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Custom healthcare mobile app development for hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, and entrepreneurs who are looking for top-notch healthcare software solutions with,

  • Embedded video consulting services.
  • Health data collection and analytics.
  • AI-powered medical chatbots for quick consulting.

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Want to make an intelligent healthcare mobile app a vital part of your digital health strategy? Want to integrate technologies like AI and blockchain to transform the way you deliver healthcare solutions to your patients? Want to provide a system that enables your patients to immediately contact you no matter what platform (mobile/PC/laptop) they feel comfortable with? Then we must have a one-on-one talk. Contact us today.

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Develop Security-First Approach Model

Patient confidentiality and privacy are critical when you are exchanging information. In the absence of sufficient safeguards, this information can be intercepted by undesirable elements. When we develop your healthcare mobile app, we will provide end-to-end encryption so that information about your patients and other details always remain encrypted and well protected.

Electronic Health Record System Development

Even seconds matter when you are providing health services to your patients. Doctors and health experts must immediately be able to access all the relevant records regarding a patient without having to manage multiple devices. Our healthcare mobile app developers will ensure that an electronic health record system is incorporated within your mobile app so that whenever a session begins with a patient, all the relevant historical data immediately becomes available to the doctor or the physician.

Appointment Booking System Development

One of the biggest advantages of having a custom healthcare mobile app is the ability to create and maintain appointments on the fly. Patients can log into their mobile app and book an appointment with their preferred doctor within seconds. On the other end of the spectrum, doctors can immediately manage their bookings and provide their services efficiently and with greater focus. You can connect your mobile app to your mainframe so that all the booking and scheduling data is preserved for later use.

3rd-Party Software and Gateway Integration

As an established medical care facility or a doctor, you must already be using a digital solution that was developed may be decades ago. Many hospitals are using legacy software with all their data trapped in older databases. There is no need to worry if you want us to develop a new healthcare mobile app. We can easily integrate third-party software and enable your mobile app to interact with your legacy systems. Regarding payments, we can incorporate multiple payment gateway systems based on the needs of your patients, doctors and individual consultants.

Additionally, We Provide

Prescription Management System

Maintaining a record of prescriptions is important for many purposes. It gives a historical perspective to the Doctor going through the patient records – what was the diagnosis and what medication was prescribed based on the diagnosis. Digital prescriptions also allow patients to immediately order medication from your mobile app itself. Our medical app developers will incorporate the complete prescription management system right from the preservation of existing records, to the creation of new prescriptions, and the use of prescriptions for ordering medicines.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Company

How will Our Approach Differ From Others?

Healthcare mobile app development

As a premier healthcare app development company that has made a name for itself in the niche, we have learned to put the needs of our clients ahead of our desire to prove ourselves. When we are working on your medical mobile app, it is the total essence of your needs that is the focal point.

Scalable healthcare apps for hospitals and entrepreneurs

We help health organizations, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals implement innovative digital healthcare solutions in their respective fields from multiple touch points. Whether you want an interface to completely digitize your healthcare services, or want an on demand mobile app to provide a platform to independent doctors and their prospective patients, or simply want to migrate your operations to the cloud, we can tailor our mobile app development services accordingly.

Impenetrable data security and patient safety

Our healthcare mobile app will ensure patient safety. It will help you improve diagnostics. It will make remote patient monitoring a breeze. You will be able to control all your operations from a single interactive dashboard. The app will become a vital part of your clinical decision-making while ensuring complete privacy and data security.

Innovative healthcare solutions at fingertips

Looking for a reliable partner to build an innovative healthcare mobile app solution to assist you in your digital transformation journey? We have the technological skills. We have the experience. Above all, we understand what a critical role such a mobile app can play in helping you improve the quality of life of your patients.

Provide medical facilities beyond geographic boundaries

Through our healthcare app development services, we can enable you to increase your outreach and improve patient care by streamlined communication using multiple formats (video conferencing, voice calls, one-on-one chatting, and chatbots). The mobile app will support your complete medical system right from diagnosis reports to call records to prescriptions, allowing you to build big data applications and further improve health analysis capabilities.

Vertical knowledge of the healthcare industry

The biggest reason for choosing our healthcare mobile app developers is that we have developed a deep understanding of how the healthcare industry works. Consequently, we can build your healthcare mobile app with faster response times and better return on investment. We have a well-trained and experienced team of healthcare application development programmers who can closely work with subject matter experts to deliver innovative, best-in-class healthcare solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a mobile app developed for the healthcare sector for multiple reasons. You don't necessarily have to be a doctor. You can be an entrepreneur simply looking for a platform that allows people suffering from different ailments to instantly search for a competent doctor, book appointments, and obtain online consultation, managing everything in between through the app itself. You can have such an app simply to share revenue with doctors and hospitals.

Digital wallets are used for automatic payments. Patients can add credit to their digital wallets and whenever they consult one of the doctors or health physicians listed in your mobile app the payment will be automatically deducted as per the consulting fee of the doctor. Similarly, when they purchase medicines through your app, based on how much credit is left, they will also be able to pay automatically to the pharmacy registered within your mobile app.

As long as you have all the processes in your mind, you will be able to fully utilize the healthcare mobile app. The app is supposed to help you run your operations remotely, as much as possible. As a doctor, you must already have been using different software as an individual and as well as an employee working within a hospital. The same is the case with the mobile app. You don't need technical knowledge to run a healthcare mobile app. All you need to know is, what you want to achieve through the app.

We can build a healthcare mobile app exclusively for your hospital. The benefit of having a custom healthcare app for your hospital or clinic is that there will be no ambiguity in the minds of your patients, and they will be directly interacting with your healthcare facilities. You can also have modules exclusively developed for your mobile app to provide highly unique healthcare services to your patients. It will also be easier for your patients to simply tap on your mobile app directly and contact the doctors and healthcare professionals working at your hospital or clinic.

You will be. Not just different payment modes such as net banking, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, vouchers, and digital wallet payments, but also one-time payments, repetitive payments, and subscription-based payments. You will also be able to offer, as mentioned above, discounts and coupons. You will also be able to offer discounts and coupons either directly or through the various pharmacies and clinics listed within your mobile app.

Yes, we can. From conception to design to development to deployment to marketing, we can provide you with complete, end-to-end healthcare mobile app development services. You simply focus on your business part and we take care of design and development, user acquisition, promotion, and maintenance.

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