Hybrid Mobile App Development: Why and When to Choose?

“Does hybrid mobile app development suit my business… or not?” 

It’s quite natural, in case you’re an entrepreneur with this doubt. Let’s clear this doubt with short and clear explanations.

In this blog, we convey the benefits of choosing Hybrid mobile app development and for which type of businesses or in which scenario, you should choose Hybrid app development.

What is Meant by Hybrid Mobile App Development?

“Web App + Native App Container = Hybrid App”

In layman’s terms, a mobile application that combines the properties of a web app and a native application is called a “Hybrid App”. Technically, Hybrid apps are web apps that can be installed and accessed through a native app frame. 

So, the Hybrid application is developed with the web app programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Then it is enclosed in a native app frame with tech stacks like React Native, Flutter, etc. 

So, both kinds of programming languages are essential for the mobile app development process. However, why do most business people prefer mobile app development? Let’s check.

Advantages of Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps for Your Business

You may cross such sentences like “many most famous mobile applications like Twitter, Gmail, Evernote, Instagram, Uber, and others are the best examples of Hybrid apps.” anywhere on the internet.  

But did you ever think, why Hybrid app development is so popular?

To know the reason, you should know its benefits. Here it is.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Unlike the native application, the Hybrid application can be accessed through any kind of platforms like Android, iOS, and others. For instance, you can launch a Hybrid application on multiple platforms with a single script.


Compared to Native mobile app development, crafting a Hybrid app needs a low amount of investment. Because, if you choose Native app development, you need to invest money in Android app development and iOS app development separately. But, when you choose Hybrid mobile app development, you just invest your money in a single app development only. 

Quick App Development

As the Hybrid application uses reused codes, (using the same codes for Android OS and iOS), the developer need not spend too much time coding for each OS. So, it requires a very short period to develop.

Simple Maintenance

As the Hybrid application is based on a single codebase, it’s easy to update and do other kinds of maintenance services like bug fixing, performance enhancements, etc. 

To Access Device Features

When developing a web application, it’s hard to use the features of a device (mobile). But, when you develop a Hybrid application, you can access the features of the device easily. 

Offline Support

As hybrid applications have a few qualities of native applications, they can store data locally. So, it can operate offline and with low connectivity also. That means it loads with previous data stored by the app. So, it can manage connectivity fluctuations. 

Enhanced Performance

Compared to web applications, Hybrid applications are highly responsive and progressive in mobile phones. 

For these reasons, entrepreneurs are showing interest in Hybrid mobile app development. But is it the best solution for all kinds of businesses? 

Definitely Not. 

You should know when to choose Hybrid app development, to get advantages from it.

Hybrid Mobile App Development: When is it the Best Choice?

Despite Hybrid applications being efficient, it’s not fit for all kinds of businesses. For example, choosing Hybrid mobile app development for complex or heavy app codes is not so efficient. It is because there is a layer between the OS of the device and the Hybrid app code. 

You can prefer this Hybrid app development in the following scenarios.

  • To test your online business idea as MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Hybrid mobile app development will be the best choice.
  • When you need to develop a cross-platform application in a short span, it’ll be the right choice.
  • You can prefer it when you have a web app already and need to engage more mobile viewers.
  • To develop a simplified version of your primary application, you can prefer developing Hybrid apps.
  • When you want to develop a web app with the potential of accessing a device’s features, you can prefer it.

In these cases, Hybrid mobile app development will be the best choice. If you have any confusion yet, in choosing the type of application for your business, then consult a mobile app development company like Uplogic Technologies.

We are providing all kinds of app development and consultancy services. So, we can help you to choose and get the right technology solution for your business. 


All kinds of mobile applications including Native, Hybrid, Web apps, and Cross-platform apps have both benefits and limitations. By getting help from experts, you can choose the best one which suits your business. We at Uplogic Technologies are always here to help you!

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