Cloud Kitchen Business model

Restaurants are not the only way to earn money by selling food, but also many ways to sell food; for instance, cloud kitchen is one of the ways. It needs low investment compared to establishing a restaurant business.  If you are looking for the best idea to invest money in to expand your existing cloud […]

Food delivery apps are booming in popularity, with more people relying on these services to provide them with everyday essentials.  With a huge population of people that lack the ability to cook for themselves, food delivery apps are an incredibly useful tool for helping them fulfill their dietary needs.  But how does a food delivery […]

The online food delivery market industry globally has its own huge success rate in the business. The doorway deliveries of customers’ desired foods created a mass impact among them. It all has been simply accessed through smart mobile phones. The convenient way of ordering a variety of dishes from a number of restaurants has now […]


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