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Hire the best possible team of React Native app developers for your iOS and Android project and tap into the massive native capabilities of both the operating systems.

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We can structure an intuitive UI. We can build a versatile cross-platform application that runs like a charm on iOS and Android.
High-class code that is easier to maintain.

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What We do

Taking digital transformation to the next level

We are constantly pushing the boundaries. We leverage the maximum potential of React Native to create powerful applications with a minimum amount of code. Mighty applications with lean code.

Scalable, robust and secure React Native apps

Allow maximum number of people to use your mobile app on a diverse range of platforms without ever crashing or craving for resources. We will build completely secure apps protecting the privacy of your users.

Transformational React Native app development

Herald a new change within your organization or among your users by tapping into the limitless possibilities of modern day technology that React Native programming brings to your disposal.

Full-scale React Native development solutions

Every impactful application requires 360° attention. We can help you with ideation via our prolonged experience. We can build cross-platform app. We can design an awesome UI. We can also help you maintain your app afterwards.

Porting existing applications to React Native

Would you like to migrate your existing legacy application into the fold of React Native and supercharge them? From transforming them to replicating them, we can help you with every possible aspect of app porting.

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Working Models

We have defined various working models to give you a perfect solution for your need to hire React Native developers. These models are described below.

Pay by the hour

Pay for the number of hours you hire our React Native developers.

Monthly fee

Looking for a full-time React Native developer? Then the monthly fee structure works best for you. The developer will work with you like your employee and you will pay a monthly fee to us.

Time and materials

Based on the needs of your project, you may need to pay for man-hours as well as the paraphernalia including hardware and software, that is used to complete your project.

Fixed fee

There are many standard projects for which it is easier to calculate the final cost. In such cases, we can offer a fixed fee.

What our clients says about our work

What do our happy clients have to say about our React Native development services? See for yourself.

How our approach will differ from others?

Improved performance

Whether you want to build an app from scratch or want to port an existing app, you will experience a remarkably enhanced performance when you hire our React Native developers.


Want to develop a prototype using React Native? A prototype can help you save costs by creating a bare minimum version of your app idea and then allowing people to use it, without jumping headlong into the whirlpool of the bigger app project.

Complete 360-degree solutions

Hire our React Native developers to leverage their expertise in every aspect of app development right from ideation to prototyping to develop and to deployment and maintenance.

Beat your competition with our React Native developers

Build powerful apps. Grow as an IT company without overheads. Work with the best team who has worked on multiple high-performance React Native projects. All these while keeping your costs low.

IOS and Android apps with single code base

No need to build multiple apps when you hire our React Native developers. With a single code base your app will work like a charm on multiple operating systems.

Integrate with mainstream software and platforms

Mobile apps built with React Native seamlessly integrate with mainstream apps such as Facebook, Uber, Discord, Skype, and Instagram.

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Frequently asked Questions

There are multiple benefits of hiring React Native developers from Uplogic Technologies. We bring you unmitigated experience. You will get regular reporting. We provide scalable services. We will build your mobile app using the most advanced app programming technology. We can migrate any platform and data into the React Native structure. Basically, when you hire our dedicated React Native developers, you get the best programmers working on your project.

You can hire our native app developer to build the prototype of your main app. With thousands of inbuilt libraries and functions, it is easier and faster in React Native to build a basic structure of a mobile app that can be used in real-time. This is good for testing and reforming.

This decision is to come from your side. You are the best person to judge what sort of React Native developer you need for your project. Having said that, we have extensive experience working on various projects. Once we have had a consultation with you, we can suggest whether you should go for a full-time React Native developer or use any other hiring model available with us.

If you migrate your apps to React Native, you can easily integrate with third-party plugins. You certainly provide a better user experience. Then there is cross-platform compatibility. The development and maintenance costs are also lower because the same code base can be used for multiple operating systems. All in all, you get better, compact code that works practically everywhere.

On the contrary, it is less expensive compared to other development technologies. With a single code base you can run your mobile app on multiple operating systems. Developed by Facebook, React Native is a JavaScript framework that works like a server side programming language bringing you both ease-of-use and power.

We can certainly help you with consulting. We can use our experience to help you turn your dream into reality right from conception to implementation and even marketing.

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