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Does your business depend on the smooth running of your server? Even small snags can bring your operations to a grinding halt. With our server support services, we will make sure that your services enjoy 100% server uptime.

  • Support for all leading server vendors.
  • Hardware, network, security, and software.
  • Threat detection and pre-emptive security.

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We’re providing all kinds of server maintenance services like server optimization, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, server migration, and software updates across all platforms. We can also work on many platforms including Amazon Web services, Rackspace, VMware, Linux & Windows servers, and EMC. So, contact us to discuss your requirements and get the best outsource server support.

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Cloud Management Services

Looking for greater visibility, manageability, and flexibility? You are constantly under pressure to increase agility and reduce time to market. Our cloud management services help you seamlessly manage multi-cloud environments so that instead of getting bogged down by the nitty-gritty, you can focus on innovation and growth. Whether it is cloud infrastructure maintenance, backup, and security, or upgradation and migration, we can provide you with a complete set of cloud management services.

cPanel management

Although cPanel is designed to automate complex server management tasks, it needs the expertise to know exactly what you need to do to achieve certain server-related objectives. We can provide uninterrupted support and admin work on your cPanel for dedicated and shared hosting servers. We can help you with firewall installation and configuration, initial setup, response and resolution, server log monitoring, and everything in between.

Server Migration Services

Need to move or copy critical data from one server to another? Whether you’re running a shared or a dedicated server, we can help you move your entire IT infrastructure from one server to another. For example, we can help you migrate to AWS or Azure, or any other mainstream server with your entire structure intact. We can move your files, databases, calendars, emails, web, mobile and software applications, and documents. We can set up the needed connections. We can help you with the configuration. We can also help you make tweaks so that your IT infrastructure can make optimal use of the new server environment after migration.

Log Analysis & Server Malware Scans

Most of the server logs are automatically generated. Whatever happens on the server whether it is visitors accessing your pages or users downloading your mobile app or requests being sent to your database or bots trying to crack your passwords, everything is recorded in the logs. A lot of this information can be cryptic and only people who are technically adept at log analysis can make sense of the information and suggest appropriate actions. Also, hackers are constantly trying to inject malware into your website, especially when a database or programming is being used to manage your website (web application, e-commerce, online publishing, and such). Our log analysis and server malware scanning services will keep a finger on the pulse of your server health and also make sure that it is regularly cleaned of malware.

Additionally, We Provide

Patch/Update and Firewall Management Service

Patches and updates are constantly needed for servers to fix bugs, add new features, and plug security holes. They are unavoidable because thousands of hackers are waiting for you to overlook these vulnerabilities and security holes so that they can get access to your organizational resources. Ransomware is another threat that is costing organizations millions every month. Patches and updates are constantly being released but you need experts to install them and configure them so that your server resources remain well protected. We can help you with regular patches and updates. We can also set up firewalls to make sure that unauthorized individuals cannot access your server infrastructure.

Server Management Company

How will our approach differ from others?

Complete server management package

This is your one-stop solution for all server management needs. We specialize in providing 24 x 7 server support for Linux, Windows, and cPanel servers. We can provide you with cloud support as well as enterprise security services.

The most wholesome server management service

There are multiple reasons why you should hire our managed IT services or IT server management services. We give a fast response time. We have a dedicated NOC team. We provide 100% white-label support. We use multiple channels including helpline numbers and instant messaging. We use the finest software and hardware tools to give you the best possible server support in terms of maintenance, backup, uptime, and data security. The point is, when you need us, we are always within reach.

Best combination of experience and expertise

All our server management members have years of experience in the Cloud and remote server management industry. We have specialist system administrators and technical support executives. We can immediately scale our services and assemble a team according to your server configuration. When speed, performance, and reliability are crucial for the survival of your business, you want to connect with a dependable server management agency.

Unleash your business growth

We aspire to enable your business growth and improve your bottom line. We fully understand that if you want to operate your business sustainably, you need a service you can rely on. We can ensure that by carefully setting up the security of your web hosting or cloud system. We can take care of patch-ups, updates, and backups. We will keep the prying hands away. We will keep your systems running in their optimal condition. This enhances the performance of your servers and brings down operational costs.

Everything server

Looking for a scalable server management plan? We can provide you with ad hoc as well as regular server management services. Best server management including Windows, Linux, Amazon Web services, VMware, MS SQL database, and MySQL database, just as you need it

take care
We can take care of everything

Uplogic Technologies allows you to concentrate on your business instead of worrying about your cloud-based digital assets. Server management can take up a big chunk of a business. The time that you must be spending on building and promoting your business, you often end up spending on taking care of your server. This is because a server is a complete ecosystem and just like any ecosystem, it has hundreds of parameters that can go haywire if you don’t take care of them. Also, hundreds of thousands of hackers and bots are constantly waiting for you to lower your guard so that they can exploit your vulnerabilities. You need round-the-clock support, from a specialist team, but without spiraling your costs.

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Our primary domain of expertise lies in on-demand mobile app development, website design and development, blockchain technology, and gamification. We have seen through multiple projects of our own as well as for our clients. Over the years we have garnered enough experience about what sort of problems can stunt the growth of startups and small businesses.

We can help you comprehend the scope of your idea. We can do market research for you to find out what other products serve the market that you want to serve and what are their strengths and weaknesses. We can help you with picking up the right technology stack for your upcoming mobile app development project. There is a complete gamut of consulting services we can provide to you – feel free to contact us for a detailed presentation.

One of the biggest advantages of working with us is that we will tailor our business consulting services according to your organizational processes. Whether you are a small team randomly working on a project or a medium-sized organization with well-entrenched business processes, we will tailor our solution accordingly. Our purpose is not to change your ways, our purpose is to find stellar solutions within your ways.

We can customize our business consulting services as per your requirement. You can avail our experience and expertise on an ongoing basis or a multitude of projects or you can hire our consultants for individual projects.

Technology these days enables us to remain in contact 24 x 7. Although we wouldn’t advise you to do business 24 x 7 (there is much more to life than that), we can provide our business consulting services remotely using video conferencing. This cuts the cost of traveling and accommodation and it is also much faster. Other than that, if you need a dedicated business consultant working with your team on-site, we can also arrange that.

Yes, you can. Got an idea? But neither have the time nor the expertise. No need to worry. We will turn your idea into reality using the right technologies and then implement a marketing plan to turn it into a successful project. From designers to programmers to analysts and digital marketing experts, we can provide you with a complete stack of consulting services.

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