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It seems like every new taxi booking app is springing up. And with so many options for customers, it can be difficult for drivers to keep up. But with so much competition, it’s essential that each operation operates in a professional and customer-first manner from start to finish. This doesn’t just apply to individual cab […]

voice ordering

Today, billions of people around the world rely on internet-based mobile phones and computer applications to order food from local delivery services. The quality of the food, its freshness, and the quantity delivered are all important factors that determine whether a person will go ahead with an online order or not.  This is especially true […]

mobile app development

Currently, the mobile app development industry is at its highest level. The augmented smartphone usage and accessible internet have driven the application development industry to its fullest. According to Statista, the global app market will reach $112 billion by 2025.  Almost all of us are hooked on our smartphones. Years back, mobile phones were confined […]

The demand for pharmacists continues to grow. According to the National Association of Chain Drugstores, the number of U.S. pharmacies grew by 144 percent between 2006 and 2016.  The growth of the pharmacy industry has been driven by the increasing need for medications. As pharmacists continue to improve patient care while minimizing costs, they also […]

The new generation of digital technology is making life easier for businesses of all kinds and sizes. While some are embracing this era of digital transformation, others are still finding their way and relying on proven methods to stay competitive. Payment technology is one area where smaller businesses lag behind their larger competitors.  In this […]

As we all know, roadside assistance is a business that requires a lot of cash. In fact, if you own a roadside assistance business, you may spend as much as 40% of your gross revenue on cash. That’s a lot of cash—and money—you’re not getting back from your customers.  Fortunately, the proliferation of technology had […]

Every day, we see technology improving exponentially and simplifying our lives. Your smartphone allows you to order food, get cabs to your doorstep, make payments, and much more via a simple tap on the screen. Likewise, education has also become technology-driven.  Several surveys indicate that approximately 60% of people are open to online coaching. Back […]

mobile app for taxi business

Keeping tabs on the state of the taxi industry is no easy feat, especially when there are so many new players entering the game. It’s especially challenging when you’re not a well-known name, but a small business owner who happens to run a taxi company.  To stay competitive, you need to make the right decisions. […]

Today’s world is full of social media. Everyone is using it to promote their business, spread their word, and build their brand. So, as a way to promote your brand and amplify your message, a mobile app must be considered. The ability to run your own social media channels is an invaluable tool when building […]

In a world where every company wants to reach its ultimate goal of becoming a top company, a “loyalty” program is one of the best ways to do that. Companies that have a great loyalty program have their customers coming back again and again. They also have many customers who are not necessarily loyal but […]

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