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Get a Well Made On-demand Roadside Assistance App from Uplogic Technologies That Is Worth Your Time and Budget

Towing and roadside assistance have been available for many years. However, getting their assistance in the midst of a roadway or in a remote locale is extremely hard. 

There is an app for anything today. Why don’t we offer an app that allows people to request roadside assistance or a tow truck? Isn’t this fascinating? 

Furthermore, the tow truck driver can also utilize the on-demand roadside assistance app to find the stuck vehicle. This helps them conserve time.

If you presently have a conventional towing business, you may convert it online with a well-constructed on-demand roadside assistance app. 

With such a modest expenditure, emerging businesses can create this app as a platform for roadside assistance services and earn revenue on each service.

This blog will guide you on the perks of utilizing on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic Technologies and how it might enhance your business in 360 degrees. 

How to Properly Utilize an On-demand Roadside Assistance App?

To aid such persons in trouble, handheld apps for towing service, often known as on-demand roadside assistance apps, are widely available.

Due to “ the on-demand request structure, mobile apps for towing service sometimes can give a better reliable approach to certain persons in need. 

Few preexisting organizations provide roadside assistance service, and certainly, gain by providing a customizable app pathway to the needful users. 

Whereas, a strong towing business strategy will redesign the organization, boost user loyalty, and, in the end, give towing associations greater living.

Let’s take you over how Uplogic Technologies can reinvent your towing business with cutting-edge and ultra-modern features in your roadside app development.

Up to the Minute Features from Uplogic Technologies That Values Your Budget

Having your individual towing company empowers you to be your sole manager. This also enables you to provide a beneficial service to users and employees. 

Your on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic Technologies will have the best user interface and eye-catching features that will undoubtedly be worth your money.

Let us go over the following up to the minute features that we provide in your business app. 

  • Simple Login: Customers can access the app simply by entering their mobile number or with social media credentials. 
  • Optional Service: The user can choose their desired service from a variety of categories ranging from towing to tire replacement.
  • Geolocation: Users can check the truck arrival estimate timeframe by tracking the provider’s location.
  • Switching Availability Status: Providers will be able to switch between online and offline availability.
  • In-built Chat/Call: Users can chat with or call the providers to get a more complete explanation of the location.
  • Pricing Management: You can establish the price based on the type of service, pick-up and drop-off location, mileage, and so on with this feature. 
  • Payment Security: Your on-demand roadside assistance app includes payment methods where users can pay their charges using reliable gateways, such as Paypal and an e-wallet system.
  • Booking Cancellation: If the user changes his/her mind, they can cancel the booking at any moment with this feature. 
  • Refund on Cancellation: The user’s satisfaction will be enhanced if the service cancellation is refunded. 

Furthermore, the users must withdraw the scheduled service over a certain time frame, otherwise, the cost will be applied.

  • Customer Support: This feature enables you to assist your users with their inquiries and resolve their concerns promptly. 

Moreover, addressing customer inquiries in a rapid manner will increase brand recognition.

  • Ratings and Reviews: End-users can provide feedback on their service, and the feedback will reach out to the admin’s dashboard swiftly. 

Hence, the admin can go over the service feedback and enhance customer satisfaction in the future. 

We hope you understand the features and how they can help your roadside assistance business be more functional and productive. 

Aside from that, your major goal will be to relish the revenue engendered by the app. 

Let us discuss the revenue stream options available in your on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic Technologies.

Captivating Revenue Stream Options in Your On-demand Roadside Assistance App from Uplogic Technologies 

Uplogic Technologies as a well-established roadside app development company enables you to easily develop a towing service with a clever business approach and advertising tailored to the customer’s wishes with only a few taps. 

Profit maximization with our various revenue stream options in your on-demand roadside assistance app, as shown below.

  • Fee for Registration Process: You can charge the users a fee for registration by offering them additional services such as regular vehicles, etc.
  • Commission of Referral: This allows users to recommend their family members or friends in order to receive extra special offers on the towing service. 

Moreover, this also helps you in attracting new users to your service and generates a peak usage ratio.

  • Subscription Choices: People tend to contribute to memberships and gain from frequent utilization. 

Furthermore, this is also adaptable for distribution agencies, logistics solutions, and other marketplace transport operators.

  • In-app Advertisements: This feature allows other tow truck companies to promote their services within your app. 

This enables them to simply capture the user’s attention and acquire the booking. 

Therefore, You, as an administrator, have the ability to gather the ad fee from the promoting companies.

These are just a handful of the revenue-boosting techniques we’ve built into your on-demand roadside assistance app. 

Moreover, we have other revenue stream features such as fee recommendations, commission fare on each booking, confirmed service fare, and many others.

Benefits of Conjoining with Uplogic Technologies for Your Roadside Assistance App Development 

Uplogic Technologies is a successful roadside app development company with highly expertise developers in roadside assistance app development.

We provide you with a 100% assured app to grow your business by attaining all the profitable resources. 

Moreover, we provide your on-demand roadside assistance app with cutting-edge advancements and sophisticated features to meet the expectations of users. 

Our on-demand roadside assistance app development is equipped with technologically advanced capabilities that are tailored to your company’s needs. 

With a sleek, easy design and flexible user management, you can keep track of every economic activity. 

Moreover, the real-time analysis feature informs you of the app’s functionality, user engagement, and improvements. 


To summarise, we trust that the concepts, features, and functionalities discussed in this article will assist you in simply achieving your business objectives. Your on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic Technologies is completely integrated and built with cutting-edge technology stacks. It enables you to handle your towing business with utmost caution and to deliver flawless roadside assistance service in real-time.

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