Know the Difference Between Web App and Progressive Web App: Which One Suits You

Many businesses in recent days are focusing on web app development even if they have a mobile application. This is because they won’t be ready to lose any potential customers for their business. 

But does your business need such a custom web application development service? 

Here is a guide. Through this blog, you can check what a web application is and its types. Along with this, you’ll get some explanation on PWA and the difference between web apps and PWA. Let’s get started. 

What is a Web App and Its Types?

Even though the web application couldn’t work offline, many businesses especially the frontrunners are having such a web application along with their mobile app. To know the reason behind it, you should know the definition of a web app first.

A web application is a website that will be created with certain front-end, and back-end languages, and frameworks. This kind of application usually works through a web browser. It can utilize the device features depending on the web browser and its site settings. 

In simple words, this app looks like an application interface, and functionalities are embedded in a website. It can be classified into the following types.

  • Static web app,
  • Dynamic web app,
  • Single-page apps,
  • E-commerce web app,
  • Portals, and 
  • Progressive Web App (PWA).

Let’s check more about the PWA in the next part.

What Is Meant By PWA in App Development?

The PWA (Progressive Web App) is a web app with some extra features and efficiency. As a typical web app, it is also working on the browsers regardless of the nature of devices, operating systems, and others. But it depends on the connectivity and the browser. 

This application also can be developed with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages, and frameworks like AngularJS, Vue.js, ReactJS, etc. This application can be added to the home screen of a device like a normal application still it requires a network connection to work. To know the PWA better, let’s take a look at the difference between the web app and PWA.

Difference Between Web App and Progressive Web App

Even though the PWA (Progressive web app) is a type of web app, it has some unique properties compared to a common web app. 

User Experience – The PWA can ensure the best user experience like a native mobile application. It can download faster than a regular web application. 

Customer Engagement – As it can be added to the home screen and installed by a link, the customers can easily find and use the application again from their home screen. 

Tech- Stack: There is no major difference in the tech stack for the development of web applications and PWA. But we can say the PWA is an advanced version of a regular web app. 

These are the major differences between a web app and PWA. Beyond these, both have the same ability and nature in the working process.

Benefits of Having a Progressive Web App For Your Business

The web application is also a technical solution that has the potential to drive customers to your business. More than 4 billion people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. 

So, this kind of progressive web application will be helpful for them. For the people who access the internet through any other devices, a web application will be very useful. Now let’s check some other benefits of a web application.

  • Responsive – The web applications are responsive to any operating system and device. 
  • SEO- As web applications are also a website, your brand can easily rank in the search engines. It will help your customers to find your business online.
  • No Need for Approval – You need not wait for approval from the Playstore or App store to 
  • Cover Desktop Users – Along with mobile internet users, web applications can cover the internet users through desktops. 
  • No Need to Install – When your customers need your service, they can browse your service online and access your website. They need not install any application on their phone. 

Although the web app and progressive web application are different, the above aforesaid benefits are common for both. So, if you are looking for a web app, you can use a regular web app or a progressive web app. 

Get a Robust Web App to Manage Financial Activities

While availing of your web application, you should know what type of application you want for your business. For instance, if you are running a studio business and looking for a web app to upload your work, then you can choose simple dynamic web applications like blog sites. 

If you want to display your resume in a website format, then you can choose the static web app. So, depending on your need you should choose the web app. In case you are looking for a web app for your e-commerce, then such a web app should be reliable and integrated with the payment gateways.

To get a reliable web app, you need to choose the best web app development company. Uplogic Technologies has been providing such operative web applications for various businesses globally. We have years of experience in app development. So, we can produce a web app that synchronizes with recent tech solutions and advancements. 

  • Our expert team of developers can develop web apps for B2B and B2C businesses. 
  • From single-page web apps to complex multilayered web apps can be developed.
  • For e-commerce businesses, we can develop a dedicated and efficient web app that can do financial activities.
  • Along with that, you’ll get the best support from us. 

So, choose the best development firm to avail the best web app for your business to do financial transactions and other processes properly. 


To put it in a nutshell, by choosing the best app development company you can get a tailor-made web application for your business. The customers need not install any application from the Play Store or App Store. With valid network connectivity, your customers can access their applications. 

To maximize productivity, and reliability through a web app, you can choose Uplogic Technologies. With our experienced team of developers, you can get your web application with multiple features and benefits.

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