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With each day passing, the growth of the on-demand industry is an attractive one and is continuously varying in multidimensions. Harvard Business Reports show that the on-demand economy attracts more than 22.4 million consumers with annual spending of 57.6 billion dollars.
The consistent improvements with advanced features in on-demand service apps make people's lives more comfortable. This article will guide you on the technicalities behind the on-demand app development and how to develop them.
What Does It Mean?
The online business operation covers three metrics such as less time, high-quality services, and secure payments. Decreasing the hurdle of end users is the prominent stage of the development of the on-demand app. As the name suggests, the apps that fetch the command of users and deliver the demanded services to the doorstep. On-demand Apps acts as the interface between the service providers and the consumers.
The Essential Components That Form The Core Of On-demand Apps Are As Follows:
  • Smart Phones
  • Independent Contractors
  • Payment Gateways
  • Actionable Rating System
Smart Phones
Arrival of the smartphone industry opened up a big era for app development. Carrying the laptop wherever you go and the need for desktop computers are completely overwhelmed by the use of smartphones.
Independent Contractors
Services offering and the product delivery by the numerous contractors facilitates the on-demand business models. They acted as a perfect interface between the consumer and product developer to assure the guaranteed delivery of products.
Payment Gateways
Traditionally, the cash on hand is available if anybody wants to buy a product. Digital revolutions in the banking industry enabling the card-based payments and now they make a simple with the payment gateway options. Here, one more option is called the saving of user transactions and this makes the user can revise in the future. These advancements not only replacing traditional way, but they also include cash on delivery options for assurance.
Actionable Rating System
Evaluation of business from the customer side is an important one for any new update and appreciating the partners associated with it. After delivery of the product, the rating system in the on-demand apps helps the user to value the efficiency of the delivery person and the quality.
Design and develop demand applications to boost the economy of business and assure sustainability in the market. Service providers and the developers in the on-demand market must know the potential behind them and how they transformed the industry trends. Hence, the next section comprises various facets of the evolution of on-demand applications.
Future Trends On-demand Application
The new and attractive movement of the digital world into on-demand apps transforms the entire business in the following dimensions: availing services and ready-to-use business deliverables. A gradual increase in the utilization of on-demand apps laid the big foundation for the global economy.
The future of on-demand app development should address the following things:
  • Introduction of new and cutting edge features to the existing model
  • Boosted up the user experience with the new elements
  • Rendering customers with immediate goods and services
Evolutions and the innovations are never-ending stages that set the new trends for the on-demand application development. Nowadays, smartphones are the constant companion for many individuals. Many technologies drive human life into more sophisticated forms. Besides, the revenue from mobile app development is also unexpectable.
Mobile apps not only connect the customers and the service providers. They are also responsible for the interlinking of users with the technologies. Hence, the developers are ready to bring new trends to mobile apps in order to strengthen the business. Some of the technology trends emerging in 2020 are highlighted in this section.
Internet of things
The Internet plays a major role in the day to day living nowadays. In the future, will it control you?. Definitely, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the best example of it.
I think this is a clear description of how IoT controls human lives. Not only IoT is limited to home or office. It can be expanded to every industry where control is the major phenomenon. The statistical reports showed that the growth of the IoT connected devices attained to 30.73 billion dollars in 2020.
Some of the immediate trends to occupy in 2020 are listed as follows:
With the advent of these immediate trends, many of the organizations shifted their attention to IoT app development. In short concluding, IoT devices are omnipresent for smartphones in 2020.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
The global market for AI attained a value of 191 billion dollars by the year of 2024 and hence, more on-demand industries focus on the combination of systems with human intelligence in order to play the virtual reality game.
With the integration of these two in mobile app development, the learning of how the app builds from the earlier data, how issues are identified, and how they are resolved is easier irrespective of the development platforms like iOS and Android.
The complete learning of the user activities and behaviors, as well as the decision making for change without guidelines also possible. If AI and IoT are integrated means, then there is no need for human monitoring since they can take care of each activity.
Some of the future trends observed with AI are as follows
On-demand Apps
Raising the utilization of smartphones leads to every customer needs the satisfaction services from the mobile itself. Growing numerous mobile applications in the Play Store proved that statement. The background of the success of the mobile apps is getting the needed service in a single tap without any movement.
The convenience in the utilization of mobile apps makes every organization develop mobile applications in order to satisfy customer needs.
This opened the gateway of outsourcing services that leads to the rise of new small scale companies. The big revolution of on-demand apps makes a huge impact on the global app-driven economy.
The on-demand apps are not only beneficial for the customers, but it is also beneficial to the partners who make the tie-up with the owner. They also expanded the revenue streams for both individuals and organizations.
The modernization in the industry also needs the enterprise mobile apps in order to process the multiple functions in both inside and outside of the organization. This also turns the paper-based operations into the digital that makes both the customers and employee flawless experience.
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Cloud-Integrated Mobile Apps
When mobile apps are countless, then the number of users participating is more. The increase in users will increase the data. Accessing and storing the data smoothly, securely are the major crisis in the on-demand industry.
On the development side, smooth, cost-saving and quick operation are the main observations. From the customer point of view, the easy way of accessing without installation.
When growing usage of the on-demand mobile applications, sharing of the sensitive data may increase day by day. Strong protection against hacking is needed that makes the evolution of blockchain technology and it offers complete security since this is based on the decentralized database. Decentralization, transparency, and immutability are the major pillars of blockchain technology.
This opens up a wide area for trustworthy business processing in the on-demand industry.
Mobile Wallets
Growing digital platforms and the emerging trends in banking sectors open up plenty of secure payment options like internet banking and app-based payments. The payments are further diluted in an easier and smoother way by integrating the wallets into mobile. Entering the blockchain into the market, the payments can strengthen its working and assure the safety in transactions.
The future trends of mobile wallets are contactless, safe, and secure mobile wallets. Such as, incurring the needed encrypted security practices into the mobile app enlarges the secure channels for online money transactions.
The emergence of Beacon-based Apps
The reduction of the path between the users and the companies helpful to know the lead products, costs, and specifications. To assist this, Beacon technology provides the immense potential for the favorite products marketplace.
With the emergence of AppleiBeacon and the Google Eddystone, the beacon now expanded to Android and iOS platforms. Beacons are now expanded to the following industries healthcare, tourism/travel, physical games, and powered mobile payments.
Influence of on-demand apps on Industries
With the arrival of demand apps, the industry redefines its structure to deliver the services instantly and concentrates on acquiring loyal customers by analyzing the satisfaction levels.
Nowadays, the penetration of smartphones enables the convenience and ease of operation in what they get. With the huge number of mobile applications, ordering the favorite things and getting them at the doorstep is instant.
The empowerment of mobile applications not lying on the customer side itself. They also have a huge impact on the industry side. Annually, with the evolution of on-demand mobile applications, the revenue growth value of the service providers observed to be $57.6B. As per the Harvard business Reports, around 22.4 million customers are attracted by the rising on-demand economy.
With the integration of technology into the business activities, earning the customer attention and the survival of the business in the long-term is an easy way.
On the basis of such a principle, the following industries
are more influenced by mobile apps
With the aid of mobile apps, users can easily avail of medical services such as medical guidance from the doctors, calling home, and buying medicines. Besides, the medical courier delivery supports the transportation of blood and organs to the needed patients by the sequence of options in the mobile app.
Transportation & Logistics
The most benefited industry by on-demand applications is transportation and Logistics. Booking a vehicle for the movement of either individual or the goods from one place to another is possible through the single tap solution.
Food Processing and Delivery
With the usage of mobile applications, the entire food industry has significant attention to customers. Each person places the order through a mobile app that turns the restaurant to prepare it. Meanwhile, the delivery person reaches the restaurant, collects the food from the restaurant, and delivers to the doorstep.
Hotel & Restaurant booking
Mobile apps not only granted for food ordering and delivery. They can also be used to book the tables or the rooms for events and stay by integrating the numerous restaurants to it.
Home Services
Nowadays, many of the home services like booking the electrician, assembly, booking the tutor for studies, etc. are performed through mobile applications. The customer books the respective person based on the need in mobile apps. The respective service owners registered themselves in mobile apps. Both the requests and the stream are matched, then the direct conversation between the requesters and the service owners is enabled and the service is booked.
Beauty services
The mobile apps saver for someone who needs the brand in a short period of time. You can call or book the beautician, hairstylist, and makeup artists with the single tap solution easily.
Grocery Delivery
This is similar to the food delivery process. Through the mobile apps, customers search the nearby grocery stores, place the orders regarding the ingredients with the locational information. The delivery partners tie-up with the grocery stores carry these orders and deliver the destination on time.
Compared to traditional practices, the rise of mobile applications transforms each industry into digital. To meet up this technological trend, keep on viewing the new innovations, and adopt these innovations into the mobile app is the only way to succeed in the market.
Hurdles On The Way of Development
One of the statements you heard in literature. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. This is the ultimate truth nowadays. Backed up with the strategic principles and the attention on challenges are the necessary stages for your app development process.
This section highlights the risks of the mobile app development process and the respective solutions.
Which Platform is Mine
The foremost challenge is to identify the right platform from diverse platforms available in the market. The familiar platforms available for the development are Android, Windows, iOS, Symbian, etc. Targeting all these platforms without considering the customer base brings down the financial burdens to the business owners.
“Each platform differs with their own principles and workflows. Hence, the selection of suitable platforms and why it is opting for the business is a big concern for the entrepreneurs.”
The best solution is to analyze each platform in technical aspects, individual key strength for each platform, possibilities of future development, and then select the best platform for business. Targeting the two platforms is the fine solution for this dilemma and if there is a need that arises as per customer’s needs, then incorporating the UI flexibilities is the best choice.
Is it Dull UI?
Once the platform selection is over, the next thing to concentrate on is how UI should be in mobile apps. The deciding factor for every mobile app’s success lies at this stage. If the user is experiencing difficulties in the app usage in terms of navigation and integrating, then they will immediately search for next.
To resolve this issue, avail the good experience UI/UX designer is the best choice for the entrepreneurs. With the help of user feedback and the mobile analytic tools like Flurry, Mixpanel, etc., the designer tests the app usability. Make sure that the navigation is easier and provide convenience to the users.
Are These Minimal Functional Features?
After deciding the platform and the design practices, the next question is what all the features must be included in the application. This is the critical stage of development. Incorporation of too many features will not give the meaning of your application. To make the app more appealing and productive, it is necessary to concentrate on minimal features.
Focusing on the minimal features helps you to gain better results on creating valuable versions and the immediate reach out. After launching, the real-time world demands certain things on your app. On the basis of that, you can update the app and assure the brand value also.
Does it have a pre-launch app marketing strategy?
Though you built an effective mobile application with adequate features, improper marketing leads to no value for your product. Full backup with the proper marketing strategy like identifying the target audience, selecting the category based on the demands, publishing marketing contents on social media can easily attract people.
The need for proper press releases is the basic thing to showcase your product to the target audience. Till now, you are traveling along the areas to be covered up in the mobile app development, trends, hurdles, etc.
One such player namely, Uplogic technologies a prominent on-demand app development company that covers wide areas in the e-commerce sectors with its unique ways. The experts from Uplogic technologies emphasize the multi-level selection process instead of coding for mobile applications.
Uplogic’s Realization Practices in
On-demand App development
Uplogic acts as the best mediator between real-time needs and technology. We all know that customer expectations are not ever ending.
Similarly, innovations in technology are continuously growing. Utilizing those updated innovations in the product in order to meet the real-time demands is the brand value of our company.
A major challenge for the app developers is the compromise between the bug-free running and less space occupation.
The technical team from the Uplogic technologies should consider this compromise aspect in the initial phase of the development. Validating through the intensive testing and deployment proceedings from the Uplogic technologies gain the trust of the new venture owners and provide the convenience service to the customers. Here, some of the basic measures taken by the Uplogic for on-demand app development are listed.
Who's going to be met?
The first and foremost question asked in the initial stage of discussion with the business owners is who is going to be targeted? What is the target sector you wish to concentrate on?
Conducting this kind of preliminary meeting makes the convenience of business owners and they are able to share the ideas freely with the developers. After gathering the ideas, the Uplogic team guides them on whether their idea is needed one in the market, is it going to be profitable for him? And is it a sustainable one?. Target identification prior to the development solves many issues effectively.
Identify a Comprehensive Solution
People and their expectations are different. Problems that are faced by the individual are not necessarily common. Hence, the identification of solutions for the problems is the major need for business owners.
For example, ride-hailing services took away the obstacles of both travelers and drivers in a single shot. The emergence of grocery delivery apps meets the expectation of teenagers and offers a better alternative for the lazy to go to the nearby market. In this way, finding the solutions for the problems faced by the individual is the main theme of Uplogic and hence the need for mobile apps is not an ever ending one.
Validate and Ready to Launch
Synchronization in every stage provides a consistent workflow. Once the app development is over, then the test team takes charge to validate the development.
Checking the compatibility of the mobile applications across all the devices and finding any bugs are the major stages in the validating process.
Fixing the bugs as soon as found is a great way to earn a good impression from the customer side. Once assured if the developed app is bug-free, then it will be ready to launch.
Meet on-demand actors
You know that service providers and the end-users are the major players for business. But, when they come into the on-demand application, intermediate players are also involved in order to hand over the services to the customers. E.g. Delivery partners in food delivery. Hence, the design of mobile apps not only focus on the major players it also focuses on the needs of intermediate players
Build Innovate App through Technology
Technology will have solutions for all the problems and it takes some time for proceedings. Leveraging the suitable technology platform either for basic development or third party apps integrations is the only way to attract more customers for your application. E.g. payment gateway apps, GPS tracking, notifications, etc. Industries redefined its structure with the digitization trends, secure payment processing, and protecting the customer information also the needed one in this digitized environment.
Hence, the integration of cloud operating feasibilities and blockchain implementation are the added innovations of technology.
Make Owners to be Opened up for Feedbacks
Even though the app is well validated in the company, customers are the real-testers for the application. During the utilization, they may face some of the risks either in handling or payment, etc. They immediately raised the questions or the feedback for an upgrade.
Uplogic supports you in preparing the features based on the customer review and upgrades the features within the app for your sustainability.
Structure of the on-demand app
The basic structure of an on-demand app includes three models to cover every aspect of the business.
This section covers those modes and their workflow in detail.
In some cases like delivery services, additional modes i.e. delivery agents are also added to the structure. The workflow of the on-demand app is described as follows:
Uplogic’s Unique Features for each interface
of On-demand Application
To get such a positive review, many of the entrepreneurs urged us to deliver the product with unique features.
Easy Registration and Profile Management
The entry ticket for the on-demand app is the registration process. With the use of personal credentials such as e-mail, phone numbers, and social accounts, players in the on-demand business are made a complete registration process.
Service providers or admin have the ability to view those profiles and utilize them for business promotion activities.
Geolocation Tracking
With the inclusion of GPS based tracking facilities in mobile apps, Users are allowed to track the direction of delivery trips and the status of the product without fail. Immediate updates regarding the location to the users offers high convenience to the users.
This GPS tracking also helps the delivery drivers to identify the optimal route from the available routes to reduce the traveling time and thereby transportation cost is reduced.
Reviews, Ratings and Offers Management
Getting feedback from the customer is the deciding factor for the success of the business and assures the sustainability of the market. Uplogic offers a dedicated option called to review and ratings where customers validate the service.
Emergency Alerts & Notifications
Users expect their application to provide notifications or updates regarding the status of the orders, payment processing, alert on new updates, reminders when the scheduling process enables, in-app messaging, etc.
Uplogic also focuses on the notification option within the mobile application in order to make the consistency in the digital link.
Multi-currency & Multi-lingual support
The most important aspect of the on-demand application is the payments section. Uplogic offers a multi-currency facility and the conversion calculator in the option to make the payment across the region basis.
Besides, it also focuses on multi-lingual support in order to explore the business opportunities over the wide range of countries irrespective of the lingual constraints.
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Top-notch Applications from Uplogic
On the basis of the real-time expectations of the customers and the growing innovations in the technologies, Uplogic focuses on top services such as on-demand taxi services, trucking, laundry, bike taxi, delivery services, on-demand delivery business models and rental services. We develop the necessary application for them to allow business clients to provide guaranteed services to their customers. This section highlights the major applications
On-demand Vehicles Booking Application
Taxi-hailing is the revolutionary form of transport industry where the number of drivers participating is registered themselves as the drivers in the application portal. Aggregating all the drivers into the single roof and providing the taxi services to all range of customers like home individuals, corporate peoples, tour planners, trucks, etc
The inclusion of real-time metrics like the tracking, map navigation, and feasible conversation platforms makes the booking of needed vehicles for their trips and communicating their needs with the drivers in easy ways.
Delivery Services Application
The taxi-hailing application interfaces can also be extended to the common delivery services like the pharmacy, courier, laundry, personal chef booking, etc. The people who need diverse things place their requests by specifying their name and location. The concerned suppliers partnered with the valid delivery persons or the independent logistics firm to carry the necessary delivery process easily through the application.
  • Instantly identify the suppliers for the things
  • Places the multiple orders and tracking them consistently
  • Experience the doorstep-delivery of what they booking
  • Get connected with the delivery drivers in real-time
  • Fill the communication gaps with the partners involved in various services irrespective of region, linguistic and the currency variations.
  • Retain potential players with attractive options.
Personalization Services Booking Application
With the same interfaces, the solution can be extended to various personal services like handyman, mechanic, electrician, plumber, agents booking, shoppers, tailoring, home-cleaners, office-cleaners, event planners, beautician services, etc.
The individual people who are in need of the above-listed services can easily book the right quality service person or repairman and experience instant solutions to the issues directly on the doorstep. The integration of third party interfaces and social media acts as a supportive feature to make the payment easy and promote their presence to the outside world respectively.
On-demand Delivery Business Model Application
As per the two interesting behaviors like convenience in ordering and the timely delivery, a wide range of on-demand delivery models have emerged in the market.
They deal with the various products listed as follows
  • Food, bakery and the bottled water delivery from the all-range restaurants in the market
  • Grocery delivery from the widely available grocery shop owners
  • Flowers, gifts and the collectibles delivery to the various persons
  • Weed, pharmacy and alcohol delivery premises from various warehouses, medical stores and shops respectively
The top interfaces of this business model are customers, delivery partners, suppliers, and the aggregator or admin. In these delivery processes, independent makers, suppliers, retailers, or distributors can play one of the stakeholders and show their presence to the customers with the help of our application.
They can easily tie-up with the delivery partners or DIY drivers to provide timely delivery services to the customers. The aggregators of all the suppliers, customers and delivery partners can easily monitor all the activities of the players and experience the financial benefits by sitting in the home itself.
The attractive options in the on-demand delivery business model application are listed as follows
Rental Business Model Software
To start with, we provide the clone script for the Vacation Rental by Owners (Airbnb) model in order to start the hotel and vacation space rental business. Seekers are arranged in guests and the offering professionals are aggregated into the hosts and the monitoring persons are accumulated in the admin interfaces of VRBO rental scripts.
They fulfill the guests participated in the business with the various options as follows
  • Searching of spaces or hotels lively with all the amenities is the easy one
  • Automated conversations through the AI-power up chatbots
  • Multi-lingual support with the fast listing of spaces is the added benefits
  • Allocation of dedicated dashboards support the admin to take the necessary actions immediately
After knowing the wide range of rental components like equipment, car, boats, furniture, home appliances, gadgets, etc, the VRBO clone script can be extended into all the above-listed models. Thus, the rental services can be expandable one easily and attract a wide range of consumers.
Key takeaway
All of you people come to an endpoint of the on-demand app development journey. By reading this blog, you might have enough information on why the mobile app is needed for business, trends that are occupied in on-demand app development, hurdles on the way of development.
Uplogic understands all the above hurdles and inherits the unique features in order to retaliate the hurdles in the app development.
This blog highlights the needed features to decide the success of the application. The final section highlights the top-notch products from Uplogic. Each one has a specific feature in order to cope up with the real-time needs.
In order to make a secure environment for users’ credentials, hosting of on-demand apps on cloud environments and the implementation with the blockchain technology is the specialized nature of Uplogic products. Explore more on development strategies, we are welcoming you to read the respective blogs from Uplogic website.