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How Tutoring Applications Bridge the Gap Between Students and Tutors with Real-time Learning Experience?

Searching for expert tutors around a locality, checking their background, knowing their skills, and scheduling classes is a big deal for learners.

In this situation, launching a tutor booking app that makes the learners’ tutor hunting work easier, will be a profitable business for entrepreneurs. 

 Now, let’s discuss tutor booking application functions and how it helps tutors, students, and entrepreneurs to gain more returns from the investment for the application. 

Online Tutor Booking App: How It Can be Applied in the Education Industry?

A tutor booking application is an online platform that connects students searching for qualified tutors and tutors who are ready to offer tutoring sessions. The tutor booking application allows students to request expert tutors to schedule a live one-on-one session at their homes. 

On another hand, the application allows tutors to accept and reject the request for the session. This feature prevents tutors from mismatching their tutoring schedules. 

By scheduling sessions through tutoring applications, students will be able to attend live one-on-one sessions in the convenience of their homes with tutors. This scenario will create introverted students to open up with their tutors and improve the interaction between the tutor and students.

How a Tutor Booking App Can Infuse Inquiry-based Learning?

Inquiry-based learning is a student-centric approach. In this type of learning methodology, the tutors will let the students explore the subject materials, and try to come up with a solution to the question in the subject materials after approaching various methods. 

Though the inquiry-based learning methodology is the student-centric method of learning the students need a facilitator to support and guide them. The role of a tutor in this method of learning is different from the traditional way of teaching. 

Tutors will listen to the view, thoughts, and ideas of the students. And support and guide the students in the process of obtaining their results by approaching various methods. Despite this method being student-focused, the tutors also play an active role in the process of this learning method. 

So, hiring a qualified tutor for inquiry-based learning is essential. In such a scenario, the tutor booking applications with more user-friendly features will empower the students to hire qualified tutors for their tutoring sessions. 

List of Necessary Features That Ensures Seamless Workflow:

There are a huge number of competitors in the tutoring industry. To stand out from the competition, the tutor booking app can help you. Availing and launching a tutoring application with user-friendly features, is essential to attract more users. Now, let’s check about the necessary feature list for a tutor booking application.

Student application:

  • Direct log in/sign up: Nowadays mostly every user prefers to log in/sign up in an application directly with the existing social media accounts. This feature enables students to directly log in/signup with an email Id and password. 
  • Subject listing: From the listed subjects students can select subjects and more specific subjects. This option enhances the students to hire subject expertise tutors for tutoring sessions to improve their academic achievement. 
  • Smart search option: Every available tutor will be listed for every subject and specific subjects. The list of tutors might be long, this feature enables students to select a tutor by filtering them based on ratings, qualification, teaching experience, and fees. 
  • Scheduling option: After selecting the subject, scheduling timing for the session is important. Students can schedule the session by specifying the date and timing and sending requests to the tutors. 
  • In-app Call/Chat: Students can directly call/chat with tutors to schedule the tutoring session at convenient hours. The tutors can also confirm the session booked with this option in the tutor application.
  • Secured payment portals: The tutor booking application enables students to pay securely to the tutors for confirmed scheduled sessions. They will receive immediate payment notification for every successful payment they have made. 
  • Review and Rating: Students can write reviews and rate a tutor after attending the tutoring session. It will improve the tutor’s credibility for the efforts they have made during the session

Tutor application:

  • Profile setup/login: Tutors can sign up/ log in to the application through existing social media accounts. Tutors have to set a profile by adding details like qualification, teaching experience, subject expertise,  available timing, the location they live in, and so on.
  • Scheduling sessions: Scheduling sessions by accepting and rejecting the request from the student’s application according to their time availability will make it easy for tutors to schedule their tutoring time, and private time apart and prevent mismatched tutoring session schedules. 
  • Tutoring session history: The tutor booking application will record every tutoring session accepted and taken by the tutors. This helps tutors to keep track of the past tutoring session they handled. 
  • Payment details: Payment received from student application after conforming to the tutoring session will be viewed in this option. This feature will let the tutors keep track of their passive flow of income by tutoring the student. 

Admin Panel: 

Admin will have access to all the basic data of tutors and students. The admin panel has the endorsement authority to manage all the payments made by students, commission rates, the workflow of the applications, and others. Tutor’s earnings through the application will be under the rules and guidelines given by the admin. 

These are the basic features of the tutor booking application. Entrepreneurs can customize the application by adding more advanced user-friendly features to the application that will seek attention from both tutors and students. It will help entrepreneurs to generate more revenue from the application. 

Benefits that a Tutor Booking Application Can Offer:

The tutor booking application is advantageous to tutors who are planning to earn from tutoring sessions but unable to reach the students. And students who are searching for qualified tutors for their tutoring sessions to improve academic achievements by focusing on their weaker subjects can also be benefited. 

At the same time, the tutor booking application is equally beneficial for entrepreneurs. Starting a business by availing of a tutor booking application that connects the tutors and students will lead entrepreneurs to earn from the application with different revenue streams like:

  • Commission-based income:  The entrepreneurs can earn money by charging a certain amount of fee as commission from tutors or students or both for every successfully scheduled session made through the tutor booking application. 
  • Subscription and premium plans: Instead of collecting commission from users for every successful scheduled session, the admin can collect fees from the user as recurring subscriptions on a weekly or monthly, or yearly basis. The premium fee can also be collected by the entrepreneurs from users for lifetime access. 
  • In-app ads:  This is very common in every application. Admin can collect some amount of money from the ad publisher to display their ad banner and ad video within the application. The admin can charge ad publishers differently based on the type of ad displayed. 

These are the possible monetizing revenue streams in the tutor booking application. Entrepreneurs can yield more returns from the customized tutor booking application according to their business model. 

Customizing a tutor booking application that suits your business model and which could help you to build a competitive advantage in the market can only be developed by an experienced application development company like Uplogic Technologies. 

To Sum Up

Online tutor booking businesses have opportunities in the market until the learners and the tutors are here. So, developing a tutor booking application with custom features will pay more returns to the entrepreneurs. But developing such a tutor booking application is a hard task that can be done by only a top-rated app development company. 

Uplogic Technologies has years of experience in developing a customized tutor booking application. The experienced experts in our application development team can develop an application that suits your business model and is price worthy. 

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