Food Hall Business in 2023: How Can a Mobile App Help It Grow?

Food Hall Business in 2023: How Can a Mobile App Help It Grow?

In the middle age, the concept of the food hall had ignited in Europe in the form of the open-air marketplace for food vendors. That acted like a hub for social and commerce activity. Over the years, the concept of the food hall evolved as food courts, and in the 2000s US-based businesses reimagined the idea and housed it within shopping malls or department stores. 

From that period to now, in any format (food court, food hall, food street) the eatery marketplace business model is proven for profitability. So, in case you’re an entrepreneur with the business plan of Food Hall, it’s appreciable for a nice pick! 

But in this digital first-world, having a mobile application is substantial for any business including the food court business. As a food delivery app development company, we’re here to provide a complete explanation of this through this blog. Let’s get into this blog.

Food Court: The Booming Business Model

On this globe, the food court business is gaining popularity and profits under various names like “Food Street”, “Food Hall”, “Food Court”, “Food Market”, and others. Even though the business has many names, its operational model is the same in many aspects. 

Simply, it is a type of food-focused marketplace that typically features multiple vendors offering various food and drink options under one roof. It’s a hybrid of an eatery and a gourmet marketplace, offering a communal dining experience and often a range of cuisines and styles.

Usually, a food street is a dedicated area where many food vendors and restaurants offer a variety of food items. Meanwhile, a food court/ food hall is usually housed in a supermarket or shopping mall. 

To establish a food court you have to get a place through rent or lease in a supermarket or shopping mall. In case you need to run a food street, then you should choose a separate place to create multiple vendor shop infrastructures. Then you need to drive vendors to your food court. That’s all! Your food court/ street is ready. 

Consider the Following

When you’re plotting a business model and plan for a food court, you have to consider the following. 

  • Market Analysis –  Conduct market research to identify the target market, competition, and market trends in the food industry. 
  • Identify Potential Customers- Analyze the local area for potential customers, including demographics and their food preferences.
  • Concept Development – Define the concept of the food court and the type of cuisine that will be offered. 
  • Operations Plan – Plan the day-to-day operations of the food court, including staffing, vendor management, revenue stream management, and others. 
  • Marketing Plan – To promote the food court and attract customers, you need to develop a working marketing plan including social media marketing, public relations, and other types of promotions.
  • Financial Plan – Outline the funding sources and identify any potential risks and challenges with a detailed financial plan, operational expenses, and projected revenue and profit reports. 
  • Implementation Plan – To launch the food court you have to focus on a few additional things like location selection, lease negotiation, construction and renovation, hiring and training of staff, and opening day preparations.

By keeping all these in mind, you can plot a successful business plan for the food court. You can also hire business consultants to get help with this. 

Revenue Model of Food Hall 

While plotting a business plan you need to plot a revenue model. Whether it’s a food court or a food street, the owner can gain revenue through the following methods.

  1. Rentals: Rent is charged to food stall vendors.
  2. Commission: A percentage of sales taken from vendors.
  3. Advertising: Paid advertisements and promotions.
  4. Added services: Additional services such as event hosting, delivery services, and others.

In case you’re an entrepreneur who wishes to gain revenue from your food court, then you need to drive more vendors. When your food court has been filled with vendors you can gain a fair income. 

At the same time, you have to retain the vendors to increase the value and revenue limit of your food court. To do this, you need to add value to your infrastructure and attract more customers. Here the need for a mobile app comes. 

Mobile App for Food Court Business

When your food court business has additional features like customer-engaging events, stunning interior and exterior, play space, and others you can seek attention in the market instantly. Let’s check how you can increase brand visibility and engagement in your business.

  1. Provide Offers – At the initial stage offering welcome gifts, gift cards, and others can help you to drive more end-consumers.
  2. Conduct Events – Conducting events at least once a month can help you to engage your customers easily. 
  3. Promote Your Food Court – To promote your food court, you can use marketing and promotions with influencers, social media campaigns, paid ads, and other modes of promotion.
  4. Build a Web Site – To increase brand visibility, you should build a website for your food hall.
  5. Get a Dedicated Mobile Application – Avail a food delivery mobile app for your food court to provide additional services and enhance service quality. 

By having a mobile application, you can support all promotional and customer engagement activities. It enables you to provide the following for your food court. 

Get Additional Revenue with Food Delivery

By developing a food delivery app, you can support your vendors to accept online orders from customers. In exchange you can collect a commission from them for each order they got through your mobile application. It allows you to gain additional income from your existing business. 

Boost Your Promotion Activities

You can boost your promotional activities with the food delivery application. Referral programs, loyalty programs, and ad banner options of the application can help you to do this. 

Increasing Engagement 

By including an AR algorithm with your food delivery application, you can enhance the dining experience. For example, allow your customer to interact with static things in your food court through the AR facility of the food delivery app. It’ll work!

Know How Our Food Delivery App Works to Boost Your Food Court Business

What’s Next?

We hope you get the idea of how a mobile application can support your food court business. In the next step, you have to choose the best food delivery app development company to get your mobile application. 

Consider Uplogic Technologies where you can find both custom food delivery app development services and customizable readymade food delivery app solutions (SpotnEats). To get more details and get consulting contact our experts now!

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