotel booking. In addition to this, you can use the advantage of destination marketing. 

  • For example, you can provide a complimentary trip around the famous destination for the customers who book rooms in your hotel for specific days. 
  • You can provide free tourist destination maps and a route book to reach the guests of your hotel business. 
  • If the specified destination has any GI tagged things (Geographical Intex tag), then you can provide them for free to the guests who spend a specific amount of money with your hotel. 

Providing these kinds of gifts related to the destination will attract more customers and motivate them to spend more money to avail of your service. The mobile application will be a medium to inform your customers about this kind of service and gifts at the time of online hotel booking to potential visitors. 

Why Geomarketing is Necessary for Hotel Business?

Another factor like destination marketing can attract more global visitors to your hotel; it is called Geomarketing. It is nothing but a strategy to market your products and services based on the customer’s location. For example, if your hotel is in a cold place, then you should focus on the people who are staying in a warm place. 

You can also redefine this strategy in a reverse manner, as you can cross-sell to your guests by highlighting your hotel’s geolocation. For example, if your hotel is located in a cold place, then you can cross-sell sweaters, winter jackets, and other products to your visitor easily.

So, by researching geo-location you can attract guests to your hotel and cross-sell relevant products. It is not necessary to be a cloth, it can be anything from hot chocolate to shoes. 

Sometimes, you can cross-sell this kind of product online with your hotel booking app. There is a possibility of a guest who didn’t book your hotel to purchase the product from you. It helps you to earn more money. 

Role of Mobile App in Executing Strategies in Hotel Business

The main purpose of having a hotel booking app is to facilitate the potential customers to know, validate and book your services. Generally, this hotel booking app can do the following for your hotel business.

  • It can improve visitor experience,
  • Attract new customers by listing attractive offers,
  • It can represent your business values and level of services,
  • Enhance brand awareness,
  • Accept multiple payments, 
  • It can define your unique selling points,
  • Helps you to target and retarget the potential customers,
  • Utilizing customer data to enhance the service and marketing process,
  • It can enable video and virtual reality marketing, etc.

Along with this, the mobile app for hotel booking can be a powerful tool for executing strategies like cross-promotional sales, guest rewards strategies, revenue management strategies, and others.

With a mobile app for hotel booking, you can integrate other services like taxis, business class rides, local guide services, and others. This strategy will ensure a loyal partnership between your hotel business and other hospitality-related businesses. 

A Minimalist Write Up on Hotel Booking App From Uplogic Technologies

Last but not least, your hotel booking app can be an easily approachable and seamless experience while interacting. Your hotel booking app is filled with media content, forms, promotional videos, and others. So it has a higher possibility to lag. 

To prevent this, you need to build your mobile application with proper frameworks and tech stacks. By choosing the best mobile app development firm, you can ensure seamless functions in your hotel booking app. 

  • Uplogic Technologies has been providing such operative solutions to many businesses globally. We can develop an on-demand hotel booking app for any hotel regress of its size.
  • With our domain level experts, we can include any features with the hotel booking app,
  • High secured and fast payment gateway integration can be included with the app,
  • We are efficient to build hotel booking apps for aggregator models and hotel chains,
  • Integrating other-party services like cabs, and guides can be done through our hotel booking app, etc.

Along with this, we can provide operative mobile applications with attractive UI and UX. By availing of this mobile app, you can execute all online marketing strategies and be able to do event-based promotions, themed promotions, seasonal promotions, and others. Simply, you can get the most lucrative hotel booking app from Uplogic Technologies.

Summing Up

As a last reminder, there are multiple ways here to promote and market your hotel business. By choosing the perfect destination for your hotel business, you can benefit from destination marketing and geolocation. 

At the same time, you can monetize these benefits when you are having an operative mobile application for your business. Uplogic technologies have domain-level IT experts to develop a mobile app for hotel booking which can help you to optimize your hotel business.

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