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How to Start a Kids Taxi Service with a Unique App Solution?

Taxi business entrepreneurs are shifting their conventional service to online by availing of on-demand taxi booking apps to enhance their service and meet customer needs efficiently by making technologies work for them.

As an entrepreneur, if you are looking for a  unique taxi app development idea that seizes market attention and elevates your taxi fleet business rather than investing in the regular taxi booking app; then you can invest in customized taxi app development, and establish a safe kid transportation service online.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the kid transportation service and how a taxi app supports such a unique business idea through this blog. 

What is Kids Taxi Service and How does it Differ From School Cabs? 

Parents pay for school buses to set the safest mode of transportation for their kids to go to school. School buses pick up the kids near their residences and drop them at their pick-up location after school. But school is not the only place a kid visits. 

Kids are exploring their talents and interests by taking some extra sessions. Working parents can support their kids by paying for extracurricular activity classes, but they cannot always be around their kids to pick and drop them there from time to time. 

Substantially regular taxi booking app drivers do not allow kids to ride alone without parents/guardians. Whereas the taxi service for kids enables parents to let their kids have individual and safe trips with professional and caring drivers.

Under these circumstances, starting a taxi business predominantly for kids with a robust taxi app solution that updates the real-time location of the cab to the parents throughout their kid’s travel will result in promising business and revenue growth. 

But without knowing the functionality of the operating taxi app for kids, entrepreneurs cannot defend their business idea. So, look into the app functionality to thrive the innovative business ideas in the ride-hailing industry.

Taxi for Child: Analyzing Business Model 

The functionality of the taxi app for kids taxi service is simple and intuitive, yet eminently safe for kids.  So parents don’t need to worry about kids’ safety or spend extra time figuring out how to operate the app.

In the taxi app for kids, the parents enter necessary details like their name, address, children’s names, ages, locations, and other information to sign up. This makes it simple for parents to find a cab around their locality. 

After the sign-up process, Parents can view a map and a list of divers available near their location. They can select a cab based on vehicle type and driver’s credibility by checking the rating and reviews given by previous customers. 

Parents can book the cab after viewing the estimated fare, reaching the time, and conforming to the booking by selecting the payment option from the payment portal.  They can also schedule a booking for a future time slot if they want the cab driver to pick up and drop off their kid at a particular time and track the entire journey.

Cab drivers have access to accept the ride requests parents make, and they also have access to reject the ride request if the schedule mismatches with their previous booking schedule or personal time. They can locate the pickup location and drop location through the app to pick up the kid from the pickup location and drop them off safely at their destination mentioned by their parents without exceeding the estimated reaching time.

Entrepreneurs investing in taxi app development for kids will have access to view the booking process and manage the taxi fleet business. And can also have control to optimize revenue streams that yield returns on their investment. 

Custom Taxi App Development: Why Is It Crucial?  

The success of the taxi app for kids depends on providing exceptional service to the parents of their kids. As this business model completely differs from the traditional taxi business, the application should have custom features.  Simply, adding some components to your kids taxi booking application can increase the user experience of your taxi service for kids. Such eminent and unique features of the kids’ taxi booking application are listed below.

  • Quick and easy profile creation/login: Users can schedule or book a ride by logging in with an existing email address or social media account with a password. Cab drivers can create a profile by filling in the necessary details to receive the ride request. And admin has access to add new drivers and remove the drivers who violate the business norms or quit the job.
  • Ride Scheduling and In-app communication: Parents can book the ride immediately or schedule the rides for the future by selecting the driver after viewing the MVR ( Motor Vehicle Records) report. While booking, parents can also chat or call the driver through the taxi app for kids to specify any unique requirements for their children. For example, if a child with a disability needs assistance while riding in a taxi. 
  • GPS Navigation:  Parents can track the cab driver’s location and movement throughout the ride their kids take to ensure their safety through the navigation option available in the app. This feature is also beneficial for drivers to choose the right pathway to reach the destination at the right time. And for the admin to view the efficiency of the drivers. 
  • Multiple payment options: By integrating a payment portal with several payment options such as cards, e-wallets, and net banking in the taxi app for kids, the admin can adroitly manage the income and let the parents and drivers comfortably pay and receive the payment for the ride. 
  • Review and rating: Parents can share their experience, provide feedback about the driver and rate the overall service in the rate and review option available in the taxi app for kids. With these comments, the admin can appreciate the efficient drivers with rewards. It will motivate the cab drivers to improve their productivity. 
  • Dashboard: The taxi app for kids helps the admin track all payment activities, travel patterns, and customer usage data. These insights help in the future business decision-making process to intumesce the taxi service for kids.  
  • Push notification:  Admin can engage existing customers and lure new customers with app notifications by offering promo codes, coupons, offers, and discounts to utilize these options to reduce the estimated fare amount for the ride through the taxi app for kids.

Beyond these fundamental features, entrepreneurs can have more tailored user-friendly features in their taxi apps for kids to provide extraordinary service to their users. It supports their taxi business idea to gain a competitive edge over their competitors in the raid-hailing market and to generate more returns. 

Current Opportunities for Taxi for Kids Services

Entrepreneurs make the business investment to gain the value worth the investment. To do that, they should know the flow of the market, competitors, and also their business reliability and sustainability. When we check the ride-hailing industry, the number of participants in the kids taxi services is very low. So, you will get the advantages of the new market and demands. So, by starting such a unique business idea as soon as possible, you can capture the future demands and become a front runner of this service in the taxi industry. 

At the same time, you should ensure that your unique taxi business should have reliable revenue streams.  By optimizing the revenue streams, entrepreneurs can have lucrative returns from the taxi service app for kids. Here is a  list of revenue streams that illustrates revenue generation through a taxi app for kids. 

  • Convenience/Cancelation fee:  Entrepreneurs can collect a certain amount as a convenience fee from users along with the ride charge to assign professional drivers to pick up and drop off the kids at the mentioned spot. They can also charge an extra fee for canceling the ride.
  • Subscription fee:  Parents can pay a fee for a subscription plan. For example, their kids will pick up and drop off at the mentioned time for the particular plan period. Entrepreneurs can collect the subscription fee weekly, monthly, or yearly as parents choose it fits. 
  • In-app ad: In a taxi app for kids, entrepreneurs can display promotional advertisements for grocery stores, restaurants, and travel agencies by charging them differently based on advertisement form. 

These are the possible revenue streams of the taxi app for kids. Entrepreneurs can also optimize other comprehensible revenue streams that suit their business model. 

By choosing Uplogic Technologies, you can get an extended app solution with customized features and attractive UI. It helps you to attain success in the raid-hailing industry. 


To conclude, the taxi for kids business is lucrative in the current and future ride-hailing industry. Taxi business entrepreneurs can thrive in the market with the taxi service for kids concept by availing the best inventive taxi app solution. 

In that case, Uplogic Technologies is the leading company in the mobile app development industry with years of experience developing and deploying taxi app solutions for our clients globally. 

Our expert team of developers can implement the highest level of security, scalability, and necessary and distinctive elements in the taxi app for kids to meet your customer expectation and to develop the business on an online platform. 

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