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Generate Profit by Contributing a Constructive Towing Service for Your Users with a Roadside Assistance App

In most of our lives, uncertainty is a never-ending tale. Even well-maintained vehicles might break down at the greatest inconvenient times, disrupting the passengers’ travel. 

This is where an on-demand roadside assistance service comes in to help by addressing the problem swiftly. 

They have professional technicians and competent specialists on call 24×7 to solve any automobile difficulties. 

People benefit greatly because they get immediate assistance from attentive technicians using the on-demand roadside assistance app. 

Moreover, It is a valuable business potential that capitalizes on the rise in mobile utilization and improved Internet access. 

This blog will provide an in-depth discussion of how an on-demand roadside assistance app helps you grow your business with its user-centric functionality. 

Few Important Facts Regarding On-demand Roadside Assistance Apps

It is essential to perceive the market before starting a business since it allows us to think clearly while developing a business plan.

Let’s list out some figures on the roadside assistance market for you. 

The on-demand roadside assistance industry will be worth $30 billion by 2025, rising at a 3.9 percent annual pace.

The rise in per capita wealth of the population and the rising amount of aged automobiles will be the most important reason for the growth of this service.

The present production levels for on-demand roadside assistance services such as fuel delivery, key replacement, and tire replacement is 3.90%.

Moreover, the market for roadside assistance services will increase at the quickest level in the globe, at a pace of 4.05 percent. 

Patron’s vehicles require more specialized support than heavy vehicles. 

Let us provide you with some eye-catching benefits that you can reap from roadside app development from Uplogic Technologies. 

Appealing Benefits of a Complete Roadside Assistance App Development from Uplogic Technologies 

As a proficient on-demand roadside app development company, Uplogic Technologies creates an on-demand roadside assistance app that allows you to instantly get popularity in your area and become an expert towing service provider. 

We create an on-demand roadside assistance app with the most advanced features available on the market. 

This allows you to reap several benefits, allowing you to stay ahead of your rivals in your location.

Let us compile a few of the benefits you can get from your on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic Technologies. 

  • Feature-filled: We provide a plethora of essential features in your business app such as real-time monitoring, in-built call and message options, payment gateways, and feedback systems to provide flawless user engagement.
  • Swift Assistance: You can provide assistance for people within 15 to 20 minutes of receiving confirmation via the app, especially in metropolitan areas.

Hence, users don’t need to wait many hours for maintenance service, which may give them a favorable picture of your service.

  • Payment Security: However all towing apps provide in-built online payments, we provide a payment gateway that is totally secure with an encryption feature and prevents sensitive customer data in a flawless manner. 

As a result, users may make payments fast and easily without having to bother regarding safety.

Features That We Append in Your Roadside Assistance App to Provide a Sturdy Performance 

While stalled on the roadway, your customer will seek solutions that you can provide. Incorporating reliable features into the app can significantly improve its efficiency. 

Here are some of the cutting-edge features from Uplogic Technologies that help you provide your service in an efficient manner. 

  • Advanced GPS System: Customers can reveal their exact location and schedule a roadside assistance service using the in-built GPS navigation feature.

Moreover, this navigation function also makes it easier for the tow truck drivers to approach the customers on time.

  • Hi-tech Navigation: When a user books your service, you must act quickly to fit their demands. 

However, in the dark of night or over great distances, it may take a bit of time. 

Hence, this functionality allows your tow truck drivers to select the shortest path to the user.

  • Categorizing Services: The most crucial thing to accomplish is to clarify everything about your towing service so that the users can dispel their doubts. 

As a result, you can list all of the services that your agency that you deliver. Users can use this function to hire the appropriate towing service.

  • Around-the-clock Assistance: In a crisis circumstance, customers may become unclear about their needs and may not know what they require. 

This feature choice allows you to communicate with them and they may quickly contact you to clarify their doubts.

  • Built-in Payment: Running out of cash is the least issue your users want to think about when delayed on the highway. 

Hence, the digital payment gateway in your app will considerably improve the overall performance.

Moreover, users will be able to pay conveniently using their preferred online payment methods.

  • Confirm/Decline Bookings: With this feature, users can accept or decline roadside assistance service bookings based on their accessibility and comfort.
  • Earnings Report: This feature helps you examine the total commission, incentive, employee workdays, and customers ’ ultimate ratings. 

Allow us to lead you over the earning process of our on-demand roadside assistance app. Here are the top three strategies to monetize from your business app.

Potential Revenue Generating Opportunities from Our On-demand Roadside Assistance App 

  • Commission: The on-demand roadside assistance app entails certified mechanics, service specialists, and technicians to contribute a portion of their earnings as royalty. 

Moreover, this can vary depending on how far they must go to service a car and whether or not they can handle issues with heavy vehicles.

  • Subscription Plan: Rather than users traveling and investing a deal of time and resources at mechanic shops, you can encourage them to pay a charge in advance to enroll in your app with customized annual or monthly packages for your towing service. 

In addition, you can offer a variety of perks for those users such as special prices and prioritized tow-truck services.

  • Ads: With your on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic Technologies, users can view popup adverts and commercial films. 

Moreover, you can display paid advertising about vehicles and recommendations for maintaining traffic safety via appropriate driving. 

Hence, you can make a reasonable profit with the overall click-through rate, user engagements, and views. 


To sum up, getting aware of the competition will allow you to become recognized faster and efficiently reach your customers. Once you’ve reached the customers, all you have to do is keep them interested in your towing business. 

We created exclusive promotions and special feature alternatives to keep customers interested.  Spending attentive focus on customers and providing high-quality service will increase revenue. 

With on-demand roadside app development from Uplogic Technologies, you can simply uncover all the hurdles and deliver a straightforward service.

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