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Key Elements of An Online Food Delivery App that Add Values to Your Restaurant Business

People nowadays are ready to pay for any services that help them get their desired products delivered to their doorstep. Among such products foods are also included. Customers are choosing the restaurants that deliver food at their doorstep. 

A recent report from Statista also reiterates this point quantitatively. That said, the user penetration in the online food delivery segment is nearly 23.7% in 2022. 

So, If you are an entrepreneur in this industry, then you need a robust solution to enable online food delivery service. By availing and launching an online food delivery application, you can ensure such service and increase the customer base and values of your business. 

Now, let’s interpret how food delivery applications enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of restaurants to attract more customers online. 

Food Delivery Application: Understanding Its Functions

The food delivery application is intended to satiate the diners to enjoy their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurants any time, anywhere, with a few thumb taps. To make it possible, the online food delivery application has three app interfaces, a customer app, a restaurant app, a delivery person app, and one admin panel.

The user of the food delivery application can also order food for family or friends by changing the delivery address. The restaurant will receive the notification of the order placed by the customer made through the food delivery application and prepare food. The restaurant will hand the prepared food to the delivery partner for the delivery process.

Food ordered through the application will be picked up and delivered to the customer’s mentioned address by a delivery partner. The delivery partner has access to set a profile by their active status to receive the delivery notification. This option ensures that every order notification will be sent to working delivery partners.

Restaurant owners ready to go with the flow of technology by availing and launching food delivery applications for their restaurant business will have a high competitive advantage. The value of a restaurant will differentiate its business from its competitors. Restaurants can prevail in their existence in the hospitality industry by improving their values. 

How Does a Food Delivery Application Add Value to Restaurant Businesses?

Increasing the current value of your restaurant business needs great efforts to improve the visibility to sustain itself in the industry. The latest technological advancement like food delivery applications made it simple for restaurant owners to increase the value of their business. 

  1. Remodel Your Business Workflow: The workflow of the restaurant business can be changed by providing home delivery to their potential customers with the help of online platforms. It can be obtained with an online marketplace also. But it doesn’t add value to the restaurant. That’s why you need to have a separate application to provide online delivery; it can raise its value and core competency in the market. 
  2. Online Food Delivery: Ordering food from online platforms will help the customers to have their favorite food at their doorstep. Customers can reorder from the past order records, this option is only possible through online platforms and it helps the restaurant to retain its customers. 
  3. Manage Last-mile Delivery: The delivery partner’s live location can be tracked by the admin to know their efficiency to deliver the food in an estimated time without any delay. Food delivery applications will support this type of facility which increases the value of the restaurant business.
  4. Customer Engagement: Engaging customers online through loyalty programs like giving discounts, promo codes, and seasonal offers to regular users will make them avail of the service more often. This option will help restaurant owners to engage and retain their regular customers. It also improves the value of a restaurant. 
  5. Utilizing Data Effectively:  Collecting all reviews, ratings, and in-app surveys will help the restaurant owner to emerge with new business strategies to meet their customer’s expectations. Optimizing the collected data and improving the restaurant business is an easy process with a food delivery application to improve business value.

Adding value to the restaurant by availing of a food delivery application will help the restaurant to create brand awareness which makes way to reach more potential customers. The food delivery application with various user-friendly features allures more potential customers for the restaurant business over other online platforms. 

Critical Elements of a Food Delivery App that Ensure Seamless Flow

Despite your restaurant’s business model and innovative business strategies, the features in the application should be in the current trend that satisfies the needs and expectations of the customer towards the service.

Customer Application:

  • Profile Creation and Log in:  Every user prefers to create a profile and login into an application directly with their existing social media accounts by only entering their email id and password. 
  • Search Filters: Customers can search for the desired cuisines, select the food they decide to eat, and can order for door delivery through the restaurant’s food delivery application. 
  • Multiple Payment Options: Quick and secure payment options for customers who order food through the application will have many payment options like debit card, credit card payment, and wallets, and customers can also pay for their food when it is delivered by selecting the cash-on-delivery option. 
  • In-app communication: Customer’s queries regarding orders placed through the application can be clarified themself by calling/messaging the restaurant, delivery partner, or admin.
  • Real-time Tracking: The food delivery app allows users to know the live location and movement of the assigned delivery partner. That helps customers to track their orders.
  • Rate and Review: Reviews and ratings can be given by the customers in the application about the restaurant’s food quality and taste and the delivery partner who delivered the food after the delivery.

Delivery partner application:

  • Signup and Active Status: The user can sign-up and register with required documents into the application with an email id and password and set the active and inactive status to differentiate his working time and personal time.
  • In-app notification and communication: The food delivery application notifies the delivery person about the delivery request made by the customer and allows the delivery partner to make calls and messages in case of any confusion. 
  • View order and customer details: The delivery partner can view the order information and the customer’s addresses and basic information after getting the delivery notification. 
  • GPS Navigation: The navigation option in the application helps the delivery partner to know the restaurant’s location to pick up the order and the customer’s location to drop off the order made through the application.
  • History of delivered orders: A delivery person can check the hour of work, number of deliveries, and earnings made during the working time. It helps the user to keep track of the income flow. 

Restaurant Application: 

  • Managing Menu: Restaurants can update and manage their menu by adding and removing food, and editing prices, as per availability. It helps restaurants to notify the available menu to their online customers.  
  • Order Management: Orders placed by the customers can be viewed by the restaurant and can update live status by sending notifications to the customer like the order is picked, prepared, and dispatched to the delivery partner. 
  •  Resolve customer queries: Customers can call or message restaurants to clarify their queries related to the food or delivery process. This feature creates good business and customer relationships. 

Admin Application:

  • User Data Management:  Admin can view all the user data and have access to add new users to the application and remove the existing user in case of violation of application policy. 
  • Loyalty Campaign:  Loyalty programs can be done by the admin by creating promo codes, vouchers, and special offers to customers to satisfy them and attract them to avail of the service more often. 
  • Managing in-app Revenue streams: Displaying ad videos and banners related to similar businesses is a usual revenue stream for food delivery applications. The authority to approve display ads will be in the hands of the admin. 

In addition, the admin panel has more features like Content Management, managing integrations with other systems, user authorization, managing security, and permissions to take over the overall control of the food delivery application. 

Apart from these features, restaurant owners can avail of a food delivery application for their business with more user-friendly features that are in current trend and suits your business model and boost the revenue streams. 

Revenue Generation Methods of Food Delivery Application 

Food delivery application turns the traditional home delivery model into a digital approach that ensures business growth. Restaurant owners can yield more revenue returns from food delivery applications by boosting their sales and with some monetizing models.

  1. Increase Sales with Custom Notifications: By optimizing the customer data, restaurants can send short messages as notifications to the customer’s mobile.  That can tempt their appetite to eat some popular selling dishes in your restaurant which will boost your sales and increase profit. 
  2. Delivery charge: By delivering food to the customer at the convenience of their doorstep, the restaurant owner can charge some extra money from the customer for servicing them with delivery partners through a food delivery application. 
  3. In-app Ads: Great way to earn money by showing user ads in the application, and the advertisement can be in the form of video, banners, text, and so on. The admin can earn by differently charging the advertisers as per the form of their ads. 
  4. Premium: Restaurants can collect a certain amount as premium from customers who need to eliminate/avoid in-app ads. It is also a way to increase revenue with a food delivery application.
  5. Subscription: A restaurant can collect a subscription amount from the customers who need a particular food/ dish to be delivered to their doorstep daily. It improves the value of a restaurant business while it is also a way to increase revenue.

These are the possible ways to generate revenue from the food delivery application of a restaurant. Restaurant owners can raise revenue by availing of a customized food delivery application by optimizing more revenue model that suits the business model. 

Developing a customized application for your business that helps your business to step toward success in the industry can be done effortlessly by choosing an app development company with experts like Uplogic Technologies. 


The demand for food delivery applications in the restaurant business is increasing rapidly. So, availing of a food delivery application with the customized feature will increase the value of your restaurant business. 

To avail of a well-performing customized application for your business, choosing a reliable application development company is essential.

Uplogic Technologies has been a committed app development company for years. We have dedicated, experienced experts in our development team to customize applications that suit your business.

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