Check Out the Types of Mobile Applications in the Digital Healthcare Industry and Their Scope

Globally, the need for digital health has been increasing every day. It includes digital care programs, technologies, societies, and practitioners. The awareness and reliability of digital healthcare have been rising nowadays, it will be a great market with numerous opportunities.

So, if you are an entrepreneur then you are advised to start work in this industry to create your dynasty with it. 

You need to adapt to new technologies and future tech solutions to make a long-term digital business in the healthcare industry. This blog will be helpful to you to make decisions on your business plan by providing detailed data about the types of Healthcare software and their scope in the market. 

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Need a Mobile App?

In the last decade, a huge revolutionary technology has been introduced hence, the level of treatment and efficiency increased. Telemedicine has got a new form in this period.  Now the demand for this service has been increasing year by year. 

As per the Fortune Business Insights report, the global telemedicine market is expected to reach USD 396.76 billion in 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 25.8%.

That means the people are accepting the technological revolution in the healthcare industry and are ready to use advanced tech solutions. So, this is the major reason the healthcare business and practitioners need sophisticated solutions to upgrade themselves for telemedicine. 

A telemedicine mobile application can help the practitioners to provide effective telemedicine service to their patients over the internet. With the help of the global positioning systems (GPS), high-quality cameras, and sound recorders, other facilities of a mobile phone such as telemedicine are possible anytime and anywhere. 

Along with this, the practitioners can manage the Hospital information systems, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), and others with a healthcare app. So, having a mobile app will be the best solution for healthcare professionals to manage their appointments and provide telemedicine. 

Scope For Digital Healthcare Apps in the Current Market 

Nowadays, researchers and developers are working on m-health apps with Machine learning and AI algorithms that can integrate with many Internet of Things (IoT) to provide virtual hospital setup. This may be the future of the healthcare industry. 

However, having a mobile healthcare application (m-health app) is the first step to including such an advanced virtual hospital setup. 

As per the Fortune Business Insights analysis, the global m-health app market is forecasted to reach USD 314.60 billion in 2028 at a compounded annual growth rate of 34.8% from 2021 to 2028.

This report shows the demand for mobile healthcare applications is increasing each year. The increase in usage of smartphones and tablets is also a reason behind the hike in the demand. A healthcare application can break communication barriers, payment issues, data transformation issues, and others.  

At the same time, you should know that there are many types of healthcare apps in the market. Each type of healthcare app has a unique purpose. Let’s check more about it.

Types of Mobile Apps in the Healthcare Industry

As an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, you should know the types of healthcare applications and their uniqueness. For instance, some healthcare applications are used for electronic prescribing, diagnosis and treatment, practice management, coding and billing, CME or e-learning, etc. Here are the types of healthcare apps.

  • Health Tracking Apps-  These types of healthcare applications are used to record and manage real-time statistics and measure the progress in health activity or condition. Examples: physical exercise application, sugar level monitoring, and reporting system.
  • Online Doctor Appointment App – Through this, the patients can book appointments with doctors and manage them online.
  • Clinical Assistance App – It helps the staff in your healthcare business to provide the best patient care, and manage the patient’s data effectively. 
  • Telehealth Mobile App – The telehealth applications allow the practitioners to deliver their service online to the patients with the use of a camera, mic, and other IoTs. 
  • Doctor-on-Demand App- The purpose of the mobile application is to get an appointment from doctors like the doctor booking app. The only difference is that it allows the patients to search and find doctors nearby for in-home treatment. 
  • Health Habit Tracking App – A kind of reminder app for people to remind about their regular health habits like intake of pills, doing yoga, and others.
  • Pharmacy App – It allows the patients to order their medicines online. Latest pharmacy apps also support digital prescriptions to ease the ordering process.
  • Medical Reference Apps  – This kind of mobile application provides up-to-date and evidence-based information to help the patients to make the best clinical decisions. 
  • Monitoring Apps – These mobile applications will help doctors to track all types of real-time health activities of the patient in critical conditions, especially chronic diseases.
  • Diagnosis Apps – With the help of advanced algorithms of AI and machine learning, this kind of mobile application can find out the disease by analyzing the symptoms that have been faced by the patients.

Along with these kinds of healthcare applications, dedicated women’s health apps, healthy lifestyle apps, mental health apps, and dieting apps can be considered while developing a healthcare mobile application. 

Establish a Better Digital Space For Your Healthcare Business

Despite there being many more types of healthcare mobile applications here, the patients are always looking for an m-health app that can provide all kinds of services. For example, if you are having a pharmacy app that includes the functionalities of the health habit tracking app,

medical reference or database app the patients will provide preference for your application.

That means, your pharmacy application should have the facility to order medicines online, remind the patients about the pill-taking time and refilling date, along with providing detailed descriptions and data on the pill and alternatives. Having this kind of application that can be used for multi-purposes, you can easily attract more patients and users. 

To avail of such an operative multi-purposed healthcare application, you should choose the best healthcare app development firm. 

Uplogic Technologies can develop the best multipurpose healthcare mobile application for your business. Through this, you can create a comfortable digital space for your users where they can get the benefits of multiple features of healthcare applications. 


In recent days, the digital healthcare market has been recording a high potential to create profit. So, many start-ups are focusing on this industry with innovative ideas. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to get an application that can provide seamless service to your patients.

Uplogic Technologies has the best team of developers to develop your healthcare application. You can avail any type of healthcare application or multi-purpose healthcare application from us to ensure a place in the future market of digital healthcare.

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