Homework Assistance Tutor App Development

Homework Assistance Tutor App Development: Unlocking Features and Benefits of New Method of Tutoring

The AI-enabled e-learning concept enabled learning beyond boundaries. But such technological advancements have also leveraged the threat of untutored. For example, students started to exploit AI to get their work done by uploading their questions and downloading answers due to a lack of guidance. 

But homework and assignments are assigned to increase their intelligence, and relying on the technologies to do their academics without effort will adversely impact their exam performance. So, major parents and teachers don’t support such applications. They value the app solution which helps students to improve their skills and knowledge.

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to start an online-based business related to the educational sector, then you can consider homework help app development. 

Through this, you can provide valuable service to the students who are facing trouble in doing their homework by assigning a personal tutor to assist online. You can also be affluent through multiple revenue streams of this app solution. Now, let’s explore the assignment help app functionality, benefits, and monetization ways. 

Recounting Workflow of Homework Assistance Tutor App: 

As the students are the ultimate users, the homework assistance tutor app should be comprehensible. Students who need assistance with their homework or assignment can download and log in to the app by filling required details. They will be provided with multiple options to select subjects. Among them, they can choose a particular one in which they need help.

Then, a list of tutors related to a subject will be listed on the app. Students can select the tutors based on their experience, rating, review, and tutoring charge, and schedule the session by sending a request to the tutor. And the session will be conforming and held if the tutor accepts the request sent by the student. 

In live one-on-one sessions, students can ask any queries related to the subject assigned with the assignment or homework. Tutors will explain the concept and clarify it by sharing some study materials. At the end of the session, students can rate and write reviews about the tutor’s service. And they can effortlessly pay the tutor with multiple payment options available in the app. 

Tutors can check and optimize the schedule of their working time and earn by accepting tutoring requests made by students through the app. They can also view their session history and earnings from each tutoring session. 

You’ll have the control to view the student’s and tutor’s data as the admin through the admin panel. Besides, you are the authority to modify revenue streams of the assignment help app. Through this app solution, the students and the tutors will be benefited a lot. At the same time, you can also generate revenue through this. 

Homework Assistance App Development: Why Should You Consider It?

An assignment help app is beneficial for tutors to earn by tutoring the students at their convenient time, and students get guidance from expert tutors without going through the hassle of searching for tutors physically. Now, let’s look at other benefits a homework assistance app offers users and entrepreneurs. 

For Students:

  • Motivate a focus on knowledge sharing and acquiring –  The assignment help app emphasizes self-paced learning. Students can schedule the tutoring session whenever they need assistance with homework or assignment. Studying and teaching at their convenient timing will motivate a better focus on knowledge sharing and acquiring. 
  • Reduce barriers to learning – Students can ask their doubts in the live one-on-one session to their tutors without any hesitation. And can ask for suggestions of books and materials to know more about the concept and to complete their homework and assignment. 
  • Simple and cost-effective solution: The assignment help app allows students to have a live session with tutors whenever and where they need it. So, students do not have to hire tutors for different subjects or travel to a tutor teaching institute to have a session. At the same time, they need to pay only for the sessions they utilize the service. So, it is a completely cost-effective solution.

For Tutors

  • Help to utilize the free time to monetize: The online assignment assistance app allows the homework support tutor to generate income at their feasible time by accepting the requests from students. This money-earning process can be done at the palace of the tutors.

For Admin (You)

  • Assured high RoI: The homework help tutor app development allows you to launch your application globally. So, all around the world, students who need assistance can use your app solution; and homework support tutors who wish to monetize their free time can also use your platform. Such huge participants can increase your profit range drastically. 
  • Additional Revenue – Through the assignment help app, you can enable multiple revenue streams like in-app purchases, in-app ad banners, promotions, etc. All of these can help you to maximize your income. 

These are the benefits of homework help tutor app development. To exert all these benefits, entrepreneurs must avail of a user-friendly, feature-rich assignment help app from the best tutor app development company. Analyzing the features that ensure flawless functionality of the assignment help app will aid entrepreneurs to add new features to enrich the user experience. 

Labeling Advanced and Basic Features of assignment help app 

Before availing of assignment help apps to start their businesses, entrepreneurs must exercise caution regards the features, UI, and UX of the app. Insufficiency of advanced features may not impact the business growth value, but a lack of basic features will affect credibility. So, check out all the basic and advanced features listed below. 

  • User login/ profile setup: Students can log in to the app with an existing social media account or email id by creating a password. Tutors can also log in with their email id and password after creating a profile by filling in the necessary details. 
  • Search option:  Search option allows students to search for the specific subject they need guidance on and view a list of expert tutors with their experience, availability, review, and rating from other students. 
  • Scheduling session: Students will send a request to the tutor after viewing their details and charge for the session. And tutors will have access to accept and reject the session according to their work schedule. 
  • In-app chat: This function helps students interact with tutors about queries related to session secluding, and tutors interact with their students to respond to their questions and update them in case of changes to the schedule.
  • Rate and Review: After the completion of the session, students can rate the tutors based on service. And they can also write reviews based on the tutor’s teaching skills and behaviors. These help tutors to modify their way of teaching if needed. 
  • In-built payment option: Integrating multiple payment options like debit/credit card, net banking, and e-wallet allows students and tutors to pay and receive the charge for tutoring service. 
  • Push notification: Admin can send messages to users to notify them of their session schedule and some other thing related to unique offers, discounts, and other promotional updates. Through this, the admin can increase the user base and loyalty.

Entrepreneurs can view and manage the users, services, and payment data of the assignment help app with an admin panel. If they have different ideas to improve the service quality, they can add more features other than mentioned features. And can optimize the revenue streams to generate more profit. 

How can You Make Money through Assignment Assistance Service?

Revenue streams are the sources of income a business yields to the entrepreneur who invested.  They should exercise caution while choosing the revenue stream to maintain a proper flow of income. Here are some revenue streams stated below that can be executed with assignment help apps.  

  • In-app ad: Entrepreneurs can advertise promotions of universities, colleges, and other educational institutes in the assignment help app that connects their targeted audiences. And earn by charging them high based on app value in the marketplace and the advertiser’s advertisement type.
  • Listing/Featured listing fee: To display the tutor’s profile in the assignment help app list, entrepreneurs can collect a certain amount as a listing fee. And they can also demand some additional amount as featured listing fees to exhibit a tutor’s profile first in the tutor’s list.
  • In-app Purchases: In an assignment help app,  entrepreneurs can profit through selling products like stationery items and books that are very helpful to all the students and tutors for their references and studies. 

These are the possible ways an entrepreneur can generate more revenue from the assignment help app other than the commission and subscription fee. To avail of such customized, high-quality apps from outstanding developers at a reasonable price, entrepreneurs can select the best app development company like Uplogic Technologies

Summing Up

In a nutshell, more students need proper assistance with their homework and assignments every day. So, the demand for the assignment help app will surge in the current and future market. To profit from this demand, entrepreneurs need a compatible assignment help app. 

In that case, Uplogic Technologies will be the best choice. We have years of experience developing and deploying numerous types of tutor apps for entrepreneurs in the educational sector. Our expert developers will customize the assignment help app that suits your business to help you thrive your business in the market. 

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