How To Make A Big Money From Parking Places With The Unique Uplogic’s Parking Mobile App Solution?


With the drastic evolution of plenty of vehicles either by individuals or by call taxi services, parking is a serious concern in recent days. Motorized trips are now common in all organizations. Employees from these organizations faced difficulties while searching the space for parking the vehicles. 

In the rush up situations, searching the parking place is a daunting task that consumes more time and leads to delay in office-in time. In other cases, huge size shopping malls, restaurants, and the jewel shops are also in need of dedicated parking space to bring big relief to the customers in vehicle parking. 

In such a situation, the shop owners have not focussed on such parking spaces. This causes the struggles of the customers to park the vehicles and this seriously affects the reputation of the shop or malls. Besides, this decreases the arrival and hence the revenue. 

Poor parking management is a serious concern for the organization and this will increase the burden and cause serious issues for the employees. What is the solution for these scenarios? Parking app. Yes. The digital solution includes all the supportive features to make vehicle parking easier than man-based parking space finding.

While the car owner or driver looks for the space means, they focus on searching the right place for parking without any disturbances. The comparison of space includes the comparison with the other space based on the number of features included, payment methods, and selection of the feasible one.

With the use of such smart parking apps, the parking lot business has emerged in recent years. If people have enough space to park vehicles, then they can easily register on this app is one of the stakeholders and address the parking demands of the customers. The parking lot business not only provides the solution for vehicle parking, but it also enhances the reputation of the organization.

After knowing the difficulties of car drivers and shop owners, many of the professionals wish to start a parking lot business in order to earn a good reputation in the market quickly. Due to the larger interests, parking app development has serious business value in the on-demand industries.

Many of the app developers start to provide support to the parking lot business with the qualified development process and attractive features. Hence, the selection of the right one is the critical task for the one who launches their own parking lot service startup.

With enough skilled team and the experience in the on-demand app development process, Uplogic derives the new solution called parking mobile app solution where it includes all the necessary features demanded by the peoples in the real-world.

For the one who is new to the parking lot business platforms, this blog is a helpful one for them to know all the sides of the parking lot business. In this blog, they surely have the awareness about the parking lot business, why the parking app is an essential thing for the parking lot business and the impact of the Uplogic’s parking mobile app solution on all the sides of the parking lot business. Let’s start the journey in Uplogic’s ways.

Parking Lot Business: A Big Worth Platform For Modern Professionals To Bring Relief To Car Parkers

For each business, the necessity of parking lots is the essential thing for the owners since most of the customers arrived via motorized trips. Park management has not only impacted retail-type businesses. It also has the imperative one for the heavy vehicles while transporting the goods from one place to another.

To meet all the demands of vehicle drivers, the selection of suitable online solutions is an essential thing. Parking lot business with smart interface inherits with the following features that allow you to provide the expected relief to the vehicle owners or drivers.

  • Bring Convenience and Speedy

Multi-cuisine restaurants and the top-ranked malls must have enough spaces to park the vehicle for every day. The visitors are large for these places and hence the lack of space for vehicle parks is a serious issue for the mall owners.

Either having their own place or the aggregating of the peoples having enough spaces to vehicle parks is one of the ways to bring convenience in vehicle parking and speed-up the parking actions. Hence, the time required for parking is reduced.

If the location is filled with a lot of vehicles, then they can be easily avoided by the vehicle owners. Rather than, the place with good parking space is the ultimate choice and this boosts up the revenue to the service providers. By providing a good place in the reached limits, this reduces the parking time effectively.

  • Automate the Parking Time

While looking into the traditional parking lot business, the commands on a time limit are a serious concern and many of them look for any other parking place nearby. This will affect the revenue options of service providers.

The redefining of the parking lot business structure with the on-demand solutions holding the location details either nearby or somewhere close to them. Moreover, this brings the suggestion for the scheduled parking via the application. Hence, vehicle owners can easily understand other people’s needs also. Automating the parking tasks with the digital solution prevents the switch over heavily.

  • No more Violation of Parking Policies

Assigning the human on the place brings periodical issues like rule violation and collapses in vehicle parking. If they are partnered with the app-based services offered by the suitable app developer means, then these difficulties are getting solved wisely.

Prior prediction of vehicle parking places in the desired location brings big relief to the vehicle owners, they can plan the travel accordingly. Moreover, the absence of violations and collapses brings the necessary reputation to the parking service provider like you.

After knowing these possibilities, you can make over the changes in this field by launching the special parking lot business. But, one more thing added on your business line is to have a wise mobile app with the inclusion of all-time needed features via suitable app development companies. 

One among the familiar players, Uplogic understands all the necessary things for the parking lot provider, vehicle owners or drivers and starts developing the parking app solution. Prior to obtaining the parking app, the necessities of parking apps on the parking lot business need to be understood.

Uplogic’s Findings: Impact of Parking Mobile App in Parking Lot Business

The research report from Allied Market Research finds the following observations related to the parking market.

  • The economic value for the smart parking market was valued at 5001.1 mn USD in the year 2017 and this value is to be scaled up by 11553.6 mn USD in 2025.
  • The corresponding CAGR rate percentage for the forecast period 2018-2025 will be 11.2%.

In parallel, the parking issue-related statistics also bring two more observations to state the need for parking lot business in real-time.

  • IBM research studies find out the reason for city-traffic; There is a 30% of traffic is purely caused by the peoples search for the space for parking.
  • Among the people, the hours spent on parking in the whole year are 17 and the corresponding revenue wasted for the driver is 345 USD with all such features like time, fuel, and emissions.

From these inferences, the professionals easily know the demand for the parking lot business. To capture the important position in such economical growth of the parking industry, they are in the need of overcoming certain challenges. The parking app acts as the best digital support to overcome the challenges in the parking lot business.

  • Ensure the Availability through App

For each business, availability is the serious one for the owners. The structure may be successively redefined from store to app-based models. After the arrival of web-platforms, the store-based businesses are shifted into web-platforms and show their availability consistently.

Now the trend is shifted towards application-based models to offer more simplification on booking the parking lot via smartphones itself. Since the number of users is highly used in mobile applications, satisfying them with such a platform is the tricky way in an on-demand scenario.

  • Digital Relief for Parking Lot Struggles

Mostly, the vacant space identification is the serious one for the vehicle owners or drivers in the peak-traffic scenarios. When people visit the market for shopping, this will be a big reason for frustration and affect the shopping mood.

If the digital relief partner called the parking app is in the hands of people’s means, then the identification of the right vacant place is the easy one. Nowadays, mobile phones have arrived with the localization features that make the parking app bring the vacant spot quickly. 

  • Resolve Multi-Parking Crises

Due to the lack of space, there may be a chance of various issues when two or more car owners access the same location. This brings revenge among them and serious issues on reputation management.

If the organization has a complicated parking layout, finding out the right place for vehicle parking is a confusing one for the employees working in them. This is largely observed in the car manufacturing companies and call-taxi-services. If they partner with the right parking app means, then vehicle parking is the easy one.

The suitable parking app with the inclusion of all the necessary features is highly impacted by parking lot business in the above-listed situations. Due to these, the entrepreneurs are now looking in the market for vehicle parking solutions and this raises the demand high.

To meet this demand Uplogic starts to develop the parking mobile app to meet all those demands in a new way. With enough experience in turning app development into a profitable product, Uplogic develops the parking mobile app solution to reduce the burden for car owners. How?. Take a quick look at further sessions.

What are all the Ways of Uplogic’s Parking Mobile App Reduce the Burden for Car Parkers?

If you wish to launch the parking lot business, then you must keep on two major things such as providing the necessary solution to the car owners and gain the revenue. The composite between these two is called a parking app and this section illustrates the ways of Uplogic to reduce the burden of car parkers. The interfaces of the parking app depend on the players being split-up into three categories as follows.

Vehicle Owner

  • Make the registry with the email and the name as a vehicle owner or driver.
  • Starts to locate the parking lot by the seamless search way. The nearest parking lot is the top of the search list.
  • Plan the route according to the results from integrated geofencing options like GPS
  • Fill the time duration for parking or set time limits in prior through scheduling
  • Pay the amount for parking digitally with the integrated third-party payment apps like Google pay, PayPal
  • Allow them to host the reviews about your parking lot services.

Parking Space Owners

  • After the initial signup process is getting over, add the parking spaces to the app interface for the park showcase list.
  • The specifications of parking space like vehicle type to be parked, time duration, the price range for parking, etc.
  • Includes the managing options for parking lots to manage the insufficient places that exist.
  • The decision making by the comparison of the number of vehicle owners requested and the parking spaces by parking space owners in a smart way.

Parking lot Business Owner or Admin

  • With smart sign up, the owners control the number of vehicle owners and parking space owners by the dedicated management dashboards.
  • Tracking of number of users, number of parking space owners, places, payment after completion of services is achieved.
  • The digitized platform brings the necessary options to manage the financial base like bills, payment reports, commission deduction, etc.

The ways of Uplogic’s parking app remodel the business flow and reduces the burden are listed as follows.

  • Smart searching and selection of parking space for the vehicles within the minimal time period is the special mention of parking apps.
  • Comparing the spaces available after the thorough analysis and then makes the decision as smarter based on affordable and location measures.
  • Digitally navigate to the booked parking lot via smart location identification options that reduce the time consumption and fuel.
  • Secure the car owner details by aggregating them on a cloud database. The authenticity in all stages brings many customers towards the business.

Advanced Options from Uplogic’s Parking Mobile App to Scale-up Growth Value

The reduction of the burden of car owners is the assured one with the remodeling of the workflow. In the same way, the factors needed to gain more value are listed as follows.

  • Greet the Vehicle Parkas with Real-time Options

The real-time options like communication, route planning, and the reviews are the essential things to attract large scale customers. Once the vehicle owner identifies the right nearby place, then the Uplogic’s app allows them to communicate with the parking space owners to ensure the place availability clearly prior to travels.

  • Earnings from Brand-promotion Activities

The parking space owners are in need to showcase their availability on the various organizations to receive more parking requests. By strengthening their social connection with the integration of social platform options, brand promotion is the easy one in your services.

To make this promotion, the specific charge deduction on yearly basis brings the additional revenue for you. Besides, the parking space owners who carry the vehicle owner’s requests without any flaws aggregated at the top of the search panel. In this way, the respective commission is transferred to your account directly.

  • Vehicle Owner’s Retaining Options

The retention of the vehicle owner is the main thing to survive in the on-demand business market. Many of the business owners faced the immediate switch over from their services that leads to degrading their rank and familiarity even though they started well.

But, if you launch your parking lot business with Uplogic’s app, the greeting options are interactive one in addition to subscription. This way makes your customers stay on your business models long-term.

Ready to Move Forward

Either individuals or the government sectors, parking space identification is the serious one during peak traffic sessions on the road. In parallel, those who are having an empty space looking for any revenue platform sell their place.

Uplogic’s parking app plays an exact mid-role to include all the necessary features in order to reduce the burden for vehicle owners and scale-up the revenue. The interactive list, smart location, and time-saving metrics are the top mentions of this app. If you have the dreamy ideas to start a parking lot business, then send all your demands to us in [email protected]

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