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Explore 5 Innovative Features of a Food Delivery App That Can Get You Huge Revenues

Nowadays, almost all businesses know the significance of application for their business. As an entrepreneur who runs a restaurant, you also know its necessity. But, did you know that innovative features of your business app have the power to attract more customers and revenue?

Yes, your food delivery app can help you to increase your customer base and revenue streams through its innovative features. In this blog, you can explore the importance of such features and how they can aid you to earn money online.

How Can a Food Delivery App Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level?

A food delivery application is an online platform that connects your restaurant business and starving customers. Through that application, they’ll order food from you and pay online. The delivery person will do the shipment process of the food. These are general things about a food delivery application.

But beyond that, you can include innovation in your business workflow by using the application. For example, in recent days, a customer in the restaurant can also order their food and pay for it through a food ordering app. Already, the same system has been rising in the grocery business, especially in the supermarkets. 

So, including the same feature for your restaurant business can automate the ordering and billing process. This may be the future of the restaurant business. So, getting an application that includes advanced and innovative features can make your restaurant business feature ready. 

Provide Personalized Service Through A Food Delivery App

By having an operative food delivery booking app, you can also provide personalized service to your customers. That means you can provide the best customer service and experience by utilizing the customer data effectively.

For instance, if a majority of customers order pizza with coke in a particular season, then you should provide a combo offer that contains pizza and coke with a reduction in rate. So, it attracts more pizza buyers to get the combo offer and you can increase your returns while the customers are satisfied. 

Like this, many benefits can be obtained by having an application for your restaurant business. Especially, when your food ordering application has creative features, the money-making process will be easy for you. Let’s check.

5 Innovative Features that can Get You Huge Revenues

In this part, you can explore innovative features of a food delivery app through which you can earn extra income. So consider these features while the food delivery app development process. 

1. Sell Coupons and Discounts – Like a restaurant business, the coupon and discount code selling business never fades. People are always looking for the best price to buy a product. So, sell coupon codes and discount offers for a particular price through your application. It’ll increase your income. By selling other businesses’ offer codes, you can double your income through affiliate programs. 

2. Catering Booking Services App – Allow your customers to book your chefs and servers to serve for their special events. So, you can use your resources to make extra money for your business. Through this, you can provide mobile caters/ complete private catering service/ others through your application. 

3. Customized Food Order – A food delivery application also allows you to provide customized services. There is a subtle difference between personalized service and customized service. That is, personalized means creating a product or modifying a product to attract more customers by using customer data. Customized means allowing the customers to make changes to a product as per their wishes. 

For example, allow the customers to get extra ketchup along with their finger chips by paying some extra cost. So, this will make the customers happy to avail their favourite disease in their favourite manner. You can also get extra profit through this feature.

4. Monthly Subscription Food Delivery – Many people will work away from their homes, and many others have no time to cook themselves. Such people are looking for freshly cooked foods to eat. Such potential customers can be attracted by this feature. 

It allows the customers to get cooked foods at a custom time every day for a month by paying a monthly subscription to you. Simply, the concept of meal-kit delivery can be executed in your restaurant business with the food delivery app.

5. On-demand Chef Service – Like the catering service, you can allow your customers to book your chef to cook for them. In this feature, your resources other than the chef couldn’t be booked by your customers. 

You can also aggregate many chefs, waiters, and servers to provide on-demand chef or catering service. These five features are a few examples of earning additional revenue through your online food delivery app.  You can include more unique features with your application to monetize. 

But you should choose the best on-demand food delivery app development company to avail such an effective mobile application for your restaurant. Uplogic Technologies has been providing such food ordering mobile app development services for years globally. By choosing our app solution, you can ensure multiple ways of passive revenue in your business online.


Innovation is always admired by people. It is also suited for food ordering mobile app development. When you include innovative features to your food ordering app, you can attract more people and make them your customers easily. 

Uplogic Technologies is an on-demand food delivery app development company that has been catering to such personalized app solutions globally. By availing of our food ordering app, you can include any innovative features to enable multiple revenue streams. 

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