5 Tips on Building Better Customer Loyalty Through Your Restaurant’s Mobile App

An increasing number of businesses are rolling out mobile applications. Why? The results speak for themselves. Mobile applications for restaurants offer an engaging and interactive platform that helps with business growth by providing users with crucial information and enhanced service.

However, keeping a perfect balance between your customers and your business is challenging and difficult. A minute mistake can cost you the life of your business, but an error-free approach keeps them coming back for more.

This blog is here to show how you can grow your business by establishing trust and loyalty via your food delivery app. We will guide you on how Uplogic Technologies can help you in building a strong rapport with your customers with our user-centric mobile application.

How Can a Mobile App Be a Smart Investment for Brands in the Food Industry?

The app-based restaurant industry is growing by the minute. In 2017, there were already 6 million downloads of food delivery apps. Although, by 2024, mobile commerce will account for 70% of e-commerce sales. Hence, it’s crucial for restaurants to have an app to deliver customers a flawless and seamless food ordering and delivery experience.

Restaurants are slowly understanding the benefits of utilizing technology in their businesses and providing a better customer service experience. Food delivery apps can improve performance and help build brand awareness. Also, food delivery apps are an excellent way to optimise productivity, boost user satisfaction, and streamline operations. 

One of the best ways for restaurants to improve their business is to look at the data. And that’s where a food delivery app plays its major part. It includes all the user information, such as their behavior and preference for easier tracking and professional-grade delivery.

Let’s explain the 7 customer relationship tips aimed at helping you keep your customers happier and coming back for more. 

5-point Checklist to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Restaurant via Mobile App 

The restaurant industry has an estimated annual revenue of $783 billion. And a mobile app can play a very important role in helping your restaurant business grow. So, it is not at all surprising that many restaurants are now adopting the use of customer loyalty programs to differentiate themselves from the competition.

With millions of smartphone users across the country, you can easily use your restaurant’s mobile app to build customer loyalty and ensure repeat business. And here is how you can do this effectively:

1. Use Mobile Apps to Help Process Larger Orders Faster

The size of an order does not directly affect the mobile app’s performance, but a larger order would. It Requires more data to be processed. Basically, the data is stored on a database server. If the number of data increases, it will take time for the server to send back the requested data. 

Hence, put all the data in a single table instead of splitting them into multiple tables. This will help reduce the time required for getting all the related info. As a result, your app can process multiple orders at once smoothly. Hence, you can process your orders error free and get them delivered to the customer’s doorstep on time. 

2. Create a Loyalty Program 

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers. The main idea behind a loyalty program is to reward your customers for their purchases. So, choose the best loyalty program model for your food delivery app. Loyalty programs can undeniably build your targeted audience’s satisfaction and loyalty. 

3. Referrals/ Invite Friend

Your business is an expert in your field. But not everyone knows it yet. That’s why you should implement a referral program to let your customers spread the word about your services. 

Users can earn cash-back, free products, and other incentives just by referring their friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers. With this approach, you can get customers’ attention and even get many new customers, too.

4. Collect Feedback 

Collecting feedback from users can help you‌ in getting insights on how to enhance your services.  It helps to improve customer loyalty by identifying their pain points. For instance, if your customers say that the delivery time is longer than expected, ‌address it immediately. By doing this, you can enhance their trust. 

5. Use Push Notifications to Help Your Business Grow

Push notifications are a valuable marketing tool for food delivery apps. They help you stay connected with your customers and keep them informed about their orders. It also reminds customers about your service, offers promotions, and encourages customers to come back to your business after a long absence.

So, with these 5 outstanding tips, you can ensure users take interest in your app. And you can make sure you keep them coming back for more!

To help you in the betterment of your restaurant with all the metrics included in your business app, let us discuss how Uplogic Technologies can be a boon for your organization.

How Uplogic Technologies Develop a Mobile App That Converts Your Customers into Loyal Brand Ambassadors?

For decades, Uplogic Technologies has been a leader in mobile app development. We know ‌ restaurants find it difficult to entice customers, offer them promotions and sell their food. Since there are things such as menus and ordering forms that complicate this process. 

That’s why we offer customized apps that help businesses like yours streamline the way your services are presented. So your customers can decide quickly, order from anywhere, earn rewards, and be notified about new events or offers and special events taking place at your store.

Here are the features we include in your food delivery app to make it enrich your users’ experience and increase their loyalty.

1. Easy Registration 

Customers can quickly sign up for your service with minimal information. They simply need to provide an email or phone number. Also, they can link their social media accounts to the app, which will speed up the registration process. 

2. User Dashboard

The app has a simple and intuitive user dashboard with all the important options displayed on it. Customers can easily order their favourite foods and add products to their carts. Also, they can view their previous orders as well.

3. Delivery Tracking 

This feature allows customers to track the progress of the order and see an approximate time of delivery. Customers these days want everything to be fast. Hence, knowing when their food is going to arrive is key to lowering customer anxiety and building loyalty.

4. Promo Codes and Offers

You can offer promo codes and discounts directly in their listing. When a user views your restaurant, they’ll have the option to view your discount. They use it when ordering directly from your restaurant. Hence, it’s a prominent feature for both users and restaurants. Users will ‌get deals and restaurants will drive more customers to their business. It’s a win-win situation. 

5. Rewards Program 

Customers love to earn and redeem rewards. They also love it when brands reward them for their patronage. Hence, this feature can help you increase app engagement and drive repeat purchases.

6. Push Notifications 

With this tool, you can promote the deals and discounts that users think are interesting. To make things personal for your customers, you can give them special deals for their birthdays or anniversaries. Hence, push notifications are a great way to help increase sales and customer satisfaction for your restaurant business.


To sum up, your customers are the lifeblood of your business. One of the best ways to keep them coming back is to make sure they have a great experience. Often, that means going the extra mile to provide them with a special experience, or at the very least, a speedy one. That’s where a food delivery app from Uplogic Technologies can help. We help you build better customer loyalty through innovative features in our food delivery app. 

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