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Digital commerce is the recently essential platform to aggregate the products, promote the products across the various social platforms, etc. Merging of the necessary elements to assure the above-listed activities is the essential practice for the on-demand delivery business owners. Traditionally, product aggregation, supplier quality validation, delivery partner retention are the common difficulties in the in-store-based purchasing models.

The evolution of on-demand solutions transforms the business operations into a digital environment where the accuracy of the product delivery, quality of the suppliers as well as the products are validated by the customers in an easy manner. Moreover, digital commerce is a powerful platform for wholesale retailers to meet all the transaction needs in a seamless way.

The landscape for digital commerce is the changing one according to customer preferences and the latest innovation in the digital commerce platform. The periodical update is the essential one for the new startup owners to meet all the demands of the customers in future scenarios.

When more people access the digital commerce platforms, managing their delivery requests with the proper product suppliers, matching the delivery orders with the proper delivery channels are the added activities for the business owner. To cope up with all such activities, digital app development is emerging as a new platform for the business.

Since real-time users mostly prefer the app-based solutions for their needs, the app development for digital commerce is the recently attracted one in the delivery industry. Why is there a need for digital commerce app development?. The following are the top reasons for it.

Best User Experience- Digitized purchasing experience is the most important one for the business nowadays. Enriched product lists, easy access to products, smart payment are the top-mentions of the digital commerce business platforms.

Better Handling Competitiveness- Since the on-demand business platforms are the most preferred platforms, the participants on these are more. Managing them is a difficult one. In the same way, the fulfillment of customer needs requires more participants. This also constitutes a competitive business environment.

Fit into Latest Technologies- The innovations in the technologies happen every day. As per the new innovation, customer preferences are also getting changed. Fit into these scenarios is the difficult one for the newly arrived players. By developing a suitable app for digital commerce, addressing the common difficulties due to the arrival of new innovations is completed.

Till this part, the effectiveness of the digital commerce app development and why it is needed to address the future demands are analyzed. Being an experienced player in the digital commerce field, Uplogic predicts some innovations via the app development process.

This blog describes how the innovations in design add the additional value to the digital commerce platform, reasons to select the E-commerce app development company like an Uplogic, and the impact of it on digital commerce platforms.   

Design Innovations-Value Adding Process For Digital Commerce

Revenue generation is the most important for digital commerce platforms where many of the players are involved in the on-demand platform. But, the entire business is the competitive one when many players have arrived in the market. Hence, the monetization models are strong ones in the market.

On the deep analysis of the market during the forecast period 2015-2019, among the total mobile app users, 46% are iOS and 38% are Android except for the ad-free purchasing experience. Those apps that need a payment model are completely not preferred by mobile users.

They also expect high-quality security assurance in terms of high-value proposition prior to including the personal credentials to the application. These metrics make the monetization strategy not a part of the user experience. This is also regarded as one of the practices followed in the business.

  • Ad-based Options

The advertisement based models are the guaranteed one for the revenue expansion. For the seamless operation, the syncing of the app design, functionality with social media integration allows the business owners to promote their products to the world easily. The processes are categorized into three options as follows:

Native-Syncing of native design dashboards with the integration of social media accounts.

Product Interface- Create a dedicated space in the product list to include the short banner for the products and this enables the user interactions heavily.

Ad-viewing Product Purchase- While the customers start to purchase one product in the digital commerce platform, the recommendation of the other products from the other suppliers enables the new purchase.

  • Integrating Business Platform to Mobile

Product selling is transformed into the M-commerce platforms where many users prefer nowadays and hence the transactional model is referred to as the common base for the perfect monetization.

By integrating the commerce platforms within the mobile, the user conversation rates are improved. The research statistics depicted that the conversation rate is 3 times higher than internet sales platforms.

  • Additional Features Inclusion

Incorporating the freemium or subscription options within the application allows the business owners to establish a long-term relationship with the customers. In addition to that, the inclusion of additional options like paid –based features increases the profit value of the business.

With the above-listed innovations, the proper value is added to the digital commerce platforms. These strategies surely increase the number of customers, product aggregators, and manufacturers. Managing all the players needs a proper tool and experienced developers for it.

 Top Four Reasons to Prefer Uplogic for Design Innovation

Being an experienced player in implementing productive coding schemes in the on-demand industry, Uplogic incorporates such design innovations on the mobile application to increase the performance of the business. Here are the top four reasons to prefer the Uplogic for design innovations.

  • Increase in Customer Engagement

Staying with customers on your business model for the long period is the essential thing and it is commonly referred to as customer engagement. Since mobile users are gradually increasing, upgrading your E-commerce business store to the mobile application is the essential one. This creates 24*7 engagement with the product suppliers, manufacturers, and delivery partners.

  • Incorporation of Secure Payment Modes Increases the Sales value

Access of the products via application is the easy one and this enables the huge number of participants. This causes serious security threats to the personal account credentials for the customers. The digital commerce app equipped with the secure payment models received more attention from all the peoples like manufacturers, suppliers, customers, and delivery partners.

  • Reach Out Customers Closely

Enabling the push or alert options regarding the newly arrived products, during the purchasing scenario, availability of ordered products make customers fully engaged with the business models. With this proper way of customer engagement, the sales value of the product gets increased.

  • Social-Platform Based Referrals

The inclusion of the social platforms within the mobile application enables the suppliers or manufacturers or already purchased customers to recommend their products on other portals. This referral strategy is a fairly economic one and it greatly aggregates the new customers towards the business.

Besides customer participation, social integration improves the brand value and reputation of your sales. Adapting the proper strategy is the most important thing for the new business launchers to experience both the revenue and reputation highly.

How Uplogic Fills the Gaps of Innovative Digital Commerce?

Going beyond the client’s expectations is the necessary thing to attract a wide range of customers and stakeholders. The compromise between the revenue maximization and the high-quality user experience is the necessary thing.

But, many of the app developers missed this opportunity. Seamless integration of user experience with the app model is the best trade-off of the above-said metrics. In addition to this, the Uplogic also applies the following three important practices to enhance the performance of digital commerce.

  • Value-Add Model Creation

Compared to store-based purchases, digital commerce acts as the better platform that lists the number of products available with the detailed information as follows: Brand value, user ratings, supplier details, and the comparative price rate against the competitors.

The online business model equipped with such a model is called the value-add model and Uplogic focuses on the creation of such an efficient model and providing the unique services to all the customers.

  • Alignment of Customer-centric Options with Business Model

Uplogic easily identifies the key points associated with the successful business model and aligns the customer-centric options with this model to prove the success of the business. For example, the perfect monetization depends on two key factors like user experience and the updated workflow.

Focus on such two metrics enhanced the performance of the business model. The combination of the preliminary knowledge on customer-centric options with the value model brings you to do a successful service for the customers.

  • Thorough Understanding of Market Shift

Prior to implement or upgrade, the understanding of the market shifts is the essential one. The deep analysis of the market trends and customer preferences is performed initially. After this, the valuable points are collected for the value model creation.

By keeping track of the current business process, the periodical update related to the demands and adjusting of the business objectives ensure customer retention in a long time. This also proves the quality of service by the inclusion of design innovations in the application.

Uplogic’s Value-Added Strategies to Innovate Digital Commerce

Innovations in digital commerce also depend on how far the design innovations follow properly. The top strategies listed here are some additional value-added strategies to ensure high customer engagement and revenue.

  • Clear Demonstration of Core Values and Solutions

While the clients prefer Uplogic for the creation of a business platform solution, the understanding of the core problem of the business, strategies followed to bring the necessary solution are aggregated into the common term called proof of value. Preparing the answers for these questions and applying them to the mobile app development process is the preliminary strategy.

  • Aggregate the Low-Fidelity Prototypes for Trials and Full-fledged Type

The app launch depends on two possible ways such as launch with the basic level and the inclusion of the additional feature based on the recommendation level. The use of suitable prototypes for both types by the Uplogic enhanced the performance of digital commerce platforms.

  • Testing Whether the App is fit into the Market Demands

The real success of digital commerce not only lies in the design itself. This purely depends on how the app addresses the customer preferences clearly and provides the requested products in the prescribed time limits.

With enough options like rapid prototyping, testing the apps whether they fit into the KPIs, and implementing the minimum valued features on the basic level, Uplogic assures the success of the digital commerce platform.

Final Words

Since the commerce platform is transformed regularly with the arrival of new innovations, updating the business models with the right innovations is the necessary one. Normally, monetization strategies, user experience improvement, value-added models are the top important things for the new startups.

Being the new startup owners, you must be aware of the common practices followed for design innovations. The integration of social platforms within the app, focusing on the revenue expansion strategies by the Uplogic is presented in this blog. Still more queries on the implementation of the design innovations within the mobile app, consulting with our technical team at [email protected], and bringing the advances in digital commerce.

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