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Can an App Provide Integrated Experience of Taxi Services and Car Rentals?

Only online presence doesn’t work more, as the competition in the digital world has been increasing day to day. To be highlighted among competitors your taxi service must have some advanced add-ons. 

Such add-ons can be anything like offers and coupons, cash-back campaigns, unique customer service, unique cabs, and others. 

Providing all-in-one transportation-hailing services under one application is also a competitive advantage as only a few competitors provide such services. 

Developing a mobile app from scratch with a top taxi app development company can help you in this case. Let’s check how. 

Mass Marketing Strategy: Does it Work in the Taxi Service Industry?

Mass marketing is also a successful marketing strategy like a niche marketing strategy. As taxi service is also one of the widely demanded services you can follow the mass marketing strategy for it. 

But to market a taxi service to a wider audience, you need to provide more kinds of services. For example, some people are looking for a private cab, some are bike taxis or electric bikes, and a few people are looking for business-class cabs. 

So, to market your taxi to all these types of people you need to include all kinds of taxi services under your brand; and enable your customers to book your cab and taxis through a single application.

Simply, with your taxi booking application any kind of customer who looks for an e-bike on a rental basis, bike taxi, water taxi, air taxi, urban mobility, private cab, shared rides, business class cab, limo service, airport taxi, specialized taxi, and others are able to book their rides. 

By doing this, you can follow the mass marketing strategy for your taxi service. All kinds of commuters like explorers, business people, last-minute runners, families on vacation, tourists, and any other people can find your taxi app helpful. But is it possible? Let’s check.

How to Provide Integrated Experience of Taxi Services and Car Rentals?

The action plan of providing an all-in-one transportation solution consists of the following

  • Categorize Potential Passengers,
  • Establishing Business Model
  • Creating Infrastructure, and
  • Execution.

Let’s check them one by one.

Categorize Potential Passengers

You have to categorize your end customers based on various parameters like riders who prefer cost-effective rides, business people who seek luxury cab service, etc.

By doing this, you can get an idea of your business scope and find out the major categories of your potential customers. Taking online and offline surveys can be helpful to get more relevant data. 

Establishing Business Model

By doing the first process, you can find out the list of the most demanded transportation services in your operational area. Then you need to validate the best possibilities to create a business on the demanded services. 

It includes researching past experience of taxi and cab-hailing businesses in the same operational area, their strengths and weaknesses, reasons for their success and failure, and others. You can hire a business consultant to do this analysis and find out the best possibility of establishing a complete transportation solution for commuters. 

Then prepare a business model, revenue model, and workflow of your business. It includes, 

What kind of transportation services do you provide like a cab, eScooters, car rental services, etc?

How can you market your service?

How can customers find your service and engage with it?

What is the source of income for you and how effective is it? And others.

Your business model must have to answer all these kinds of questions. In this case, creating a marketplace business model is advisable. 

Creating Infrastructure

To implement the business model you need an online platform as the digital marketplace for taxis, premium cabs, and other services. 

Creating a mobile application will be the best option for this as it’ll be beneficial in the following ways.

  • First of all, it can provide the essentials of a taxi booking platform like locating nearby taxis, online booking/scheduling, online payment, and review.
  • Other than these, by integrating multiple APIs with the mobile app, you can engage users with attractive new features.
  • Providing personalized service is possible with a taxi booking application.
  • In addition to this, it provides unlimited opportunities to implement your taxi booking service-based business, as it can be developed for any kind of business model including the marketplace model.

So, creating a mobile application is the right choice and the first step to establishing an online taxi booking service. But can it cover car rental also? 

Why not?

As the mobile app is crafted from scratch, it’s possible. So that your user can search, select, and book a cab for their transportation or they can search and select a vehicle that they want for rent. 


Reading a blog regarding a business plan or idea is quite easy, but executing it in the real world is not a piece of cake until you find the right place to craft your infrastructure and develop your idea. 

In case you’re willing to work with such an innovative team, then Uplogic Technologies always opens the gate for you. As we have been providing top-end custom taxi app development services, we are an active element in the taxi booking app development market. 

Alongside we also have a ready-made taxi booking app solution; that can be customized for your needs and preferences. For further queries contact our experts now!

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