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Are you seeking innovative technology solutions for your small to medium-sized enterprise (SME)? Our integrated software development and app development services are specifically tailored for SMEs. Our offerings include the following. Let us help take your business to the next level.

  • Scalable technology solutions,
  • Software redesign services,
  • Ability to port legacy apps to the cloud.

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Small and medium-sized businesses often face resource constraints. But growth is vital for success. We can help you adopt new technologies and adapt to changing behaviors, all while engaging your audience. Contact us to learn how we can help your business thrive.

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What We Do

Custom software development

Need a software development partner for custom app solutions for your business? From single-task apps to full suites of business admin services, we can tailor our services for SMEs. Contact us to learn more.

Website design and development

Your website is often the first point of contact for customers, clients, partners, and investors. Let us build an engaging, user-friendly online presence that works seamlessly on browsers and mobile devices.

Cloud application development

Cloud-based applications suddenly free you of the necessities to maintain an off-site infrastructure both in terms of hardware and software. You can allow your employees and team members to access data and applications from their mobile phones and laptops, remotely, no matter where they are. We can build and deploy web-based and mobile-controlled cloud-based applications for your SME to bring down your IT operational costs and catapult your efficiency levels.

Mobile app development

A mobile app can empower your SME's employees and partners. Enhance your legacy applications and allow stakeholders to interact with your software and data on their mobile devices. Provide new capabilities and remove boundaries and resource limitations. Contact us to learn more.

Additionally, We Provide

Dedicated resource model

Need cost-effective, efficient programming solutions for your SME? Our dedicated resource model offers world-class professionals on a flexible basis, without the legal complexities and costs of permanent hiring.

Customized App Solutions

How will Our Approach Differ From Others?

The most trusted web and mobile apps

We are the most trusted web and mobile app development company that can support SMEs. We have been serving enterprise businesses with high-quality web apps, cloud apps, and mobile apps, for years.

We can help you leverage opportunities

As an SME, you should be able to use every advantage you come across and this includes having a professional website and mobile app that allows you to provide your services and sell your products to the widest possible base of clients and customers. At the same time, you should be able to keep your operational costs at the minimum possible level, without compromising on quality. You can achieve this with our mobile app development services for SMEs.

When time is of great essence

Looking for time-critical solutions within your cost expectations? Through our evolved web and mobile app development services, more often than not we can match client expectations with our own budgetary constraints. It is all a matter of coming together and finding a common ground.

A mix of technology and visibility

We can help you with brand awareness. We can bring to you the best possible user experience in the industry. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology enable us to build the most up-to-date technology solutions for your SME. We can help you with high app downloads and customer retention. Basically, we can give you an all-encompassing tech solution.

We cover all major industries

We cover all major industries including healthcare, logistics, on-demand services, fintech, retail & e-commerce, media & entertainment, education, e-learning, hospitality, manufacturing, marketing, and everything in between. We have tremendous experience building cutting-edge web portals and mobile apps for a wide array of industries and segments.

Full-stack design and development

Since the beginning, we have concentrated on providing full-stack web and mobile app development services with development, integration, deployment, marketing, support, and maintenance structured together so that once you decide to partner with us, you don’t need to look elsewhere for your online presence. Designing, coding, maintenance, migration, marketing–everything through a single channel.

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We always kept our promise of delivering top-notch software development services to provide dedicated solutions that make our clients satisfied. Meet some of our happiest clients around the globe.

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We have received a wide range of recognition and appreciation for our tremendous efforts. Check out our accomplishments as a leading custom software development company for SMEs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both startups and SMEs come with their own challenges but there’s a big difference: the teething problems that startups have, SMEs have already gone through them. SMEs are stabler. They are on a firmer ground. They have learned a lot. They have a solid product or a service. They have a successful business. With our tech support, they want to amplify their success.

Startups are not sure whether they have succeeded or not. In terms of success, when they’re looking for our tech support, they want to make sure that they succeed in whatever they’re doing.

Yes, we do. For example, as mentioned above, sometimes enterprises cannot seem to figure out whether they need a conventional software solution or a mobile app. They also want to know how they can migrate their legacy systems to a cloud-based infrastructure. If they are in the process of launching a software product or a mobile app, they are looking for an experienced technology company to look into their plans and advise them on strategy, programming, design and marketing. We provide all these consulting services.

It depends on the scale of your application. If development requires lots of work and lots of interaction with your subject matter experts and employees, our programmers may need to work on-site. On other occasions, they can also work off-site. It’s a need-based decision.

Frankly, the answer comes from you. You have more knowledge of your requirements. You understand your customers and clients. You can empathize with your employees and business partners. What do they want?

Most of the enterprises already have a working software solution and if you have had the software solution for some years now, you are probably running from your in-house servers. In that case, we can help you migrate your services to the cloud and then enable your customers, employees and business partners to interact with your data and services from a mobile app. But ultimately, the answer needs to come from you.

We can give you a qualified estimate after analyzing your requirement.

It doesn’t really matter. We have developers and designers and more importantly, we also have business consultant with lots of experience. Consequently, we understand the business side as well as the technology side.

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