6 Proven Strategies Developed by Uplogic Technologies to Boost Mobile User Acquisition

The best mobile app development company has the best practices of various mobile user acquisition strategies. Such mobile app user acquisition strategies have achieved the highest success rate as they are feasible in real practice. 

As an entrepreneur, you should explore this area to know the real ability of mobile applications. By knowing these strategies you can implement these in your mobile app development process and identify a unique way to convert the benefits of mobile user acquisition to your business. Let us explain more through this blog.

Small Intro To  Mobile User Acquisition

Many app developers have been working to create the best tactics to make their applications successful. Success in the mobile application development industry can be defined as the number of users using their application. 

Along with this, there are so many other measures are there to scale the efficiency of the application. Now, let’s get into the strategies followed by the developers and the app developing solutions. 

A mobile app user acquisition strategy is nothing but any strategy practices to increase the number of app installs. In other words, marketing ideas to introduce a new application and increase the users for the application. 

Traditionally many developers have depended on organic reach only. But the innovative people have followed new methods and maneuvers to market their application. The list provided below contains some Mobile User Acquisition strategies.

  • App Store Optimization,
  • Referral Programmes,
  • Advertising and Press Coverage,
  • Organic Reaching Methods,
  • Third-Party/ Influencer Tie-up Promotions,
  • Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Other Traditional Marketing.

However, to choose the best working practices, you need a detailed analysis of the Mobile User Acquisition strategies. Here, the need for methods to scale the efficiency of the best mobile app user acquisition strategy. Let’s check the tools.

Ways To Measure Mobile User Acquisition Effectively

By Measuring Mobile User Acquisition Effectively, you can choose the best way for the Mobile User Acquisition (UA). So, you need the following tools to scale the work of a particular mobile user acquisition strategy. 

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) – This delivers the details of the amount of money to be spent to acquire a customer.
  • Conversion Rate – It is the percentage of how many of your total customers do purchase/ desire actions. It is also a common tool that is used by analysts. 
  • Cost Per Install (CPI)- This measure will be helpful when you want to compare some UA channels as this is one of the tools which is available commonly. 
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM) – The same is also known as cost per thousand. The amount that you spend for every 1000 impressions of your acquisition strategy or ad is CPM.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)-  It is the value got from dividing the total cost to the advertising by the number of conversions. In other words, this is the cost to convert a customer.
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)- In simple words, this shows the profit value that a customer will generate through purchasing from you until they are your customers.
  • Revenue/ Return On Investment (ROI) – This measure is used to scale the efficiency of an investment in an acquisition strategy. It shows the net gain through an investment.

All these may seem to be the same, but they differ from each other, used to quantify the performance and efficiency of a mobile app user acquisition strategy. However, a combo of better tactics can lead to greater results for your business.

An experienced mobile app development company with huge experience in mobile application development can structure the best strategies for Mobile User Acquisition. We Uplogic Technologies is the best app developing solution provider and has great ideas about Mobile User Acquisition.  

How Uplogic Delivers The Benefits Of Mobile User Acquisition To Your Business?

In this part, we discuss the methodology through which we deliver the benefits of mobile user acquisition to your business. 

1. Creating Awareness- The first step of any business to market its product or service is making awareness about your business and product. You can also make this for your business mobile application through our strategic techniques like app store optimization, organic reach, referral program, and others. 

2. Efficient Acquisition – Review and rating are effective methods of user acquisition. By crafting your application with us, you can avail your app on both iOS and Android platforms. Both have separate review and rating panels. Through this, many mobile users will install your business mobile app. 

Other than this, the application can support the referral method marketing. So, you can get more customers through Mobile User Acquisition.

3. Keep The Users Active- You can’t gain any profits through only the number of installs of your mobile application. Your customers should be active and motivated to do the desirable. To achieve this, we have an attractive user-friendly interface in the application. With the strong features of the app, they can do the goal seamlessly.

4. High Retention Rate – The effective application of your business made by us, supports the offer, discount marketing strategies. In addition to this, you can make an SMS campaign, Email marketing to retarget the users. Through this, you can maintain high retention rates. 

5. Revenue Source- By choosing us you can avail of powerful applications with new tech solutions like multiple payment options, secure transaction gateway facility, others. Besides this, you can get additional revenue from static ads, video ads through the application. 

With our high level of mobile app user acquisition strategy, you will get a more customer base and increase your business revenue. 

6. Referral And Promotions-  As we said above, our application is capable of doing an efficient referral marketing campaign. You can also use the mobile application for the marketplace of your product and promote the platform of upcoming products. 

However, in all aspects, the mobile application from Uplogic Technologies is the one-stop solution for your business mobile app. We can craft your magnificent app and drive a Mobile User Acquisition among the huge competition in the app stores. 


In simple words, mobile applications are the best solution for your business. It’s also a profitable way. As per the Statista report, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 613 billion U.S. dollars in revenues in 2025.

But, to monetize your application, you need a well-versed mobile app user acquisition strategy. Uplogic Technologies is the best mobile app development company with a strong mobile user acquisition strategy. So, make your legacy fast with our experienced team of app developers.

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