How to Choose the Right Technology to Enable Online Doctor Booking Facility for your Clinic?

Caring for your patients does not mean only providing medicine prescriptions to them; it includes taking care of them throughout the clinical pathway by providing proper support like doctor appointment support and others.

However, many technological services and solutions are ready to aid you to enable high-end patient care and service at your clinic or even through telemedicine. Regardless of the mode of treatment, doctor appointment booking is the first step where the clinical pathway starts. 

You can upgrade such a significant process with effective tech solutions like a doctor appointment booking app development. With the right technology, you can uplift your patients’ comfort in your healthcare. Check how to pick such an effective tech solution through this blog. 

What is Patient Comfort and Why Does It Matter?

Throughout the clinic pathway, the patients should feel comfortable. To do that, you should provide patient-centric service to them at all points of your care pathway. Such dedicated care can make your patient feel relaxed and pleasant emotionally and physically. It also helps the families of the patients to get transparent treatment details and services. 

When you provide selfless support in the form of palliative care, supportive care, and hospice care along with transparency, you can obtain maximum patient comfort. It helps patients to recover from their illness easily and the next time, they’ll choose your clinic/ healthcare to get treatment. So, providing patient comfort is one of the important factors to consider when talking about patient-centric infrastructure and patient retention. 

Getting appointments with doctors is the first step of any healthcare service. So, it should be effective, and flexible to ensure patient comfortability. To do this, you can consider an online doctor appointment system. Let’s explore it more now. 

Importance of Online Doctor Booking Facility for a Hospital

“As per recent statistics, nearly 67% of patients prefer online booking”

The domination of the online booking system has been increasing in many industries including the healthcare industry. The patients of this digital era are looking for an online doctor appointment booking system with their clinic. This is because it can increase their comfort in the treatment process. 

  • Online doctor booking systems can reduce the waiting time for patients. 
  • It can also help patients to avoid crowds to visit the doctors in your clinic to get treatment.
  • You can also reduce the no-shows when you adopt an online doctor appointment system.
  • As the system can support digital prescriptions, patients can easily get their medicine.
  • Contactless treatment processes can be done through this system by integrating telemedicine options with it. 
  • The system can also increase the value of your clinic significantly, etc.

So, a single doctor appointment application database and the system can provide all these benefits to your clinic. Alongside these, it can provide more benefits for your healthcare. 

If you are providing a doctor’s appointment booking service through a traditional method like a telephone conversation, you should hire telecallers or other specialists to manage their process. AIn addition to this, you can’t provide a round-the-clock doctor booking service to your patients. 

“But, more or less 40% of appointments are booked after business hours.”

But, an online doctor appointment system can empower your patients to get appointments with doctors from anywhere and anytime. That’s why an online doctor appointment system is necessary for your clinic. Now let’s get some idea about the feasible ways and the best way to develop such a solution. 

Which is the Right Technology to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking System?

To avail of a doctor appointment booking system, many ways are here. For example, you can choose a readymade SaaS product, or develop a custom application or doctor appointment system website to provide the facility. 

In the first case, you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to the corresponding SaaS development company. And at the same time, there will be some limitations with the solution as it is a pre-developed solution. So, it is advisable to choose to develop a custom solution. 

In the second case, you may develop a website or a mobile application to enable the online doctor booking facility. 

Interactive websites (Webapps) are the best solution to cover all the patients who access your online doctor booking facility through desktops (computers/laptops/others). As it takes a few seconds more to load in mobile browsers usually, it is not preferable for mobile users. So, developing mobile apps to book doctor appointments will be helpful to reach patients through their mobile phones. Did you know?

“Nearly 5.34 billion people are using mobile phones currently”

So, developing a mobile application for online doctor booking is the best way to establish the doctor appointment booking system. Beyond this reason, there are some more reasons to choose the mobile application as the doctor appointment booking system for your clinic as follows. 

  • By integrating with phone cameras, speakers, and other facilities, through a doctor booking application, you can provide telemedicine service easily,
  • As the online doctor consultation app supports notification, the patients can be intimated about their appointment with doctors. It can reduce the no-show rate.
  • Multiple payment facilities can support the patients to pay their doctor fees online through their feasible method.
  • It can manage the patients’ data like EMR and digital prescriptions by using in-app or cloud storage.

As the online doctor appointment app has these advantages,  it is preferable for developing a mobile app for doctor booking. But, you should ensure that the application is built with up-to-date tech stacks and features. Let’s check the development process in detail now. 

How to Develop a Custom Doctor Appointment Application? 

Developing a custom application means creating an application with tailored features and UI. You can avail such a unique online doctor consultation app by approaching a mobile app development company. A customized online doctor consultation app development procedure starts with analyzing the business model. 

  • Before initiating the app development process, the app development company will analyze your needs and wishes, business flow, and the definition of conversion. 
  • In the second stage, the firm will proceed with the project initiation process by preparing a rough development process plan, allotments, and time schedules. At this step, the features to be included and the app flow will be structured. 
  • In the successive stages, the app development company will develop each part of the application or develop an MVP. Then they start working on the doctor appointment app UI design. 
  • After the development process, testing will take place. For each segment of the application will be tested and fixed. Such a robust testing process will lead to a bug-free online doctor appointment app. 
  • Finally, the firm will deploy and launch your doctor appointment application in the market. 

Such an effective app development process has been followed by Uplogic Technologies. We have an eminent team of developers, designers, quality analysts, a marketing team, and other IT experts. So, we can develop the best doctor appointment app with custom features. 

Key Takeaways

Concisely, availing of the right technology from the right place will help you to ensure the maximum patient comfort for your clinic. From Uplogic Technologies you can get a robust doctor appointment application with tailored features and UI. It works well in patient engagement throughout the clinical pathway.

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