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AI APIs: Can It Boost the Performance of Your Mobile Application?

Adopting AI is inevitable for all businesses in all industries

Especially when you’re looking for opportunities to enhance your business with a mobile application, it’s necessary to invest your money and time in integrating AI technologies.

It’s human nature that expects high returns on each investment. It’s not wrong but to get the maximum returns from your investment, you should know how to invest and where to invest. That means you must know how you can utilize AI integration with your mobile application to obtain maximum benefits.

This blog will help you to analyze if AI integration (API) with your mobile app is beneficial or not. In addition to this, we, as a leading mobile app development company, disclose the secret ingredient to let you know the top AI APIs to integrate to empower your mobile application for better results. 

What is AI API and Why Is It Essential?

Let’s start with the basic definition of API.

API (Application Programming Interface) is the gateway for software to interact and communicate with other software. It allows you to utilize the capabilities and abilities of complex programs and software.

That’s why including mapping and navigation features with a mobile application can be made simple instead of developing a separate mapping system like Google Maps. Simply, it reduces time and money by eliminating the development side workload. 

The API integration can enhance the user experience and ensure seamless functionalities by fastening the back-end and server-side functionalities. Let’s get into the context. 


Artificial Intelligence API allows developers to integrate the potential and capabilities of AI with mobile applications. 

By doing this, you can create a mobile application that includes any capabilities of AI functionalities like text recognition, face detection, pose detection, object detection, barcode scanning, natural language processing, and others. 

The recent boom in AI reiterates the need for AI API integration for your mobile application to stay ahead in the market. Now let’s check how it’ll be beneficial for your business. 

AI APIs: How Are They Beneficial?

From the above-said context, you may know that integrating AI API is necessary for a business. In this session, we can discuss how these AI APIs are beneficial for your business.

To answer this question straight, we can list the following benefits. 

  1. It can enhance the accuracy of your business operations,
  2. By integrating AI APIs you can level up the personalization,
  3. It can reduce the cost by eliminating human errors and providing practical solutions,
  4. AI integration can improve the efficiency of your staff and tools.
  5. Last but not least, ultimately, it can provide a competitive edge in the market. 

Let’s dig deeper. 

Enhancing Accuracy 

In some business operations, accuracy plays a huge role. For example, accurate calculation and prediction are more important for a stock market investing company. 

And for a digital marketing service company, analyzing trends and predicting the sentiments in social media requires high accuracy. 

In these both cases, accurate predictions can give considerable profit. Here, integrating machine learning API will help you to boost your accuracy as it is trained for multiple scenarios and can predict the best possibility by analyzing previous data and records. 

Such AI API integration can boost accuracy for not only the above-said businesses but also almost all businesses that require prediction and accurate calculations.

Provide Personalized Service

Personalized customer care is a key term to focus on in case you’re a retailer. When you provide personalized service, you can sell more than an ordinary customer approach. That’s why giant retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and others are providing personalized recommendations. 

It’s possible when you integrate your online shopping platform with a Recommendations AI API. By doing this, you can ensure high customer satisfaction in your business and boost sales. It also plays a major role in retargeting and overselling strategies of eCommerce businesses.

Eliminating Human Errors

Reducing human errors and enhancing accuracy are interrelated. When you increase the accuracy you can reduce human errors simultaneously. Additionally AI integration can reduce the requirement for complex thinking by automating the task. Usually, this process is known as “Office Automation”.

As it reduces the need for manual scripting for complex processes it plays a huge role in reducing human errors.

Improving Efficiency

“AI can improve the efficiency of a business” is a common sentence that comprises enhancing accuracy, enabling personalized services, eliminating human errors, and others.

In addition to this, rising AI tools can increase the efficiency of your business. For example, AI tools for surveying, office automation, business operations, and others are ensuring ease of doing complex work and ensuring your business efficiency. 

Provide Competitive Edge

When you integrate ML and AI with your online handles that can be directly approached by your users or customers (for example, your brand mobile apps) you can enhance customer engagement, and satisfaction. 

For example, adopting NLP (Natural Language Processing) API and integrating it with your chatbot can help you to automate customer service requests and enable you to establish 24/7 customer service and support online. 

Such innovative features powered by AI- API can leverage your business and highlight it among other competitors. Now let’s check out a few AI APIs that can be integrated with your mobile apps.

Top AI APIs to Integrate

In this part, you can check out a few of the useful APIs of AI-based platforms that can help you to expand your limitations in your business operations, customer engagement, and other fields. Let’s check them now.

Google Map API

First, we’re going to see the Google Map API. Google has been providing an updated version of google Map with the following advanced features.

  • WebGL overlay view,
  • Map markers.
  • UI controls for customization,
  • Options to create custom overlays,
  • Custom style features, and others.

Recently, it added “WebGL overlay view” features that enable it to render 2D and 3D objects directly on the map with depth and occlusion. You can include this WebGL-powered Maps JavaScript API for your apps and websites. 

It can be utilized in the mobile app for food delivery service, parcel delivery service, grocery delivery service, or any kind of delivery-based business. 

It’ll help the entrepreneurs to engage their delivery persons actively with 2D and 3D graphics while delivering parcels and others. The same API can be used to attract users who try to navigate your business, with 3D-enabled route navigation of this API.

The firm (Google) announced its updates in Google Map which has the following highlighted features to make it more immersive and sustainable.

Immersive view of 3D locations in the Map – It fuses billions of street views to enable real-like multidimensional graphical representation of places on the Map. 

Time-slider – It allows users to feel the atmosphere in a particular area that they want to navigate in different seasons or time frames.  (for example; day or night, summer or rainy, etc).

Detailed In-door View – It can be known as upgraded street view, roughly. It provides a photorealistic indoor view of a place (in our case, the destination of a user). 

Search with Live View – An AR-powered search option that allows the users to navigate their exact destination through the real-time view by using their device camera.  

As for now, these features are available for a few parts of the planet and will be implemented for the whole world in the coming days. That means, integrating Google Map AI will expand the area of customer engagement even though the location navigator page of your app/ website. 

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API

Want your app to connect with your end customers orally? 

Then Google cloud Text-to-Speech API is the right choice as it enables developers to develop a web or mobile app that includes lifelike interactions with users. 

According to the official report, there are 100+ voices in multiple languages available in the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API. It is powered by DeepMind, a sophisticated AI algorithm. 

This API comes with the following features like 

  • Custom Voice,
  • Voice tuning
  • Neural2 voices,
  • Text and SSML support, and others.

These features allow you to train custom voice models for your brand. That can help you to provide unique experiences and make brand recognition. According to the experts’ report, by using this API anyone can develop voice bots in contact centers, voice generation in devices, and electronic program guides.  


OpenAI is an  AI research and development company behind the most recent trending ChatGPT and it also has some other projects like Dall-E and Codex. If you’re intended to develop an AI-powered platform for your business automation or your service-based software, it’s the right choice. 

For example, GitHub Copilot is a great example of a cloud-based AI tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI to assist developers to code easily. In addition to this, Duolingo uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 integration to provide French grammar correction features as an add-on to its service. So, integrating OpenAI API can help you to revamp your business in a future-ready manner. 

How can You Integrate AI APIs?

Like these, there are so many APIs that are playing an important role in building successful brands. Choosing the right API to integrate with a mobile application, and integrating it with proper procedures is essential. For that, you need a team of developers who have the expertise, experience, and greater vision in the field of mobile app development

You can choose Uplogic Technologies as we have expertise, experience, and excellence in the field of mobile app development.

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