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How Uplogic Technologies is Sustaining in this Competitive On-Demand Industry and Delivering World-Class Products to Their Customers?


On-demand is a type of business model which uses the digital revolution to aid the people by creating a digital marketplace to connect users and service providers. It is also called the sharing economy. At present, it makes a gross revenue of $60 billion worldwide with the year on year growth exceeding 20%. Uber and Foodpanda are the top startups in the on-demand space. Any type of service can be...

Fascinating Entrepreneurial Tactics That Can Help Every Business to Mark a Place for Themselves


It is said that only one in ten startups is successful. This trend is prevalent globally. What differentiates one from the rest?. Everyone including me knows that a lot of factors are there to influence the success of a startup. Apart from the factors, even startups with successful startups ideas or that have a huge potential in the market have failed. What do you attribute to their failure...