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Scalable PHP development services to provide you full-fledged PHP programming or augment your existing IT staff. For web applications as well as mobile apps.

  • Front-end and back-end development in PHP.
  • Accelerate project delivery with an experienced team.
  • Experience across multiple industry sectors.

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Our team of developers can build you secure, fast and performance-driven web applications as well as mobile apps with varied magnitude and complexity levels. From e-commerce to CMS based websites to web portals to social networking platforms, we can build everything in PHP.

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100% scalable PHP development solutions – full help in ideation, conception, project implementation roadmap to final deployment, integration and maintenance.

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Faster turnaround time

Do you have a time-critical project? As a startup do you to reduce your time to market and make sure that the solution that is implemented works like a charm? We can work extremely fast. We have extensive experience working on critical applications with great speed.

Indigenous PHP developers

We are a fast-growing team of PHP developers, but we have our own dedicated team. We don’t outsource our programming needs. All our programmers are working full-time and as a result, have acquired sweeping experience developing high-stakes PHP-based applications. Nonetheless, you can hire us as a dedicated team or as one-off programmers.

Complete control over the team of PHP developers

Even when our team works on the code, you have complete control over the flow and direction of your entire application development process. We will present you with regular reports and updates. At every stage you will be able to run your program and see where we are heading. It will be as if your own in-house team is working on your PHP application.

No contract lock-ins

Although every team of programmers works for the security and safety of the assignment, we have developed our processes in such a manner that we could comfortably work on the basis of no contract lock-ins, which means, if you no longer need to hire our PHP developers, or the needed synergy is missing, we can easily head our own ways without any obligations or hang-ups.

A wide range of application development services in PHP

Our team of PHP developers has years of experience working on and implementing myriad applications including e-commerce portals, server management services, hybrid mobile apps, social networking platforms, project management systems, logistics management systems, an integrated system that seamlessly works with other mainstream cloud applications like Google app, WordPress, and Salesforce.

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Working Models

Our PHP development services can be completely tailored according to the working model you prefer. We have the following working models to offer to you:


Pay by the hour. Highly flexible arrangement. There are no additional or hidden costs. Just pay for the number of hours you hire our PHP developers.


The monthly retainer allows you to pay our PHP developers just like your in-house staff, on a monthly basis. This way you don’t need to worry about how many hours the programmer is spending. The usual work hours will apply.

Time and materials

This keeps your costs flexible. You will be charged as per the time spent by our PHP developers and programmers, project manager, and the supervisor, and any hardware/software assets that we use for the purpose of completing your project.

Fixed fee

Don’t want the uncertainty of a variable cost? Although this model may not be suitable for many occasions, for certain assignments, you may prefer that. It means, once you have described the project specs to us, we give you an estimate of a fixed fee and then we stick to it.

What our clients says about our work

Of course, we have got plenty of great things to say about our PHP development team and we are proud of our programmers, but the real crux of our delivery manifests when our clients talk about the great experience they have had through our collaboration. Here is a glimpse.

How our approach will differ from others?

All major CMSs

Whether you’re looking for a content management system for an information-based website or an e-commerce website, our PHP developers will work with all platforms including Joomla!, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, Woocommerce, and even third-party cloud-based shopping cart applications such as Shopify.

PHP migration services

Contemplating migrating your existing applications developed in other technologies to PHP? Have a legacy application built over Java, .Net or Python and now you would like to leverage the massive power of PHP? Our developers can accomplish the task with great elan.

Secure PHP application development

Your application or framework on the Internet will never be vulnerable to SQL injection or application vulnerability attacks because secure PHP application development is inbuilt within our coding practices. The PHP application that we deploy for you will be safe from cross-site scripting attacks, CSRF attacks, script attacks and SQL injection attacks.

No need for training and orientation

Our dedicated PHP developer team comes with years of experience in the trenches. They have worked on practically every application under the sun and used all contemporary programming and coding methodologies and frameworks. The initial briefing will be required because your project will be unique, but other than that, no additional training and orientation will be required. This means, the work can begin almost immediately.

Enhance productivity

If you have an existing development team you will experience a massive productivity boost when our team joins your work, whether remotely, or on-site. We have worked with all major PHP frameworks. All major scripts are at our fingertips. We are constantly coding using every possible Software Development Kit made for PHP programming.

Fewer operational costs

No long-term contract. You pay for what we deliver. When we work off-site, we use our own infrastructure, software tools, and hardware. We charge for only the time we clock. You don’t have to worry about anything else.

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Frequently asked Questions

We have kept the process of hiring a dedicated PHP developer as straightforward as possible. Just contact us. One of us will have a meeting with you so that we can understand what problem you want solved and what type of collaboration we can establish to deliver you the maximum benefit. That’s it. If you have an NDA, we will sign it. Our dedicated PHP developer can start working with you within hours.

How much it costs depends on multiple factors. What is the scale of your project? How many programmers are you looking for? How many hours of coding do you think your project is going to need?

If you have prior experience working with a programming team you will have a fair idea of how much time is required, but if you are lacking that experience, we can easily help you with that. Once we have an idea of the scale of your project, we will be able to present you with an estimate.

Although PHP is used mostly for web applications it can also be used for mobile apps, especially hybrid mobile apps that can be run within the mobile browser. So, yes, you can hire our PHP developers for developing a mobile app.

The code belongs to you. You own the complete source code, and you can use it in any manner. You can rehire our PHP developers to make further changes or you can work with any other development team. There is no binding contract.

As a team we have been delivering PHP projects for 10+ years. Combined, our team has 87+ years of experience. We have worked for more than 55 clients in 17+ other countries.

It is but natural that when you have got a fully functional web-based application you will need someone to take care of it on an ongoing basis. You can get a dedicated PHP developer from Uplogic Technologies for that. We have our own maintenance staff, or you can go on working with one of the current developers you have hired from us to build the application because he or she will be knowing your application from the inside out.

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