Privacy Policy

On this page we have described our privacy policy vis-à-vis how we handle customer data, how we handle the information that we collect and what precautions we take to make sure that the information does not fall in the wrong hands.

Your privacy is a primary concern

At Uplogic Technologies we are 100% committed to safeguarding the privacy of our clients and visitors. We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements as well as other international compliance needs.

“Personal Information” is defined as information that can be used to identify you.

How we collect personal information

To provide our services and to communicate with our client we often collect personal details such as phone number, email address and official address. This information we may either directly obtain from the client or he or she may submit the information using the contact form on our website.

While working on the project, we may also gather other information that may be deemed personal but that may be necessary for completing the project.

When people visit our website, through cookies, we gather some non-identifiable information such as the browser being used, the operating system being used, the region from where our website is being accessed and some accessibility features that the user may have activated. This helps us personalize your experience. This information can in no way be used for business gains, although, it does help us target our clients regionally, if and when we intend to.

When you access our website from your mobile device, some data is automatically collected. This could be about your mobile device and what information you are accessing on our website. If you have activated location services on your mobile device, our website will be able to detect your location. Sometimes your mobile network provider or your Internet provider collects device-specific information to identify your device when you visit our website. This information is not associated with the information that we obtain and preserve.

Although, it doesn’t always happen, we may use your non-identifiable data for behavioural remarketing. For example, once you have visited our website, you may observe our advertisements appearing in front of you when you visit other websites. Similarly, if you’re searching for web design services or digital marketing services, or checking out our ad on Facebook, you may come across our advertisements. This data is not identifiable, it just identifies what content you are accessing, for the sake of advertising.

In many cases we may not even be directly accessing this data. If we advertise on Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook, these websites are already tracking such information.

How we use your data

Uplogic Technologies may use your personal data in the following manner:
  • Provide and maintain our services.
  • Get in touch with you in case there is a change in our services.
  • Allow you to interact with our services and their features.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Data analysis to improve our services.
  • Monitor how our services are being used.
  • Detect and prevent technical issues, preferably before they arise.
  • Inform about special updates, offers and news that can benefit our clients.

Disclosure of your data

Within the legal parameters, your data always stands protected when you work with Uplogic Technologies. Nonetheless, there can be some unavoidable circumstances under which we may have to share your data with the concerned authorities. Below we present some reasons.

Offer you third-party services

Take for example email marketing services. If we are using a third-party service to manage your email marketing, we may have to share your business address, your business email ID or your phone number with that third-party service. Prior permission will be sought from you.

Disclosure to law enforcement

If we are required by the law to disclose your personal data, we will be compelled to do so under the law of the land.

To protect our interests

We may need to comply with legal obligations. We may need to protect and defend the rights and property of Uplogic Technologies in case of a dispute. If it is proven that sharing your information is necessary to protect the personal safety of our other clients and users.

For how long do we retain your data?

For as long as we are interacting with you. In-house we haven’t established any policy that guides us towards automatically deleting data but in most of the cases, after the project is over and there is no need to interact with a client, the data is archived in encrypted form.

Otherwise, you can write to us and ask us to delete your personal data from our servers. No questions are asked, and the data is immediately deleted.

Your legal rights regarding your data

You fully own your data. Your data remains with us as long as you work with us and as long as you want the data to remain with us. Here are the rights you have:
  • Delete your personal and identifiable data from our servers.
  • Restrict us from using your data for analytics.
  • Transfer your data.
  • Access your data.
  • Correct your data.
  • Stop us from processing your data.

We are not responsible for your data on third-party websites

The third-party service that we are using for your digital marketing may suffer a hacking attack. We again use the example of an email marketing service. Suppose someone hacks into the servers of the email marketing service and steals email ids and other personal details and then uses this information to cause someone financial or personal loss. In this case, Uplogic Technologies cannot be held responsible because we have shared the data with your consent, and you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the third-party website in case of such an eventuality.

We cannot also be held responsible if the personal details that you have shared with us are publicly shared on another website by obtaining the same information from another source (or you mistakenly giving the details to them). We cannot be indemnified if any harm occurs due to that.

Your payment information

Occasionally you may use your payment information such as the credit card, digital wallet ID or net banking details to pay for our services and digital products. We don’t save your commercial details. We do save the details about the products and services that you use, but we don’t save your credit card details, digital wallet ID or net banking details.

Some definitions

  • Personal data: Information that helps someone identify you as a person. This may consist of your phone number, your name, your email ID and your address.
  • Cookies: These are small files that are stored on your computer or your device to enable us to gather non-identifiable data that helps us improve user experience.
  • Service: Any one of the services that we have listed on our website that we provide to our clients including web design, web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, and business consulting.
  • Third-party websites: These are the website we do not control. We may or may not have any relationship with them, but we cannot be held accountable for their conduct.