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Looking for an expert team of designers and developers that can work on your mobile app, web development or blockchain development project, without full-time commitment? Then the dedicated resource model is the perfect solution for you.

  • Assemble a team of designers and developers on the fly.
  • Scale up or down your existing team without much hassle.
  • Avail a cost-effective resource without having investments in HR.

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We have always proven our mettle wherever we have contributed our talents through the dedicated resource model. We have always risen to the occasion and contributed positively to the projects for which we have been hired. Here are some of the works we have contributed to.

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Through our dedicated resource model we can immediately and has the capabilities of your existing team. Even if you don't have a team of your own, we can easily become an integral part of your work culture and adapt our work methodology according to the expectations and work model of your organization. We will bring all the skills and a ton of experience, but we can easily work according to your ways. Do contact us for more information.

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Hire a Developer Model

Do you need just a single developer to fill a particular knowledge gap? For example, do you need a web developer with a good knowledge of node.js but you don't want to hire a full-time developer. We can easily provide our expert designers and developers if you need to hire a developer based on the dedicated resource model.

Dedicated Team Model

Want to augment your existing team of developers and designers? Need a team of expert web developers, mobile app developers, full stack developers or web designers, but only for a single project? Then our dedicated resource model model for team hiring is the perfect solution for you. We can use your infrastructure at your workplace, we can use our own infrastructure at our own workplace, and we can also bring our own infrastructure at your workplace. We provide a completely tailored dedicated resource model solution for teams.

Dedicated Resource Model at a Fixed Price

Worried that our price may escalate randomly? Although, as a renowned company in our field, we are known for our accountability, just to allay your fears, for our dedicated resource model, after evaluating your project requirements, we can offer a fixed price. Whether you want to hire dedicated mobile app developers or a single developer, we can offer a fixed rate based on the scale of your project.

Time and Material for Dedicated Resource Model

When you decide to partner with us we come with full commitment vis-à-vis time and material. We understand that you are just interested in the product and you don't want to bother with assembling the hardware and software and worry about how much time we are going to spend on your project. We use advanced time management tools. We employ the latest technologies to work on web and mobile projects. From programming and design skills to IT assets, we bring with us all you need.

Project-based Resources

Looking for a dedicated resource model solution for an upcoming project but don't want to tie yourself down to a prolonged investment? We can make project-based resources available to you in no time. Just let us know the nature of your work, the scale and the timeframe and we can easily customize our dedicated resource model accordingly.

Dedicated Resources

What our clients says about our work

Along the way we have been gathering lots of praises for our dedicated resource model solutions. Nothing makes us happier than to see smiles of satisfaction on the faces of those we serve. When we receive words of encouragement and acknowledgement from our happy clients, it instills us with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. Here is what some of our clients have been saying about our dedicated resource model.

How our approach will differ from others?

Grow your business without overheads

When executed properly, the dedicated resource model can deliver you an exponential business value compared to working with a fully hired team of designers and developers.

Avail world-class IT capabilities without hiring staff

Increase your internal IT capabilities with a strategic partnership with our dedicated resource model services that we can swiftly tailor as per your need. Achieve your advanced business objectives and set ambitious goals for your organization without worrying about resources and prolonged expenses.

Our team, but your work culture and your business goals

Our team members will seamlessly gel into the prevailing work culture of your organization, bringing in full force without disrupting existing business processes. Whether you want us to work with your team or separately, we can fully adopt our work methodology according to your existing flows and legacy systems.

Work with a world-class team of programmers without long-term investment

A large infrastructure footprint can stunt your organizational growth. Long-term investments in IT workforce and infrastructure can have an adverse effect on your bottom line. The dedicated resource model on the other hand brings you great success without proportionate investments in terms of money, infrastructure, and even time. Our team is already experienced in working on large scale projects. We can work with varied teams. We are well versed with all contemporary technologies. Our developers can quickly understand the code and start adding to it.

Cost-effective solutions to high cost projects

Our dedicated resource model services offer an easy and cost-effective solution to avail world-class skills and technologies. You can literally assemble a high-tech team within a day and kickstart your revolutionary project in no time.

No matter how daunting a task, we have always got your back

Highly qualified professionals can be expensive. Yet, every organization that aspires to develop cutting-edge websites, mobile apps and software applications, needs them. Dedicated resource model is the perfect solution. You get the best talent for your organization at a fraction of the cost required to hire qualified professionals full-time. The best part is, there is no maintenance cost. You can assemble a team whenever you need to, and then disband it when you don't need it. Can you accomplish this with full-time employees? No way.

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Frequently asked Questions

Using the dedicated resource model, you can quickly assemble a team of IT professionals (Android app developers, iOS app developers, web developers, full stack developers) without hiring them full-time. You can work with them on need basis. In most of the cases, you don't even need to invest in infrastructure. Normally when you hire IT professionals you also need to provide them terminals, laptops, mobile phones and office space. Although, in some cases, even if you go through the dedicated resource model you may need to employ some degree of resources, in most of the cases, the team that you hire through the dedicated resource model brings everything you need.

Do you have a brilliant app idea but hiring a world-class team is way beyond your budget? Do you want to build a website quickly but you don't want to hire an expensive team of web developers in-house? Do you already have a team of programmers but you need someone who knows a particular language that is not known to your employees? Then the dedicated resource model is the perfect solution for you. The best thing about the dedicated resource model is that the people that you hire for your project are there for you till your project lasts. Then they go their own way.

Usually when you outsource, the team of programmers are free to work on different projects. As such there is nothing wrong in that, but sometimes your project may require their full-time attention. In the dedicated resource model, the entire team is dedicated to your project and does not work on any other project. It works like your employees but without the expense of keeping full-time employees. Whatever time has been committed, will be completely committed to your project.

Yes, we can. Just let us know your requirements and we can start the work. Your project will get a dedicated project manager and you will receive routine updates. We can set up video meets whenever you need to talk to us face-to-face.

It works like any other outsourcing project with the difference that sometimes the team that you hire through the dedicated resource model may come and join your existing team. Otherwise, you simply contact us, explain to us your project requirements, we agree on the specs and the payment modes and then we start working on the project. We will assign a dedicated project manager. You will receive constant updates. The entire application will be delivered to you within the stipulated time.

Our programmers know all the contemporary programming languages such as {mention the programming languages}. They work with cutting edge design tools such as {mention the design tools}. Many of our programmers, designers and project managers have spent years working in top organizations, building enterprise-level IT solutions. We have a long list of finished projects under our belt both within India and from other countries. We effortlessly communicate in English. We can easily accommodate the time difference by managing multiple shifts.

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