Getting To Know The Impact Of Mobile App Localization On Business Growth Through Uplogic’s Tactics


Bring app utilization is easy for native users to attract many of them in the local market. With this concern, the internationalization or expanding the business via app utilization is the possible one for the retailers. Though the launching of the mobile applications is the easy one, utilization by large dimensional users brings difficulties for the retailers.

The familiarity of the services is purely based on how the mobile app is useful for building up the potentially attracted consumer base. This not only brings valid revenue to the retailers in the market, but this also brings new users to the business platforms. Hence, many of the business owners’ focus on how to gain visibility in the market and what are the resources used for achieving them easily.

If the application is accessed by global audiences easily, then this will increase the profit automatically. The only thing for the retailer side is to know how to implement that task. Due to the lack of knowledge, they approach the app development players in the on-demand industry. Having enough experience in the field, they know the expectations of the customers and the needed workflows in the business owner’s side.

They also have the strategies to know the composite between them. One such strategy is the app localization where it is the contradictory practice to internationalization. The localization depicts the process of taking the international template and modifies the language preferences/cultural aspects according to the region.

Most of the time developers focus on general mobile app design and development and they are not focusing on these types of specific practices. But, the need for them is the huge one and this is highly reflected in earning the profit value.  The research statistics regarding the app-based retail business predicted the following observations.

  • The region-wise downloads of the number of mobile applications are shortly described as follows: China-12.1 billion, US-11.3 billion, India-12.1 billion in the year 2017.
  • The size of the downloads to be increased in the following forms in the year 2022. China-119.5 billion, US-10.3 billion, India-119.5 billion.

From the statistics, you observed the application can be extended globally, and hence the need for localization is high in current scenarios. Hence, the retailers who participate in the on-demand industry search for any app localization services available in the market. In general, people think that mobile app localization refers to translation.

But, the reality is a different one. The mobile app localization makes the mobile app fit into global markets with the following services: legal authentications, currencies and language conversions, social platform conversions, and technological standards. Uplogic is one of the localization services companies and registered its space on mobile app localization strongly with the unique strategies.

This blog brings you a wide range of clarifications regarding the mobile app localization, things lagged in bringing localization and how Uplogic brings the unique localization to the application workflow in detail.

Mobile App Localization-Key Practice To Maximize Customer’s Participation And Profit

Applications are the only mediums or interfaces between the customers and the suppliers. The stable in conveying the details or digital offerings to the customers from the service provider’s side brings more attractions towards the business and hence the profit value is getting improved.

Mostly, the application standards must be periodically scrutinized and many of them look for upgrades periodically. Based on this experience, adapting the localization concept right from the initial stage of the app development process enables the access of the maximum number of users within a short period after launching easily.

Making universality by internationalization and modifying the internationalized template according to the launching place (localization) are the two top major things for assurance of high-profit values. The mobile app localization brings the following additional benefits to the stakeholders.

  • Ensure of Loyal Relationship

The localization is the essential one for the expansion of the current business into large scale value. The digital offerings provided to the customers must be clear and consistent one that scales up revenue value. The launch of an application with the fulfillment of localization needs to earn a loyal relationship.

The customers set the demands like fit into screen specifications, allowing the possibilities of multi-functional and linguistic support to strengthen the loyal relationship with the customers further.

  • Meet Growth Opportunities

The localization assurance by customized solutions first meets the global customer needs on the respective schedules. While starting initially, translation services are the evolved one and these assure the automation of every task performed via the application.

The expertise assigned in the process of localization process or translation services allows the stakeholders to make use of impressive growth opportunities in the on-demand industry. The high-efficient scripts and the quality-assured localization task are the top- preferences from the customer side.

  • Prioritization of Tasks Based on Impact

The synchronization among the active people involved in dashboards must be an accurate one. With this, the need of the customer is based on timestamp value is the major thing from this sync. The priority of the delivery process is also one of the localization ways that make the app as familiar on a regional basis.

After knowing such effectiveness in all the stages, the entrepreneurs available nowadays highly prefer the localization. Being experienced in personalization strategies implementation, Uplogic identifies such profit maximization things and implements them in the localization process of the mobile application. 

To make an effective localization, things required, strategies used and the effectiveness of Uploigc’s localization for the business are clearly demonstrated in further sessions.

What are all Preliminary Things Considered by Uplogic While Localizing App

Make the application to suit global needs involve special tasks. The preliminary things for the app development are not enough to assure the localization and also DIY manner is also a failure one in some cases. 

Hence, most of the entrepreneurs look for any localization services available in the market. An experienced player in the on-demand industry called Uplogic focuses on some preliminary things for localization and they are listed as follows.

  • Focus on In-app Content Localization

Keep an eye on metadata and the keywords localization is the essential practice for the in-app content localization. The users have the habit of searching the app based on keywords and hence the ensure of the visibility of your app in google searches is purely based on how the contents are localized in the application.

Uplogic considers this as the primary focus and includes the contents as per the top-searches on the website. Not only based on keywords, but the description, design, and the app name all are also based on the in-app content localization form.

  • Specialize in Timely Upgrade

If the upgrades are based on internationalization means, then for the minor changes, the structure of the code should be revised from the top and this consumes more time for upgrades. In the same way, the multiplicity in code versions also brings the delay of launching.

Rather than that, the localization selected by the Uplogic implements the language preferences in the starting stage itself, and hence the workflow or the content in the app while the active state is easily matched with the customer queries that bring more revenue possibilities for the stakeholders involved in the business.

  • Localize with Right Tools

The major thing considered for all the stakeholders is whether the localization service providers select the right tool or not. Proper localization platform according to the market demands and the customer’s preferences is the necessary one.

Uplogic selects such right localization platforms where the stakeholders manage all the activities on the special dashboards easily. With this quick implementation or localization inclusion in the very first stage of the development process, save the investment, and provide the ability to monitor the activities easily.

In addition to these, the decision making based on the data collected from the customer side are also important things to be considered. Suppose the startup owners launched the app without any localization preferences, the upgrade based on the collected data ensures easy expansion. How to get the data? By inclusion of reviews/ ratings and the suggestions, the data for the upgrade is collected and the decision is a more accurate one.

Walk-Through on Uplogic’s App Localization Ways to Scale Profit Value

Most of the language used for the app development process is in English. Suppose if you launch the application into gulf countries and Europe, understanding their preferences and upgrading according to them is the essential one. To attract such types of users, Uplogic considers the following ways to scale the profit values.

  • Think More Deeply

According to the nature of the application, participants in the application and the targeted audience, the localization process in deeper ways like the inclusion of real-time analytics, the content distribution based on local channel expectations, plans for social promotions are the major criteria for Uplogic.

While starting stage, focus on minimum viable things is the efficient one to reach a wide range of audiences. With this consideration, the productivity improvement and the familiar assurance are assured metrics of the efficient localization.

  • In-app Multilingual Support

The inclusion of translation premises within the app or the changes of the entire structure according to the localization demands from Uplogic helps the stakeholders to earn enough brand value and run the business in long-ways.

  • Make Textual Content Special File

The separation of textual contents into an external file while developing an application from the Uplogic ways supports the changes that may be in easy form without modifying the entire code. This minimizes the time consumption for app development and provides the guarantee of perfect launch time.

  • Good Localization Management Team

While developing the mobile application according to the business needs, the localization management team assigning for the service completion enables the multi-user participation in all scale business sectors. 

Suppose the clients prefer the launch of taxi-app means, then the knowledge of transport industry demands and the rider’s expectation is to be expanded and then sit for the development.

With this detailing prior to app development, the localization according to the business section assures the more-users participation. The inclusion of localization not only beneficial for the scale-up of revenue and it also supports monitoring all the activities of various stakeholders of the business.

How Uplogic’s Localization brings Success to a Wide Range of Business Sectors.

After implementing the localization, how the business sectors receiving the benefits is the necessary thing. The success of specific areas makes the entire business a profitable one. Uploigc’s localization process assures the efficiencies in the following aspects.

  • Scale-up the Market value

The market value of the business is purely based on how many of the users accessed and downloaded mobile apps. The proper localization from the proper team brings such scaling in a higher value.

  • Handle Competitive Business Platforms

On a yearly basis, the number of business platforms is evolving in the market more and this constitutes the competitiveness in any industry. To handle the competitiveness, meet the customers with the differential options, engage the interactive live options within the app, and ensure smart conversational interfaces on a regional basis are the special things covered by the Uplogic.

  • Make a Top-Qualified Player

The provision of the right message to the right audience by the localization process attracts a huge potential of customers towards your business. Uplogic’s localization with the necessities as follows assures the high-rank to the business.

  • Speedy app search
  • Inclusion of cultural images related to regional constraints
  • Inclusion of the high-volume keywords in the app-contents

Applying all such above-mentioned metrics within the localization process of Uplogic makes the business a prominent one and largely attracted by all range customers.

Way to Localize

While there is a need for expansion, then the localization of application is evolved. Apart from internationalization, localization is a simplified task and also has a simple workflow. Focusing on various things related to localization, entrepreneurs who are in the wish to launch the on-demand app may look at any localization services available in the market.

Being experienced in the app development field, Uplogic follows certain things and practices for efficient localization. You might be very clear on them by reading this blog. If you are in the stage of either launching the app with effective localization or upgrading the app with localization practices, share your ideas in [email protected] to maximize your profit values.

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