How to Start a Quick Service Restaurant and Why does it Need an App?

How to Start a Quick Service Restaurant and Why does it Need an App?

Usually, it is hard to accept that the food delivery app development is essential for a fast food business startup. That’s why most fast food business startups ignore it at its initial stage and recognize the value and necessity of the on demand food delivery app development for their quick service restaurants later. It cost them a lot, even startup failure. 

To avoid such painful situations, you need to spend a few minutes reading about the food delivery app development and how the online ordering and delivering application can be your customized quick service restaurant app to aid your business. 

Here, through this blog, you can check out all these things in a concise manner that saves you a lot. Let’s start our five-minute journey now.

What is QSR Restaurant and How does it Work? 

In short, QSR is nothing but a restaurant setup that provides fast service for diners with a variety of fast foods. Usually, it has minimal table services and provides only specified foods that require low preparation time. Based on the style of service the QSR can be classified into three major types. They are QSRs with dining, buffet-style QSRs, and eateries only for takeaways. 

You can choose any of the kinds of quick-service restaurants. Still, if you are facing trouble in identifying QSRs and a traditional restaurant, let’s go with a quick-service restaurant example. Pizza Hut is one of the real-time examples of QSRs. 

Simply, quick service restaurants can provide only a few varieties of foods to your customers in a short time. Such fast-food businesses also allow their customers to order online with a mobile or a web application. Through these, the customers order their food and get it through the doorstep delivery process or Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS) process. 

Did you know? 

A recent report from Statista shows that quick-service restaurant sales in the United States have reached 392.44 billion USD. The consumer spending in this QSR industry was 304.8 billion USD. 

That means this business has a huge customer base. So, you can also get success by choosing the best and most robust business model and solution. These are the basic things about a quick service restaurant. Now, let’s jump into the content that explains the requirements to establish a quick service restaurant. 

Requirements To Open Fast Food Restaurant

Checking the list of requirements to establish a business will help you to get an idea of the business flow, expenditure, and feasibility. 

  • Physical Shop –  First of all you need a physical space that has the basic amenities to provide a dining facility. For example, it should be easily reachable through roadways, it must have a seamless power facility, etc. 
  • Legal Documents – The second thing on which you need to focus is legal documents. It includes rental documents, certificate and registration of Food Safety and Standards Authority, Taxation number registration, local board authority, permissions, etc. 
  • Essentials – Then you should have to purchase the necessary things for food processing. For example, if you want to start a pizza shop, it must include an oven, a heating facility, and a packaging facility.
  • Interior and Exterior Design – Your eating place should have an attractive exterior and addictive interior design to make the brand remembrance of your fast food restaurant. 
  • Basic Facilities – As every customer expects basic facilities like a clean place for eating their food, water facility, and others. Setting these features may help you to engage new customers. 
  • Human Resources – The next process is hiring the right human resources. By doing this you can provide more tasty foods to your customers. It plays a more important role in creating a new customer base and also customer retention. 
  • Web and Mobile Application – It is also a basic infrastructure of a fast food restaurant. Most of the customers are looking for fast food restaurants that provide online food ordering and delivery services. 

Having an online platform to provide an online ordering facility will attract more customers. Even though it is one of the sophisticated features, most of the businesses in the fast food industry are providing such services already. So, it is essential to have a unique online platform and food delivery services to penetrate quick-service restaurants. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why is a Food Ordering App an Essential Infrastructure of a QSR?

As discussed, on demand food delivery app development is an essential process for establishing a fast-food restaurant. But, not only does the wide adoption of online delivery applications make it an essential infrastructure for a QSR, but also many factors are behind this. Let’s check about them in this part.

To Be Successful Amid High Competition:

According to the recent report that is published on Statista, nearly 188,402 quick service restaurant franchises are available only in the US. Other than this, many fast-food businesses and startups are contributing to the quick-service restaurant market in the US. 

In the US state of California only, there are 30,000 QSRs recorded. It clearly shows the high competition in the market. So, to be profitable in heavy competition, you should provide customer-centric services. To do that you have to develop a food delivery application. 

1. To Ensure Customer Satisfaction: 

The advent of the online ordering and delivery system has been impacting the food and beverages industry highly. The current online food delivery segment is calculated as 323.3 billion USD (as of 2022)

This market value is expected to grow further and is estimated to reach 466.2 billion USD by 2027. That means the demand for online food delivery is increasing constantly in the market.

As we said above, satisfying your customers is a most essential factor for the success of your QSR. So, the food ordering mobile app development is essential for a fast food restaurant. 

2. To Extent Revenue Range:

Enabling online food delivery is not only for providing customer-centric services but also ensures high profitability in your business. When you have a mobile and web application, you can gain more revenue through ad banners, high conversions, subscriptions, additional service charges, and others. 

The same data sheet shows that the average revenue per user (ARPU) in online food delivery is nearly 178.90 USD in 2022. Along with this, most customers are ready to pay additional charges for the fastest delivery and custom scheduled delivery. So, the online delivery process powered by a food delivery application has the potential to maximize your revenue range. 

3. For the Business Expansion:

When your QSR has a food delivery application, you can make business expansion easily. That means you can establish many cloud kitchens and extend your service range at a low cost. Through this, you can provide doorstep delivery for more customers. 

4. To Achieve Individuality in Market

The food ordering application enables you to list unique services online to establish individuality in the market. For instance, you can allow your customers to reserve a table or special dining hall for their special event. 

The pre-ordering facility can also be done with the food ordering application; through that, the customers can place their orders before they enter the restaurant. It also enables contactless food services. Through the application, you can provide buy online, pick-up in-store services along with online food delivery services. Simply, you can be unique in the market.

These are only the top four reasons you must consider online food delivery app development as an essential process while establishing a quick service restaurant. But, not all app development methods can help you to achieve maximum profitability and productivity. The food delivery app development should be done with certain quality metrics.

How to Develop a Custom Mobile App for Your Fast Food Restaurant?

An application can be developed in multiple ways. You can develop it for yourself, or choose a freelance developer, a clone script or a nulled script, or through an app development company.  In these, developing an application for yourself and choosing a freelance developer comes with a high risk of app failure. And using a nulled script is illegal. 

You can consider clone app development but it is hard to find a firm that provides 100% customizable solutions. If you use a clone script without minimum customization, you can’t ensure your individuality in the market. So, you are advised to research and spend time finding the best mobile app development company to develop a food delivery application. 

Uplogic Technologies has been providing such custom food delivery applications for many startups in the QSR industry. Your fast food restaurant needs a web application along with a mobile application to engage more customers online through various devices. As Uplogic Technologies can develop both web apps and mobile applications, you need not spend your valuable time finding separate IT firms to develop them. 

Our experienced developers, designers, analysts, and other IT experts can deliver an attractive and effective mobile and web application for your quick-service restaurant to enable the online food ordering and delivery process. 

Summing Up

That’s all. Now, you are provided with all the necessary details on the food delivery app development and how it can support your quick service restaurants in real time. Besides, now you’re at the right place from where you can get a custom food delivery app for your fast food restaurant. Now it’s your turn!

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