How Uplogic Technologies is Competing with Top Tier Companies in Developing Food Delivery App for Startups?

In 10 years there will be fast-growing in the Food delivery system with more than 20% – $356 billion worldwide. In this digital world, the food delivery system is one of the on-demand industries, which capture their own place in the market quickly. The survey shows that millennials are the most who keep ordering food online. Nearly 31.5 percentages are millennials in the world which is approximately 7.7 billion people. 

On-demand food delivery is also fulfilled every person’s taste buds within a short time by just a tap. So there is no need for buying vegetables and cooking, it takes time. Companies like Ubereats are spreading their branches across the US and even worldwide to earn hundreds of billions.

But you may also know that Ubereats is not only a food delivery system on seeing Ubereats there are many startups like Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato, etc. These companies are at the top of the food delivery system. At the same time, there are many small startup food delivery apps that are also rising eventually, they are also providing good service than other delivery systems by their unique features and speed of delivering their food to the customers. In this how we Uplogic technologies is competing with the top tier app development companies. Keep reading to know more about us and how we differ from others.

Why Uplogic Technologies is a Trustworthy Food Delivery App Development Company for On Demand Food Delivery Startups?

About us Uplogic Technologies

Uplogic Technologies is a global web, IT and Mobile App outsourcing company. We are grouped as a team of professionals with years of hands-on experience in digital products. We aid all the young entrepreneur who has a unique idea but doesn’t know how to and where to start it. We had 50+ clients all over the world and completed 200+ projects for various industries. 

Why every future entrepreneur’s first choice is Uplogic Technologies?

Every future entrepreneur’s first choice is Uplogic because we not only develop the app according to our client’s requirements. We also guide them along in 360 degrees.

When people had an idea to create an app then they will be searching for a developer to build their app but it cost more than what they have saved to invest in their business. 

Although it takes a long time to develop an app by a developer, he might be costing you according to hrs or a day. But we have a team of developers to build your app so it will take less time. We work on a fixed amount of cost so there won’t be the change in your app’s quality or features.

Future of on-demand food delivery app development

As I mentioned before in ten years there will be half of the population of Gen Z, so there will be a high demand for the food delivery system. So it’s better to start your own food delivery app now, and I’m sure that from ten years of now you will be launching your business over the seas. Before knowing about the future, let’s take a recap of the online food delivery system’s timeline. 

The concept of the food delivery system isn’t new, in 2001-2010 there has been a pizza delivery option. But later by the development of smartphones it also to updated into online ordering. The online ordering system takes over the call ordering system. In 2016-2017 the online food delivery system has been shut down totally in many countries due to some hard time. In 2018 the online food delivery system reaches US$35 billion globally. As I mentioned above the static says that in 2030 the online food delivery system will grow US$365 billion globally. 

In this tech world, we people keep on inventing new features and technologies to make our day to day life easier and more comfortable. Keep reading to know about the technologies that could be included in the online food delivery system in 2030 to bring more features.  

Technologies that could be included in Food delivery system to make it more user-friendly

As we already know about Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Big data these may play a major role in the online food delivery system to make the app more user-friendly. So far AI plays a role in the Swiggy app and gets more customer’s experience. 

Big Data in online food delivery app

Big data can aid us to collect real-time data of the ongoing process. It can be included in the online food delivery system. All the new technology like AI, ML, and Big data are already occupied 5% in every online food delivery system. It can also be updated to bring more features to attract the users because it is used to provide a good and quality of food delivery service.

For example

Big data can be used to show the customer, the temperature of the food and the cooking time of the food that they have ordered. So it’s easy to predict the exact timing of the food will be delivered. Therefore there will be no damage and wastage of food or canceling the order in the middle of the cooking.

Machine Learning in the online food delivery system

Machine learning defines exactly as the name it learns from your actions. Machine learning has been used in the online food delivery system for sorting the restaurant and menu according to the customer’s taste of the previous orders. By using ML more percentage in the online food delivery system it may bring more user-friendly to the customer.

For example

ML can be used to arrange your daily food routine as per your taste. So that people won’t need to spend more time scrolling the menu.

Artificial Intelligence in the online food delivery system

Artificial intelligence is always used to make a decision when people are confused about the right choice. Nowadays people use AI to identify the plant which is best for potato chips and french fries. 

For example 

AI can be used to choose the restaurant according to the dishes and the time. So that it makes the customer more easy to make the decisions.

These are new technologies that are already used by a little bit in the food delivery app. So it can be used a bit more to bring new features and make it comfortable for your customers. To know how we differ from others in food app development? Keep reading to know about our 2020 offers for startups and after-sales assistance. 

What makes Uplogic different from others in food delivery app development?

It’s an FAQ how we differ from other food delivery app development, the answer is we use to follow the traditional method which has been using from 1940 known as Unique selling proposition (USP). By using this method there was a positive attitude towards our brand from people and our clients.

Many of them spend days, months, even a year to think to build an innovative app. And might have developed it but the saddest is no one cares of it because there are 100+ apps in the respective stores does the same work as yours. Like that of the population, there are 2.9 million apps are in play stores but can you guarantee that all those are being used by the users. Nope, people always search for an app that fulfills their needs. Don’t worry I will let you know about how we differ from others and from reading this you will get an idea to plan your business plan to start your online food delivery app. So let me tell you how to use the traditional method of the 1940s. 

It doesn’t matter whatever platform is your choice but you have to build your app with these tricks. Which will help you to withstand with your compete like Ubereats, Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, etc.

Unique selling proposition (USP)

USP in the food delivery app is nothing but an app’s feature which gives unique benefits to the people. Which helps to stand out from the competitors. The best thing to create a USP you can take a deep understanding of the customer’s shoes. Which will help you to create a unique app. 

According to the research which was conducted by Alphawise, it shows the major problems that keep people to order food online are expensive, late delivery in foods and menus.

Affordable charge

Since people get their food just by a tap from anywhere but they need it to be a little expensive. Than offering to low also keeps your business dull, so that you can offer an affordable charge for delivering the food. 

Flexible delivery option

The customers couldn’t able to get their food delivered as their needs. To make your customers focus on your app you can provide a delivery option as their needs. It’s nothing but a timing delivery option by this feature they can get their food on time.

Quick delivery

If you keep providing your customers food quickly they would love your service and you can able to compete with other food delivery apps.

These are the few USP which you can able to rectify in your food delivery app. Since USP is like the ocean we can’t able to cover all of it. Once you join your hands with us. I’m sure that we will help you to reach the peak level of success. And even if you bring your unique idea to us, I’m 100% sure that it will not leak in any cause.

Our new offerings in 2020 for startups

By reading this I hope you might have got an idea to invest your money on a food delivery app because 2020 is the key step. If you invest now in ten years you would be having billion dollars in your hand. 

We have lots of new ideas like including two apps into one single app. if you want to include grocery in your food delivery app. It can also be done so that you can able to capture the big place in the market.

Our impressive after-sales assistance

We will also guide you even after sales also for any of the issues. We also provide you 100% technical support and online support through chats, mail, skype.

Final words

By now you would have got a clear idea about how our food delivery apps are competing with other development companies.

To get more details and queries about Uplogic technologies, tap a message to [email protected] . We are available 24/7 to fulfill your needs.

Launch Your Own On Demand Food Delivery Startup with Uplogic Technologies: 

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