Get the Most from Your Bike Taxi Service with a Mobile App

Get the Most from Your Bike Taxi Service with a Mobile App

Most ride-hailing services use mobile applications to enable their customers to book, track, and rate their services. A bike taxi business is not an exception to this. Like other ride-hailing services bike taxi businesses can also build their own app by conjugating with a taxi app development company.

But they need a unique app solution that is different from ordinary taxi applications. By having such a unique taxi app, you can sail your bike taxi services in the on-demand ride-hailing industry. 

Meanwhile, the bike taxi app can unlock new opportunities in your business and provide more monetization opportunities. Let’s take a look at custom bike taxi app development and its benefits in deriving the most from your bike taxi service.

Essentials of a Bike Taxi App 

From attracting new riders to improving customer service a mobile app can help a bike taxi business. And it is also an integral part of the bike taxi business as it enables customers to book rides, and drivers to participate in the network. To do this function properly, the bike taxi booking app must be included with the following features. 

  • GPS tracking: This would allow riders to track their driver’s location in real-time and get an estimated time of arrival.
  • In-app payment: This feature would allow riders to pay for their rides directly through the app using a credit or debit card.
  • Rating system: A rating system would allow riders to rate their drivers and provide feedback, which could be used to improve the overall service.
  • Driver verification: A bike taxi app should include some form of driver verification to ensure that riders are getting a safe and reliable service. This could include background checks and vehicle inspections.
  • Scheduling: Riders should be able to schedule rides in advance, either for a specific time or for a later date.
  • Customer support: The app should include a customer support feature, such as a live chat or phone number, to allow riders to get help if they have any issues.
  • Promo codes: This feature would allow riders to enter promo codes to get discounts on their rides.
  • Driver notification: The app should notify drivers when they have a new ride request and provide them with the rider’s pickup location and destination.
  • Fare estimate: The app should provide riders with an estimated fare for their ride based on the distance and duration of the trip.

All these are the necessary features of a bike taxi booking app. So, in case you’re planning to develop a mobile application for your bike taxi business, then you must include these features. But at the same time, it’s advised to pay attention to taking a lead in the heavy competition in the market. Let’s check in what ways you can take a lead in the industry. 

How Can You Lead the Industry with a Mobile App?

Running a business successfully is not as easy as starting a business. It needs more acute knowledge of market trends to plot effective strategies and efficiency to execute them in real-time scenarios. This part will help you to get an idea of how can you lead in the heavy competition of the bike-taxi market.

  • Offer competitive pricing: By offering lower prices than competitors, you can attract more riders and build a loyal customer base.
  • Provide excellent customer support: Try to offer fast, helpful customer support to ensure that riders have a positive experience and are more likely to use the service again.
  • Partner with local businesses: Partnering with local businesses can expand your reach and offer unique promotions or discounts to riders.
  • Provide a high-quality service: This includes things like timely pickups, clean vehicles, and professional drivers. By consistently delivering a high-quality service, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and build a strong reputation.

These four ideas can help you to penetrate an existing bike taxi market. But to be apart from the competition, you need to follow effective strategies like the Blue-ocean strategy. It states that creating your own market for your business instead of competing with others is an effective way to be unique and affluent. 

Creating a custom mobile application plays an important role in executing the blue-ocean strategy in your bike taxi business. Let’s check it in detail.

Custom Bike Taxi App Development: Get the Most Out of Your Service

You can follow the blue ocean strategy in two ways in the bike taxi business. One is choosing a new market to launch your service. 

For instance, expanding your service to new landscapes where the concept of a bike taxi business model is new can seek instant attention from your potential customers.

The second way to follow the strategy is, to introduce new services in the competitive market to create new demand in the market. 

For example, you can provide the following services in addition to the bike-taxi service through the mobile app. So that, you can engage a wide range of audiences with wider services.

Parcel Delivery Service

In this model, you can operate a fleet of bikes as taxis as well as small-size parcel delivery vehicles. You can charge a certain amount of fee per delivery. It enables drivers to accept both tasks (parcel delivery and bike taxi) simultaneously and earn more income. Through that, you can also maximize your revenue.

One-to-One Local Guide

Instead of offering traditional bike taxi services, you could focus on offering guided tours of the city by bike. This can be a great option for tourists who want to see the sights in a more personalized and active way. It can engage more passionate travelers and tourists with your services. 

Bike for Rent Service

In many tourist places, providing two-wheelers for rent is a casual thing. You can also include this local business model with your bike taxi app. Including this feature will make your mobile app the one-stop solution for on-demand bike-related services. This could be a good way to generate steady income for your business.

P2P Bike Rental Service

Instead of using your bikes for rental use, you can include an online platform where the bike owners can directly provide their bikes for rent for the customers through your mobile app. With high-end security and profile verification, you can also manage P2P bike rental service through a mobile app.

Simply, a custom bike taxi app development can unlock these new opportunities to make your bike taxi services more unique and lucrative. That’s why you need to choose an eminent mobile app development company to get a tailored solution for your business. 

Summing Up

In conclusion, developing a personalized bike taxi application is necessary to unlock the complete potential of your bike taxi services. You can get such custom mobile applications for your business from Uplogic Technologies. We have a team of experienced IT experts to craft a mobile application for your needs. Contact us to discuss and ignite your bike taxi app development project!

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