How Specialized Taxi App Development Team from Uplogic Technologies Will Delivers You Unique Custom Made Taxi App Solutions

Are you in an idea to invest your money for the business and launch your dream venture? Then here is the right solution where you can invest your money on an app-based startup to earn millions of dollars with the perfectly defined business and revenue model.  

The taxi market expected CAGR 9.22% in 2019-2024. Olden day’s people use to book a taxi through a call but now it’s changed into a mobile application, and the survey shows that 68% of people use online to book a taxi it manifest that growth in the taxi industry. Half of the people daily using the cab for their day to day life, and Uber started in 2009 it is still running successfully worldwide. Years before people love to buy a car but now people are loved to ride in the cab just by a tap. So it’s a great idea for entrepreneurs to drive into the taxi industry through an App to reach the glory of success as a taxi. Do you need an app just like Uber to start your taxi business then you are at the right start? 

I know what is going on in your mind now. Yeah, creating an app like uber is difficult and takes a long period. But we have a group of experienced developers and have hands-on experience in developing a taxi app solution, so it won’t take a long period to build a unique Taxi app. We develop your taxi app in accordance with your needs. Don’t worry; we are always here to aid you in all scenarios. This blog will deliver you a unique taxi app from us just like Uber. Before that why you have to choose us? 

Why Uplogic Technologies to Develop your Taxi App Solution? 

We have years of experience in the IT and mobile application fields, gone through many projects all over the world with experienced team members. We also developed 70+ websites and 30+ apps. Our team keeps supporting the clients for a certain period of time freely for any queries that arise in your app. You can also go through our website Uplogic Technologies to know more about us. 

Once you’re ready to join your hands with us, we can have a face to face conversation through Skype, so that we can able to discuss the app features and other details entirely. Since we are developing a unique taxi app with all the features, and the app can also run smoothly in N number of phones. Let me show an overview of the developing process of our team. 

How our development team will assist you with your Taxi app? 

We will assist you with each and every progress that’s going on in your app while developing it. You will also get the entire details of the daily progress through your mail, therefore you may get an idea about it. You can contact us 24*7 our team is ready to aid you with all support. Keep reading to know how to create a unique value proposition to overcome you compete.

Identify the problem that app resolves

  • At first, before starting an app our team will go through the feedback of similar apps to overcome it and add extra features to make it unique. 
  • Since its an app, device support plays an important role because screen flexibility is needed. 
  • We can’t assure you that your customer is going to use it on a mobile or tab. 
  • Our focus is mainly on the customer’s benefits because they need the app to be user-friendly.  

 UX/UI of the app

  • The first impression is the best impression we as a developer we will be next concentrating on the UI design. 
  • The design of an app will be another step towards success. 
  • It gives your customers a good user experience.

 Better choice

  • We need to take a vice choice in which the app is going to be built as native or hybrid. 
  • If you ask me I would be choosing Native. 
  • Native gets updated frequently and it is coded once to be used in both the Os.
  • A Native app has a good visual design than the hybrid.

 Turn your idea real with a prototype

  • After completing the above three stages, our next step is turning it into a prototype.
  • It gives an understanding of the product’s looks and the feel.
  • So that you can able to get some idea of how your app gonna works in the customer and driver’s point of view.

Appropriate analytics

  • To take your app high in the digital market analysis is a must. 
  • So our team will be concentrating on it. 
  • Competitors in digital marketing easily come and exist so staying up to date is a must.
  • We are totally supporting you with all possible ways to make your app stand out from the millions of apps in the store.

How to overcome your compete Uber and Ola?

Uber gets monthly 91 million active users, and still, it remains to compete with all the taxi booking apps.  But still, you have a way to get better of your compete Uber and ola by creating a unique value proposition.

Unique value proposition

Before creating a unique value proposition at first you should attract both your customers and drivers. It can be done by offering your customers good offers which your competitors didn’t give.

Here are a few examples that can be implemented in your Taxi app business: you can also give more similar offers to attract both your customers and drivers.

The value proposition for your customers

  • 50% OFF on the first ride.
  • Fixed cost for airport and junction.
  • Prime subscription so that it will reduce 10% cost for every ride. 

The value proposition for your driver’s 

  • Low investment to join your business.
  • Flexible working hours.

Did you know?

In Zealand to improve the environment, they have introduced Green cab Taxi which runs by electricity. These cabs also offer plants for each fare to make their land go green. 

Alike Green cab Taxi you can also plan a unique idea for your Taxi app business by engaging with your clients.

There are some countries where Uber Taxi is not allowed. And in big countries there are very few compete for two-wheelers like Rapido, So you can also make use of this idea to get more profits within a short interval of time. There are 2 million users for the Rapido app, over 40+ countries. As you’re an upcoming entrepreneur I will suggest you to run your Taxi app over 20+ countries. These are the few ways to make your Taxi app unique. 

The two sources to earn money by your Taxi app

  • Charges commission from drivers like Uber, Ola.
  • By ads appearing in your Taxi app.      

You get a commission from drivers and passengers by 20-25% for each ride. You can also charge when you cancel your ride more than two times a month. Unlike Uber you may also earn by promoting third-party advertisements in your taxi app. It can be charged while your customers had one-click ads or ads for one mile.

The time required for building the Taxi app

Maps and Location

  • Google maps for the GPS location and Mapkit for Apple apps.
  • Create a ride and tracking it
  • These all above process takes nearly 140 hours to complete it.


  • Payments through e-banking like Google pay, Paypal, Braintree, etc.
  • To build this payment we need the payment gateway integration which nearly takes 60 hours to complete it.
  • Once the payment gateway is done, the next step is to scan a card and get the price it takes 58 hours to build it.

Login and Clients profile process

  • To login and create a profile for your app, they need to integrate with Facebook or Email or Phone number.
  • The sign in and sign out process takes 10 hours.
  • Registration through Facebook, Email and Phone number totally takes 58 hours.
  • The profile editing feature takes 10 hours. 
  • The total timing needs to build the Login and create a profile is 76 hours.


  • Apple push notification, Google cloud messaging and direct SMS notification.
  • Push notification for both Apple and Google takes 30 hours.
  • Building the SMS notification it takes nearly 40-45 hours.

Fare calculation 

  • The custom algorithm to calculate the fare for reach ride according to the miles/km the customer ride by your Taxi app takes 350+ hours.

By calculating according to the time mentioned above is 761+ hours which is can only be built by a developer. But it will take more than three and a half months. Don’t worry, we are here to build your app with good interfaces and without any bug lags. 

The customer and driver should be impressed by your Taxi app user-friendly system. We had a team of experienced developers so you young entrepreneur no needs to wait for 3-4 months. By contacting us your Taxi app will be developed within a month.   

Final say

By now you would have got a clear idea about your Taxi app. We are looking to engage with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, like you to launch our product and so that you can also grow along with us.

To get more details and queries about Uplogic technologies, tap a message to [email protected] . We are available 24/7 to fulfill your needs.

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