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The main goal of any entrepreneur who starts a business is to make a lucrative income and thrive in the industry with value. Simultaneously, business risks are the barriers that put the organization to experience lower profits or failure. If you are planning to start a small business and trying to avoid these obstacles, you […]

9 Out of 10 Startups Fail: Ways to Prevent Yours From Failure

You must be an enthusiastic entrepreneur with the aim of a successful startup as you are on this blog.  If yes, we are happy to deliver this worthwhile content to you.  Many statistical reports from various firms are claiming 90% of startups fail. That means you have huge lessons to learn from such failed startups. […]

business consultancy service

Do you know the data? Nearly 7 out of 10 start-ups have not existed more than ten years from their inception. It may seem terrific but it is. It happens when the entrepreneurs haven’t a clear idea about quantitative tools to predict and analyze the market, risks, and future opportunities.  Everyone who wants to establish, […]


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