Uplogic’s Secret Tips To Make Your Business Mobile App Globalization And Improve Success Rate


Entering into the global market needs a proper strategic plan and supporting features. Nowadays, the on-demand business platform is the most attractive one that involves a huge number of stakeholders and customers. The one-stop solution to meet all the needs of the participants are commonly referred to as a mobile application.

Many professionals launch their own on-demand service startup by developing the mobile application for the benefit of all the participants. While carrying the customer preferences in the launching region, understanding and satisfying the customer’s needs require special strategies. One such strategy is referred to as globalization or internationalization.

Right from the technical design to the synchronized workflow, the application should attract the customers for consistent access. For the user-friendly services, the mobile app is in need of localization commonly. But, the localization is done after the globalization process.

Identifying the globalization factors prior to the design or developing the mobile application is the important one. Business mobile app globalization starts only after checking the following points.

  • Images should be in dynamic form for region to region to attract global customers.
  • Need to separate the content from the service programming for updates according to global customer demands.
  • Customized mobile service templates are the needed things to provide the services without any language barriers.
  • Character display on any language is in the correct form that enables the customers to convey their orders easily.
  • If your business is on E-commerce platforms, then you must include the categories such as most recently accessed, top-brands, payment modes, rating options, and the social interaction options to boost the sales value of the business.
  • The sizes of the text images are to be optimized since the mobile screens are varied within the region.
  • Sorting, contact numbers, and the demand-based keywords included in-app screen is also needed for globalization.

The above-listed points are important considerations for mobile app globalization. Early globalization is the top-needed one that turns the mobile app-based business owners to meet all the customer needs easily. On the development side, there are various globalization strategies for business application and the knowledge of them is a necessary one.

The industrial research report stated that the globalization of mobile app turns the download rate by 128%. Adapting the 200iOS apps into native languages increases the revenue by 26%.

Being an experienced player in the on-demand app development field, Uplogic identifies the global demands and incorporates the necessary strategies to improve the success of the business. 

The reasons behind the globalization, right globalization ways, strategies to boost the customer access rate are to be known as a new startup owner. This blog comprises all such details that drive the startup owners to globalize their mobile app-based business easily.

Top Reasons To Globalize The Business Mobile Application 

Recently, each business sector prefers mobile apps to connect their customers, understand their interest in the consistent follows up. Hence, the app development process has a specific pace in the on-demand industry. Launching a new business in various regions or expansion of business franchises in other regions highly demand the globalization methods. This section lists the top reasons to globalize the business mobile application.

  • Attentive to Global User Needs

Business owners in the specific region have enough awareness of local customers and fulfill their needs. With that knowledge, they are not able to cover the customer’s aspects in other regions. They are in the need of fine-tuning procedures in the business workflow.

For the app-based business, this tuning process is highly needed. According to the cultural needs and customer preferences, the update on app-workflow is the needed one. The inclusion of a specific platform to know the customer’s choices, and check whether stakeholders participated are enough or not.

  • Widening Resource Access

Due to the workflow of the mobile application being customer-centric, resource access is in needs to be expanded widely. Language is the first and foremost and this needs suitable translation services. To overcome the linguistic issues, the access of translation tools to build the app on the specified language according to the specific region.

In the same way, the professionals who have skills in languages are also getting employment with this process. Rather than spending the investment on huge resources, the app-based platform inherits the linguistic support to expand the business resources globally.

  • Create a Global Market for Products

Delivering the products to the customers highly depends on the E-commerce business platforms nowadays. But, the unaware of the latest tech-innovations and the customer preferences limited their revenue opportunities.

To increase the sales and earn a familiarity, tuning of mobile applications according to the global needs is the necessary one. Strong communication, tracking, social interactions across the global peoples are the most-needed metrics to create the global market value for the selling products.

After getting such potential aspects of the globalization metrics, many app-based business owners focus on globalization and localization activities to enrich the service quality. With the experience in mobile app localization, Uplogic also includes the strategies for globalization also.

Since both of the processes are dependent on each other, the app-based business owners focus on two processes side by side. The upcoming section brings you the clarification on globalization tips and strategies followed in the Uplogic clearly.

Uplogic’s Tips to do it in a Right Way of Local App with Global name 

In common, the shift of the global market is observed only after getting enough familiarity and revenue in the local market. Actually, the globalization term defines the adaptation of needs, preferences within the app according to the launched countries. In addition to the translation services, some things are also considered for the perfect globalization. The top five tips from the Uplogic are listed as follows.

  • Ask Whether the App is Fit Into Global Market

The most important point to be considered for the launch is to fit into the global market. Without any deep knowledge of the needs and current trends in the global market, the launching may greatly affect the workflow and revenue earning.

Actually, the mobile application is the best fit for local market scenarios. Following those strategies for the global market is the probable one. Hence, market research via google analytics is the prior process for the app launch. If this research is done properly, the inclusion of payment modes and other features boost the customer usage rate highly.

  • Aware of Cultural Shifts

Not all the region has the same-minded peoples. The utilization of mobile apps, social media, banking modules, and shopping processes are different. Understanding of such cultural shifts from the customer side is the necessary one.

Preparing with enough knowledge on such shifts, app expansion on the global market is the assured one by the business owners. This also doubles the revenue.

  • High-Quality Connectivity Platforms

The connectivity among peoples is the strongest one. To assure such a thing, the process as per their mindset is the needed one. Technically speaking, the customized applications are the supporting tool to make the business owners are getting closer to the customers.

With the attractive user interfaces, designs, dashboards, and feature set, customized applications fill the gaps in customer engagement on the business process.

  • Fill the Linguistic Gap

This is the most common one in every business. While expanding the business in global regions, treating the customer’s needs in their own language is a successful practice. Entering with one official language and multiple linguistic support is the right way of globalization of business apps.

  • Effective Testing Environment

As we all know, the on-demand business involves multiple competitors. How far the differentiation provided by the application as per the customer demands decides the success and sustainability of the business in this environment. The frequent updates, collection of feedback under proper testing are the major tips for efficient globalization.

What are all the Uplogic’s Globalization Strategies to Boost the Customer Access rate?

After identification of the globalization tactics, the implementation of all such things in the process is the necessary one. Uplogic is also an example of the best mobile app globalization providers where they focus on following strategies to improve the user access rate globally.

  • Clear Predictive Points on Market

As per the customer’s type of business and the products they covered and launching region, Uplogic includes the interfaces for the application. Since Uplogic has enough experience in the on-demand industry, diverse app solutions are developed and sort out the issues in on-demand situations. Hence, it is clear on market-fit app development.

  • Applicable to Cultural Shifts

The entire app development is based on global needs and Uplogic also includes the dedicated interfaces for the works. The incorporation of the payment gateways, social media support, and the tracking of customer’s behavior supports the entire business process turned to be fit for cultural shifts.

  • Design of Customized Application

Always users needed customized options to purchase the products. While they enter into the portal, the category-based separation based on the brands, suppliers, most-wanted is the immediate attraction. 

Also, Uplogic implements filtering options to get immediate customer attention. In the same way, the inclusion of customer-centric options like tracking, scheduling, and rating options.

  • Multi-lingual Support

Nowadays, business opportunities are observed widely out of countries. With the internet connecting platforms evolutions and the usage of mobile applications is increasing, the expansion of business is easier than traditional in on-demand scenarios.

For that expansion, the language barriers should be addressed. Uplogic includes the multi-lingual support feature that allows the business owners to expand the business on the global market.

  • Ready to Upgrade on the basis of Customer’s Feedbacks

Collecting feedback after the launch is in a periodical manner is the essential thing for the business owners. Based on the feedback, the update of the app workflow for the business and the revenue-assisted strategies are to be done by Uplogic.

Also, Uplogic provides the necessary consultations to the business owners on suitable launching periods for the updates of the application.

Highly-Needed Strategies of Uplogic to Make Your Business Mobile App Globalization

In addition to the basic strategies, Uplogic follows some highly-needed strategies to increase the revenue value of the business.

  • Cope Up with Market Drifts

An increase in trade and cope up with the market drifts are essential things for business peoples. If Uplogic is in backup with them, then it is easy to cope up with the market drifts. Turning off globalization makes your business enter into the untouched market trends and utilize all the benefits in less investment.

  • Keep Providing the Value of the Investment

The provision of value to the investment is the noticeable one from the customer preferences. In the competitive business market, focusing on such things will bring you the real benefit to the app-users in the market.

Multiple options, easy payment, social interactions, and strong communication platforms inclusion in mobile app development are valuable options from a customer point of view. Incorporating such things on the application is the Uplogic unique practice to improve the access rate.

  • Efficient Remote Workforce Management

After the mobile applications are raised, the remote workforce is slowly increasing. Monitoring them consistently by the business owners is the necessary thing. Globally, this is an unavoidable one.

To sort out such issues, Uplogic comes up with adaptable options like tracking, contract management, valuing their service options, retention ways like promo-code purchases, rewards, etc. This makes remote workforce management an easy one.

Final Words

The on-demand industry is the ever-increasing revenue platform and involves many stakeholders and customers across the countries. Turn to globalization and localization are the essential thing for the business owners. To make efficient globalization, some of the unique strategies are followed in the market.

Uplogic is an experienced player in the on-demand app development market and implemented the globalization practices for the app-based business. If you are in the plan to globalize your application, then the Uplogic is there for you to sort out all the issues in globalization. Meet our technical team for globalization by sending the queries on [email protected]

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