Enhance Patient Satisfaction Through a Smart Doctor Booking App from Uplogic Technologies

Do you frequently have long lines in your clinic? Then it indicates that you haven’t handled your appointment booking methodology perfectly.

Implementing an On-demand doctor app is a sure shot way to redress this scenario. Moreover, it can be a lifesaver for your employees and patients.

Let’s start with the benefits of exploiting a doctor booking app and how healthcare mobile app development company like Uplogic Technologies help you meet your patient’s expectations and help you productively provide your healthcare service.  

What Are the Spotlights of Utilizing a Doctor Booking App in the healthcare industry? 

The advantages of using an on-demand doctor app are multifold. 

  • It enables patients to schedule a doctor’s appointment straightforwardly and reliably.
  • Furthermore, it keeps all appointments and data under one roof.

Here is how it performs in real-time. 

For Patients 

  • From a patient’s standpoint, the on-demand doctor app eliminates the procedure of calling the hospital to book a doctor’s appointment. 
  • Rather, they can book the doctor and schedule a time-efficient appointment. 
  • It saves time for both you and your patients.

For Doctors(You)

  • From the standpoint of a clinic, a doctor appointments app is an irresistible solution to enhance your healthcare services. 
  • It streamlines the appointment scheduling procedure that your employees may find hard to manage manually. 
  • Moreover, the app can also track repeat visits and enhance clinic-patient interaction. 
  • Hence, this can reduce time spent confirming, cancelling, or rescheduling appointments.

But how may this remedy assist your healthcare service in cutting costs?

You can reduce unoccupied time slots, if your appointment management system is based on an on-demand doctor app platform. 

It is because no-shows and revocations can have a direct impact on earnings.

Moreover, you can also set up reminders and arrange some time to avoid no-shows in the app. 

Although, if patients overlook their consultations, you can immediately reschedule appointments to avert huge losses due to an unutilized time slot.

Furthermore, it is far too essential to minimize the number of patients in your waiting room as low as feasible to ensure social-distancing requirements.

Let’s look at how Uplogic Technologies constructs your on-demand doctor app with radical features that enhance your healthcare services proficiently. 

Radical Doctor App Features from Uplogic Technologies That Enhances Your Healthcare Services

Uplogic is constantly keeping up with the latest innovations in on-demand doctor app development services.

We have been proficient in developing business apps for various storefronts and commercial purposes. 

Furthermore, our pool of expertise app developers is always contemporary on the changing trends in their specialized fields.

We incorporate the following radical features in your doctor app to make your patient-care service more distinct in the healthcare sector.

  • Doctor Profile Management: The platforms that connect you and patients must be straightforward and explicit. 

The app should have the information regarding the physician in a precise and penetrable manner. 

Your on-demand doctor app from Uplogic Technologies enables you to infiltrate all the necessary information. 

For example, you can include photos, core skills, experiences, and all other required information to ease the patient’s decision-making process. 

Moreover, you can also incorporate the appointment fees and treatment expenses. 

  • Patient Profile: You can have convenient access to the patient’s details in the app, whether it’s a preliminary appointment or a follow-up visit.

Moreover, It enables you to obtain pertinent data about a patient’s name, age, medical history, treatment regimen, insurance details, etc. 

  • Search & Filter Option: Patients may consider it complicated to hunt through all of the profiles if you have a massive database. 

Hence, the advanced search option enables patients to filter profiles based on optimal treatments, doctor ranking, location, and other criteria.

The features listed above are sufficient for a satisfying healthcare service. 

However, we provide a few robust auxiliary features to enhance your service further.

  • Medical Documentation: It is an excellent conception to be open and honest with your patients.

Hence, we have provided transparent medical documentation features by which patients can track the progress of their treatments and access their medical reports. 

  • Electronic Prescriptions: Patients can ask for refills straight from your on-demand doctor app using this e-prescription feature. 

What is the significance of this? First, it probably saves both you and your patients time. 

They will no longer have to commute to your hospital, and you will be able to write prescriptions more quickly. 

  • In-built Payment Option: It is particularly advantageous for patients to pre-pay for their consultations and therapies. 

Hence, the payment option in your app can help you minimize no-shows because paid appointments are rarely missed.

Let’s look at the great tech stack in the app that makes your healthcare service top-notch.

Superlative Tech Stack That Uplogic Technologies Integrates into Your App to Make It Top Performing 

A good tech stack enables you to create and maintain an app for scheduling doctor appointments. 

As a result, the technology you pick should be high-performing. 

We employ a variety of programming languages, frameworks, payment gateways, databases, and third-party tools to enhance your doctor booking app. 

Moreover, it is analyzed by our highly qualified developers during your app development process to define a feasible tech stack.

So, in terms of the technical aspects of your on-demand doctor app, we presume the tech stack stated below better meets the demands of your services.

  • Frontend Framework: ReactJS, NextJS.
  • Backend Framework: NestJS, Hasura, AWS Lambda.
  • Payment Gateway: Stripe.
  • Database: Postgres.
  • Message & notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Our framework will provide a smooth and appealing User interface(UI) for the patients when it pertains to the front-end. 


The health sector has undoubtedly undergone a radical transformation and numerous fresh players in the industry. 

By choosing Uplogic Technologies to develop your doctor booking app, you get all of the enhanced features detailed in the blog and provide first-rate healthcare services for your patients. 

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