Why Healthcare App Is the Best Option for Improving Your Patient-care Services?

The healthcare industry has undergone great changes due to the development of digital technologies.

In the network era of the Internet, people can find much information about healthcare trends for their health. 

Everyone can have medical records, health insurance records, and others by using mobile apps. 

The healthcare app receives more than 200 million visits each month. Hence, It is a great way to improve your patient-care services.

Are you currently managing and tracking your patient-care services, or are you considering moving to a new platform? 

If so, you might want to consider a healthcare mobile app. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what the healthcare app has to offer as well as how it can improve your patient-care services. 

First, let’s cover some facts about the importance of mobile apps in the healthcare industry.

Why is the Mobile App Important in the Healthcare Industry?

The mobile app has become an important part of the healthcare industry. 

With more and more people becoming dependent on their smartphones, it is very important for healthcare providers to have a mobile app. 

The ability for your patients to connect with you will make it much easier for them to get the help they need.

In fact, market research shows that by the end of 2024, an estimated 70% of patients will be using mobile apps to communicate with healthcare providers.

Hence, a mobile app can be a cost-effective solution to provide reasonable access to your hospital staff.

Here are some reasons why the mobile app is important in the healthcare industry:

Reducing Medical Errors

  • Mobile apps offer many benefits to healthcare professionals to reduce medical errors. 
  • The doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals can use the apps to access patient information, test results, and treatment plans while they are on the go. 
  • These apps help them to reduce medication errors and enhance the safety of the patients.

Improving Health Outcomes

  • The use of healthcare apps makes it easy for patients to manage their health conditions. 
  • These apps offer video tutorials to help users track their progress and learn more about their health conditions.
  • They can also easily connect with their doctor through text messages or videos using these apps. 
  • By using these apps, they can take control of their health conditions and keep them under control. 

Enhancing Productivity

The mobile apps offer many benefits to physicians as well as patients in terms of productivity improvement. 

1. For Patients 

  • A mobile app allows a patient to keep track of their medical history, schedule appointments, and check prescriptions.
  • It also provides a comprehensive medical encyclopedia for patients to find out more about diseases or conditions.
  • In addition, they can contact their doctor or search nearby hospitals if necessary.

2. For Physicians

  • Every doctor has experienced the frustration of a patient not filling out all their paperwork.
  • Mobile apps that integrate with your practice management system allow patients to accomplish the paperwork before they step into your clinic.
  • It will save you and your staff hours of time when they can focus on their jobs rather than reminding a patient to complete a form.

As a result, healthcare apps are the perfect way to bridge the connection between you and patients.

They allow for more timely and accurate information sharing, which is hugely important in this high-stress world.

Let’s take a look at what patients exactly need in a healthcare app.

What Do Patients Want in a Mobile Healthcare App?

Why are healthcare apps so problematic? The key to success is providing users with functionality, while also making it as easy to use as possible. 

Patients want the most basic three things in a healthcare app when seeking medical attention. 

Patients want to be able to cancel an appointment, request a prescription, and access their medical records online.

Too many healthcare apps have failed to do this, not accounting for the needs of their users.

The data shows that only 11% of healthcare apps have features such as appointment booking, online messaging, and push notifications. 

However, what’s more concerning is that the hospitals only engage 2% of their patients on healthcare apps.

The data evidently points to the potential for healthcare organisations to significantly improve patient satisfaction through the use of mobile apps.

Here are three essential things that patients need in an app.

Straightforward Functionalities

  • It’s good to have unique functionalities in your app, but the basic features should be easy to access. 
  • Asking patients to use an app with too many difficult-to-use functions won’t help them when they need it the most.
  • Hence, when it comes to healthcare, the success of an app lies in its usability. 
  • It is imperative that your mobile healthcare app is easy to use and provides all the necessary functionalities.
  • For example, patients should be able to book an appointment or schedule a diagnosis with just a few clicks.

In-depth, Practicable Information

  • With a recent study, it is clear that patients are embracing mobile healthcare apps and platforms. 
  • They are downloading these apps because they provide positive value in return.
  • Patients want to learn about their condition, the causes, and then take action based on the available opportunities. 
  • So, your app should display summarized information that is tailored to the patient’s specific needs.
  • Hence, keep your app interactive and easy to understand and make sure they feel engaged with it.

Effortless Communication 

  • Over 75% of hospital visits are very basic, so your app should be able to handle them over the phone or video chat. 
  • The app should also allow patients to easily interact with doctors by providing easy-to-use questionnaires or medical history forms.
  • It also benefits doctors, who can offer personalized service to their patients. 
  • Therefore, this convenience for patients translates into increased efficiency for doctors.

Let’s explain how Uplogic Technologies can ensure that your app will not have any barriers to achieving excellent patient care.

How Uplogic Technologies Streamline Your Patient-care Services with an Efficient Healthcare App? 

Uplogic Technologies is a leading Custom Healthcare Software Development Company and has been serving the healthcare industry with its innovative healthcare app services. 

We’ve been helping hospitals and health centers for over a decade to provide the best care possible to their patients.

With our healthcare app, doctors can manage multiple tasks like online consultation, online appointment scheduling, online medicine delivery, etc.

Let us describe our reliable features in healthcare that can help you organize your patient-care services efficiently. 

1. Appointment Scheduling – Users can use the app to schedule appointments with their healthcare providers. This will improve doctor-patient communication and reduce no-shows.

2.  Questionnaires – This lets patients fill out questionnaires about their health conditions. Hence, by understanding the patient’s health condition, you can provide better treatment.

3. Healthcare History – Users can store their healthcare history including medications, lab test results, symptoms, vaccinations, and so on. This will help users make informed decisions about their health as well as allow you to provide better treatments.

4.  Real-Time Monitoring – For patients who are suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma, the app can allow them to instantly share their real-time data with doctors for better diagnosis and faster treatment.

5.   Video Conferencing   – Video conferencing is a viable tool for healthcare providers. Not only does it save time, but also provides benefits to the patient and their family members. Patients and doctors can use it in a number of ways to provide the best care possible. Also, it is a great way to monitor patients when they are at home. 

Furthermore, it helps you look at the patient from a distance, takes his/her vitals, and perform a quick physical examination. 

The long-distance monitoring of patients is helpful for people who live far away from medical facilities.

These features of Uplogic Technologies in your healthcare app would be a great way to engage patients and ensure the best possible care.


To sum up, the future of patient care is in the palm of your hands. Healthcare App Platform has made medical innovations for patient tracking and reporting easier than ever. With a competent Healthcare App from Uplogic Technologies, you’re able to see all of your patients in one place, providing better communication and increasing the effectiveness of your treatments. Not to mention, there’s no longer a need to manually track all of your patient data.

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