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On-demand Towing App Development: How does It Uphold a Roadside Assistance Business?

The spectrum of technology influenced all industries and delivered every entrepreneur a chance to nurture their business with new innovative solutions like on-demand apps.  It includes the roadside assistance business. The entrepreneurs in this industry can neglect their barriers and increase their potential with on-demand towing applications. 

For example, most potential customers of roadside assistance businesses need towing services unexpectedly on any highways that haven’t a single shop, advertisement signboard, or other facilities. In that situation, people use their mobile phones to check the availability of towing services online. If you provide an online booking facility through a towing application, you can convert them into your loyal customers. Simply, the app can increase your brand visibility. 

Not only this but also a pile of benefits there that can be obtained by developing a towing application. Through this blog, you can check the need, functionality, and benefits of towing app development. Let’s discuss these in detail now.

What Is the On-Demand Towing App, and How Does It Work?

Towing app acts as an online platform that connects the service provider and service seeker. It is advantageous for people who are stuck on the road to avail of a towing service with a few taps on their mobile to reach the destination. As an entrepreneur, you can gain revenue by charging them some fees to connect service providers and customers online.  

The operation of the application is simple: customers will log in after filling in the necessary details and book the service after viewing the price details. The service provider will receive the booking details and reach the customer in no time by tracking their location shared by them. 

They will tow and drop the customer’s vehicle at the destination that was mentioned by the customer while booking. The customer can pay through the app with multiple payment options after the service. All these business operations will be viewed and controlled by the admin. 

Before investing in the tow app development, analyze the forecasting reports of the roadside assistance market to know the future value and demand of the business. Through that, you’ll know the importance of the application to ensure high returns from your towing business.

Why Entrepreneurs Invest in the On-Demand Towing App

Towing is now a widely available service. The number of vehicle collisions and breakdowns has increased due to the excessive number of vehicles on the road. Thus, the forecasting report shows the significant growth of the roadside assistance business with great demand. 

According to a statistics report, the market value of roadside assistance was 22.36 billion USD in 2021 and is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% and reach approximately USD 38 billion by 2028. 

The market value for towing software was 447.8 million USD in 2021 and is estimated to generate 766.8 million USD by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 5% from 2022 to 2032.

By analyzing the reports, entrepreneurs can witness a drastic growth in the value and demand of the roadside service industry. And the value of the towing apps is surging in recent days and it’ll increase in the forthcoming years. So now is the right time to invest in On-demand towing app development to exercise its advantages and burgeon the roadside assistance business.  

Merits of Availing an On-Demand Towing for Entrepreneurs

Developing an on-demand towing app is advantageous for customers and entrepreneurs in many different aspects. Now let’s discuss how a towing app abetment the towing business entrepreneur to reach their potential customers and service effectively. 

Business visibility: Effective marketing platforms and strategies will increase the brand image among the customers. A towing app is the best marketing tool to boost the business visibility and customer base. Customers can quickly remember a company that advertises its towing app and uses it to book a towing service whenever they need it. 

Brand Reputation: Maintaining a good brand reputation is essential for the entrepreneur to endure the business in the industry. In that way, the app helps entrepreneurs to create a good reputation through efficient service and communication. Frequently checking the app comments and immediately rectifying the errors initiate an optimal way to increase the brand reputation for the towing business.

Referral program:  Customers recommend the brand to their family and friends that offer efficient services. When they get rewards for the referrals, they’ll do it more times. It is beneficial for the entrepreneur to increase the customer base. By conducting such an incentivized referral program through a towing app, entrepreneurs can expand their customer base.

Loyalty program: Customer engagement is necessary to retain existing customers and reach new customers. Towing apps enable entrepreneurs to provide rewards, promo codes, coupons, offers, and discounts to their customers to engage them effectively to make them avail the service repeatedly without looking for other service providers. 

Core competence: Entrepreneurs uniquely distinguish their business from others with creative ideas to have a high competitive advantage. By developing a towing app with user-friendly features and providing customers exceptional service, entrepreneurs can have a competitive advantage over their competitors in the industry. 

These are the fundamental beneficial factors of availing of a towing app. Entrepreneurs can exploit more benefits, like managing the workflow and analytical data management, from the towing app development.

Consider Essential Elements of a Roadside Assistance App

Developing an application with feasible features that satisfy the customer’s needs is crucial. Look at the listed necessary user-friendly features of the towing app given below to ensure the seamless function of the towing business in the roadside assistance industry. 

  • Easy log-in/ profile creation: Customers can avail of the service by logging in through an existing social media account or email id and creating a password. The towing driver can create a profile in the towing app by filling in the necessary details required for approval by the admin. 
  • Navigation:  This option enables customers to share the live location and observe the movement of the assigned towing driver. Tow truck drivers locate the customer and reach the pickup spot instantly without delay. 
  • Multiple payment options: Integrating a payment portal filled with various payment options like cash cards and e-wallets in the towing app will make customers select their convenient payment option after the service.  
  • Review and rating: After the service, customers can express their experience, give feedback and rate the service in the review and rating option available in the towing app. It enables entrepreneurs to improve the quality of the service. 
  • Promotion management: Rewards, promo codes, coupons, offers, and discounts can be through the towing app to engage existing customers and attract new customers. The increase in customer satisfaction will result in increased referrals.
  • Analytical report/Accurate financial records:  Towing app records and maintains the data of all the payment transactions, trips, and customer usage patterns. Admin can view the data and make future business decisions based on these business insights. 

Entrepreneurs can have more customized features over these fundamental features. Customizing more user-friendly features in the towing app that are unavailable in other competitor apps to improve customer service quality will gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

Avail of a customized towing app from the best towing app development company like Uplogic Technologies. We have well-experienced experts in the developer team to tailor the towing app that perfectly suits your business model. 


The on-demand roadside assistance business is having tremendous demand and business growth in the current and future market. Entrepreneurs developing a high-security towing app can thrive in the industry. 

Uplogic Technologies has been a well-reputed towing app development company in the industry over the years. We have deployed a high-quality custom-built towing application to the customers as per their requirements. 

Our experts in the developer team can develop a compatible and scalable towing app that helps you to meet your customer expectations and have a high competitive edge. 

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