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Ensure to Launch a Successful Towing Startup in 2022 with a Well Developed Roadside Assistance App

Whatever your ambitious and long-term goals are, if you are unwilling to accept the innovative tech and marketing tactics you may not thrive for much longer. 

Entrepreneurs follow dozens of tech startups ideas and redouble their efforts to outperform the competitors. However, the viability of these concepts is not guaranteed.

Do you find it difficult to deal with fresh ideas that arise in your mind? Would you like to put your energy and ability into a business that will yield more revenues?

Uplogic Technologies has something spectacular in store for those of you searching for the greatest businesses to establish in 2022.  

How many of you have thought of roadside assistance services? It is mostly about assisting vehicle owners who encounter problems when on the roadway.

Consider traveling on a long drive and discovering that if something is malfunctioning with your car, leaving you stranded someplace outside of the town. 

This is where the on-demand roadside assistance app comes into play. Roadside assistance services can tow your vehicle to the closest service center. 

Hence, you can get the problem corrected without having to be concerned about the protection and stability of your vehicle or family. 

In this blog, we will certainly describe how to get a productive on-demand roadside assistance app development for your towing business startup in 2022.

Things to Know about On-demand Roadside Assistance Business

The on-demand roadside assistance service is one of the best small-scale business models that you can establish with little or no capital.

You shouldn’t need to invest a lot of money in this business because one or two towing vehicles and a few employees are sufficient. 

The industry can provide the highest results and ROI. The economy-wide statistics have generally favored the roadside assistance industry. 

When it comes to roadside assistance service, your company should be reachable even if the user is a long distance away from your location. 

You can include your personal phone number so that they can call you in the event of an emergency.

If you’re a newbie to the towing industry and don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you wrapped. 

If you want to establish a towing business startup, you will need the following tools:

  • On-demand roadside assistance app,
  • Qualified mechanics and technicians,
  • Towing vehicles and materials.

At Uplogic Technologies, we provide emerging companies and entrepreneurs with top-notch on-demand roadside assistance app development. 

Feature Requirements for an On-demand Roadside Assistance App

To remain competitive, every organization must develop its own service booking app. However, developing technology is a time-consuming and costly process. 

Hence, we assist you in getting a simple and reliable solution for your on-demand roadside assistance app.

Step-by-step, let’s go over the features required for an on-demand roadside assistance app.  

  • Signup: The primary interface that the user gets upon opening the app is the signup procedure. Furthermore, this is the key that allows users to access your app.

As a result, it should be properly created to offer users a positive impression and encourage them to use your app service again and again.

  • Service Selection: The user is first unaware of the services you provide. As a result, you should give a way for him to learn about the services available and how to obtain the one he desires.
  • Sharing Location: In the event of an emergency, it is critical to communicate the proper location so that others can provide a bit of assistance immediately.

Hence, your on-demand roadside assistance app requires a location sharing function to allow users to easily share their locations to get a swift remedy.

  • Vehicle Information Sharing: The most essential thing is to collect the specific details of the customer’s vehicle model so that you can send a suitable towing vehicle that can conveniently accommodate the customer’s vehicle.

Let us go over the extensive functionality and features that Uplogic Technologies provides in your on-demand roadside assistance app development that precisely matches the specifications listed above.  

How Does Uplogic Technologies Create a User-centric Roadside Assistance App for Your Towing Business? 

For over a decade, Uplogic Technologies has been a prominent roadside app development company. We have a pool of talented professionals who are experts in their respective domains. 

Furthermore, we provide on-demand roadside assistance apps to the best businesses in town and throughout the world.

We also engage with technical app solutions for the long term, where you may acquire competent and futuristic app solutions for your business that meets your particular objectives and expectations.

Let us describe the features that we include in your on-demand roadside assistance app that will help you operate your business more efficiently in 2022. 

  • Convenient Onboarding: Your on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic Technologies has got three simple and convenient registration options: email, mobile number, or social media.

Users can quickly register with the app in any of the above-mentioned ways that are convenient for them.

  • List of Services: Customers are given a selection of service options to pick from, such as towing, battery restoration, tyre installation, and so on.

The service would be chosen based upon what roadside assistance services the towing service company or startup provides.

  • Location Sharing: In the app, we’ve included a sophisticated Google Maps navigation feature. Users can pinpoint their appropriate location and share it promptly.
  • Adding Vehicles: This feature enables users to add all the details about their vehicle types to the profile such as vehicle type, version, and number plate. 

This data enables you to effectively assist the users by delivering towing service that is tailored to their preferences.

  • Price Details: Users can obtain information about prices depending on what type of service they want by hitting the price details for each service.
  • Push Notifications: Users receive constant updates about changes in services and costs via push notifications and SMS alerts. 
  • Payment Options: Users can pony up for towing and other services directly through the app. There are several payment options available, including cash and credit card.


To summarise, we assume you now have a thorough understanding of on-demand roadside assistance app development and how a towing company is a simple and reliable business to carry over in 2022. 

Uplogic Technologies has successfully created and deployed a number of on-demand roadside assistance apps for towing companies. We comprehend your company’s demands. One of our most successful projects has been the on-demand roadside assistance app. Our cutting-edge roadside assistance app will be an ideal solution for your towing business. 

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