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Everyone who wants to do business with you comes to your website. As a renowned web design and development company, we know that nothing is as important as your website in the contemporary world.

  • Engage your audience with a dynamic website.
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Want to get a peek into the groundbreaking work that we have been doing in the field of website design and development? With every new project that we undertake, whether it is designing and developing websites, or developing a UI/UX, or creating a web app, we are perpetually exceeding the expectations of our clients. In fact, we have made a habit of it. Do check out our portfolio.

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Want to start your online journey with the best possible decision you can ever make? Whether you need to hire a dedicated web developer or 360-degree web development services, we can easily scale our talents and skills according to your need and budget. We have got UI/UX designers. We have got programmers. We have got developers. You will get a complete package.

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Custom Website Design and Development

Our in-house designers and developers can create a stunning, completely customized website for your business. The website that we will make for you will help you stand out among your competitors and help your visitors understand your core vision and empathise with your proposition. Whether you require an e-commerce website or an informational website, we will build a result-oriented website that will continuously generate business and opportunities for you. Completely unique development and design, closely customized to what you need.

Responsive Web Design

In today's world when 60% of your visitors might be using their mobile devices when they come to your website, it is extremely important that you have a responsive web design for your website. Our web design team can build you a highly responsive and scalable layout that will look fabulous on all screen sizes. Whether your users use your website on their mobile phones or desktops, they will be able to benefit from all the elements and bits of information on your website.

Landing Page Design and Conversion Optimization

A landing page is a very important component of your sales funnel and lead capturing mechanism. Hence, it is very important that your landing page is designed in a manner that it converts maximum number of visitors either into your leads or paying customers and clients. We have extensive digital marketing experience to design and create conversion-rich landing pages for your business with full optimization of visual as well as content constituents of your landing page.

Small Business Design and Development

We provide affordable, impressive and fast website design and development services for small businesses. As a small business it is very important that you create remarkable presence for yourself whether you are selling products or promoting your services. Once you decide to hire our web design and development services, we will build a customized website, fully representing your small business aspirations but at the same time, instilling confidence and authority through content and presentation.

Enterprise Web Design and Development

We can build you highly complex yet simple to use website for your enterprise with a wide selection of features and an ability to accommodate hundreds of web pages and hierarchical sections. The UI/UX design and layout that we create for you will fully represent your brand prestige and stature. We can build for you a fully functional e-commerce website that works equally well on computers and mobile phones. We can build you a portal replete with blogging sections and online communities. You can offer online registration and member-only sections. We can create a huge website on a distributed network through a dedicated team of web designers and web developers.

Web Design

What our clients says about our work

What do our web design and web development clients say about our services? We are constantly upgrading our skills and this is something that is highly appreciated by our clients. When we work for them, we provide them cutting-edge technologies and know-how. We want them to benefit from the most updated web design and web development technologies and methodologies. They appreciate that. They appreciate our effort and whenever they get an opportunity, they let us know how much our design and development services contribute towards their growth.

How our approach will differ from others?

The skill set for a killer website

At Uplogic Technologies we are highly passionate about the level of skill and experience that we bring to the table when our clients hire a web design and web development services. Through technology and knowledge, we build websites that draw a greater number of visitors and facilitate a higher conversion rate.

Fully scalable web design and development solutions

As a renowned web design and development agency we are dedicated to building and supporting small business as well as enterprise websites. It is our constant endeavour to enable our clients to communicate their brand's purpose through every touch point in the sales pipeline of their website.

Uncompromising approach. Yet affordable.

Affordability at Uplogic Technologies is not akin to compromising. We have confidence in our web design and development abilities. We also have confidence in the ideas and aspirations of our clients. At the same time, we don't want to hold ourselves back due to budget constraints. We don't overcharge, and we also don't under-sell our services just to land projects and then underperform. We scale our fee that suits almost every business dimension.

The right website to grow your business

Instead of pushing their products and services down their customers' and clients' throats, businesses these days focus on building relationships. For that, you need custom websites that fully represent your brand personality. We can design and develop websites that can help you establish personal connections with your visitors.

Goal oriented website design and development

Once you decide to hire our web design and development services, we want you to focus on your business goals rather than bogging yourself down with how your website must look and how it must be maintained. At our end we can take care of everything. Right from coming up with a captivating design to deploying and maintaining your website over the server, we can provide you end-to-end web design and development services.

Sophisticated design; down-to-earth solutions

An average user is quite sophisticated these days. Loaded with information that he or she gets from the various social networks and interconnectivity due to instant messaging, he or she is highly opinionated and in many cases, unfortunately, even misguided. We use our information architecture abilities to help you organize content on your website so that there is no ambiguity in the core messaging and your customers and clients do business with you, fully informed.

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Frequently asked Questions

You may think that creating the layout of a website and developing the back-end that makes it perform the way you want it to perform, belong to different skill sets, and you are not entirely wrong. Fortunately, we have an equally talented team of web designers and web developers that can provide you the entire spectrum of services from a single window.

On many occasions we can. Through our extensive experience, once a client has explained his or her requirements, we can come up with a tentative budget that allows the client to plan accordingly. Having said that, every project is unique. Your business may be totally different from another person's business. Hence, there may be some differences in the budget, but more or less, we will be able to give you a fair idea before we start the work.

Yes they can. If you want our developers and designers to work in your office, we can easily arrange that. On the other hand, we can also work off-site. We have cutting-edge software and technologies to build enterprise as well as small business website projects.

Often these two fields are used interchangeably and on many occasions, it is difficult to draw a line between them. Usually, the agency that designs the website for you, also develops it.

But if you really want to define them, web design means creating the look and feel (the layout) of your website. This is the visual part. How your headers and footers appear, how the content appears, how the various elements look, what color themes are used, what sort of images are used, and sometimes, even the little animations when a menu folds and unfolds, these are all part of web design.

Web development includes the programming part. For example, if your web development company builds a shopping cart for you, it is "developing" your website. If you have a custom built CMS, a web development company is going to build it. If you have interactive and dynamic elements on your website, this is the job of a web developer. Web developers a programmers and sometimes they come from conventional programming fields.

Yes. A web application usually entails accepting information and then processing and saving that information, which is part of web development. If our programmers know how to develop a website, they also know how to build a web application. Fortunately, our web developers know. Make sure you check our web app development section for more information.

Yes, we can use all contemporary content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento and Shopify to build your website whether you want a content-based website or a shopping cart-based website.

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