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Importance of Employee Productivity in Your Taxi Business and How Technology Contributes to It

It seems like every new taxi booking app is springing up. And with so many options for customers, it can be difficult for drivers to keep up. But with so much competition, it’s essential that each operation operates in a professional and customer-first manner from start to finish. This doesn’t just apply to individual cab drivers—it applies to the entire taxi industry. 

However, to operate a successful taxi business, there are certain factors to consider. Efficiency is one of these factors. High-quality service and timely satisfaction of the customer’s needs are factors that contribute to efficiency.

But what exactly does “productivity” mean in the context of the taxi industry? And how can a taxi booking app help reduce the time and costs associated with this process? Let’s explore the queries and their solutions in this blog. 

Why Does Being Efficient and Effective Matter in Taxi Business?

Taxi companies are in the business of providing transportation services to customers. However, a lot more goes into operating a successful taxi company than simply picking up customers and dropping them off at their destination. For example, an effective taxi company will also need to:

  • Handle customer complaints and feedback in a timely manner.
  • Maintain clean vehicles and well-maintained fleets.
  • Ensure that drivers have access to the necessary resources (e.g., maps) to complete their daily tasks effectively.
  • Track employee performance and make necessary adjustments when needed.
  • Keep track of expenses (e.g., fuel costs, maintenance costs, etc.) to improve your bottom line and provide high-quality service to your customers. 

Therefore, reputable taxi companies have a clear sense of focus on the aforementioned factors that makes them stay competitive. 

What Is Meant By Employee Productivity in the Taxi Business?

Employee productivity is a measure of the efficiency with which employees complete their tasks. 

For example, if a taxi company has a driver who spends an hour picking up customers and dropping them off, that would be considered one task. Likewise, if he spent five hours picking up customers and dropping them off, then he would have produced five tasks in one day (i.e., one task per hour).

Therefore, if an employee completes five tasks in one day then he qualifies as productive. But if only two of those tasks were completed correctly and the rest were completed inefficiently, his productivity would be rated as “poor.”

Considering these factors, let’s take a look at what causes an employee to be unable to complete his target. And what obstacles he might have encountered to accomplish his tasks.

Know the Challenges of Being a Driver to Resolve Them

The driver is faced with many obstacles in order to complete his tasks. To be productive, they need to overcome them to accomplish their tasks peacefully.

1. The Driver’s Own Incompetence: If the driver is not very competent at finding fares, or having difficulty navigating through traffic, then he will not be productive. 

2. Poor Management: The administration lacks the ability to manage the driver. They do not provide him with adequate tools to monitor the driver’s working status. In this situation, they are not able to determine whether he is productive or not.

3 Lack of Geographical Knowledge: Customers often ask the driver to go to a location that is far away from where he is located. The driver does not know the route to take to a location. He does not know if it is the best route or not; therefore, he will not be productive.

4. Poor Communication: Communication with customers is important in the taxi business. For example, to reach a customer, the driver must know where the customer is located. Having a proper method of communication is crucial to communicating with the customer often and getting to their location.

5. Inadequate Technology: In this modern era with a pool of tech-savvy customers, the taxi industry needs to use technology to its advantage. The driver must have a proper method of communication with customers and the administration.

The five areas that we have identified are all important factors that affect the productivity of a driver. Therefore, it is important to provide employees with the right tools and guidance in order to enhance their performance. Here’s where technology comes into play. Let’s see about that. 

Five Ways Technology Can Help Drivers Be More Productive

Taxi owners and drivers alike are often under a lot of pressure to be as efficient as possible. This is especially true where there’s a high demand for service and a limited number of drivers to meet the demand. If you want to be successful in the taxi business, you need to find ways to cut costs while still providing excellent service.

Luckily, there are many ways that technology can help improve efficiency in your taxi business. By developing a taxi booking app that is easy to use, you can make your business more efficient and increase profitability. Here are five ways a taxi booking app can help drivers be more productive.

1. Appraising Booking Process Effortlessly: Many taxi drivers face the problem of not providing the level of service that customers expect. This is especially when there are a lot of service requests at short notice. 

By having a taxi booking app, customers can book taxis in advance. They can choose when they want to be picked up and dropped off. Hence, drivers can spend more time providing excellent service and less time waiting for customers who have not booked ahead of time.

2. GPS Tracking System for Drivers: A GPS tracking system can increase the productivity of drivers gradually. You can monitor the location of your drivers at all times.  This will help identify any issues with the route they are taking. If there is an issue, you can then contact them and let them know about it. By avoiding inefficient and incorrect routes, they can reach the customer’s destinations faster and provide more services efficiently.  

3. A Reliable Payment System: The payment system in the taxi booking app helps you make sure that all the transactions are being processed correctly and in a timely manner. Also, drivers will be able to get out of the hassle of having to input all the information manually.

4. Invoicing System: It relieves drivers of the stress of calculating fares. Customers will be able to get an invoice for the services that they have received. This will allow them to pay for the services via the app in a timely manner. And it will also make it easier for them to track their expenses.

5. Customer Feedback System: This is an important feature for any taxi booking app, as it allows you to get feedback from your customers at all times. Customers can share their experience with your services and drivers. Having this information will help ensure drivers are doing their best and are providing the best services. Also, if a driver got a poor rating, you can guide them to improve their services.

6. In-app Communication System: The in-app chat/call option in the taxi booking app allows drivers to communicate with their passengers. By communicating frequently with customers, drivers can figure out the best route based on the location of the customer. This will help them to provide better services and enhance productivity.

Thus, these technically advanced options in the taxi booking app can help drivers avoid the obstacles that hinder their progress and increase their performance effectiveness to the fullest.

Maximize Business Productivity with a Taxi Booking App from Uplogic Technologies

As you can see, there are many benefits of using a taxi booking app. If you want your business to be more productive with an app, then Uplogic Technologies is the best choice for you. With our cutting-edge taxi booking app, you can easily manage all your business operations without any hassle.

Moreover, our taxi booking has a separate app for customers, drivers, and admin. Therefore, you can easily manage the whole process and boost your business’s efficiency. 

• Customer App: This app is used to communicate with customers. It has a map feature that helps the drivers easily find the customer’s location. It also has a feature for easy registration, seamless booking/cancellation, feedback, and multiple payment options.

• Driver app: Using this app, drivers can easily manage their work schedules. In addition, it has a GPS tracking system to locate customers more easily. 

• Admin app: This app is used by admin staff to manage all operations of your business.  They can monitor all your driver’s activities and performance. You can see their current locations and bookings in real-time. You can also view their performance and ratings on this dashboard.

Therefore, with our taxi booking app, you can easily manage your business and optimize the efficiency of your operations. 

Summing Up

We hope that this article will help you to understand the taxi booking app more clearly. We have provided a comprehensive list of the benefits of using our taxi booking app to increase your employee productivity much more than you can expect. 

Our taxi booking app is a great solution for your business. It is easy to use and has many features that will help you boost your business’s efficiency. You can easily manage your drivers and customers, and even monitor the performance of each driver. We have a dedicated team that can support you with any queries or issues you might have.

If you want to know more about our taxi booking app development services, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help!

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