Role of On-Demand Grocery App Development in Increasing Sales of a Supermarket

On-demand delivery services are developing in both vogue and technological aspects. Grocery delivery is a proliferating service among them. It is the main reason for the rise of on-demand grocery delivery apps in the market. 

A recent statistics report from Statista states that approximately there are 30.4 million grocery app users in the United States by 2022. And the global last-mile food and grocery delivery market revenues are estimated to reach  72.3 billion USD in 2025. 

So, If you are an entrepreneur operating a conventional supermarket, then now is the right time to boost your supermarket sales and revenue with an increased customer base by investing in on-demand grocery app development.

Now let’s discuss the functionality of the grocery delivery app and how it supports your supermarket business and its revenue growth.

How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery Service?

An online grocery delivery service has an effective workflow with three apps and a panel, namely the customer app, delivery person app, store app, and an admin panel to help all the users operate the app effortlessly. 

Customers can log in to the app effortlessly with a single-step procedure. And can select the grocery product they need from the product list and add it to their virtual cart. At last, before they confirm their order, they can remove or add some of the product from the virtual cart just like regular shopping and place the order after scheduling the delivery time, adding the delivery address by selecting the payment option through the customer app. 

The supermarket manager will receive the order and send an order confirmation to the customer and delivery person to pick up the packed grocery product and deliver it to the respective customer at their doorstep through the store app. 

Notification to pick up the package received by the delivery person can accept and reject the service concerning their work schedule. The delivery person will pick up the package from the store and deliver it to the customer by locating their address within the scheduled time. All these processes are managed through the delivery app. 

As an entrepreneur, you can view and manage all these business operations. And have control to optimize the revenue streams and conduct sales promotion campaigns with the admin panel. Look into the advantageous factors that an on-demand grocery app can offer you for the business development of your supermarket.  

Benefits of Grocery App Development for a Supermarket

Online grocery delivery app solutions not only help customers to have their grocery items at their doorstep and delivery persons earn by running delivery errands but they also aid entrepreneurs in different aspects. Here are some beneficial factors distinctly listed below. 

  • Enhance brand awareness:  The customers of a supermarket running in a locality are around the same locality. People from other surrounding localities may not even know the existence of the supermarket. Supermarket owners can utilize the grocery delivery app as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness with quality service. 
  • Increases sales potential: Customers nowadays prefer to get necessities at their doorstep. Entrepreneurs can boost their sales potential with a grocery app integrated with multiple features that will help customers have a real-time shopping experience at the convenience of their homes. 
  • Convenient payment: In conventional grocery purchases, customers put all the products they need in the shopping cart and stand in a long queue to check out. In online grocery shopping, customers can pay with multiple payment options in the app for the products they added to their virtual carts. 
  • Rise customer satisfaction:  Customers will not be satisfied if they are wasting time looking around the supermarket and knowing the store has run out of the product they need. Entrepreneurs can increase customer satisfaction by allowing consumers to find out about product availability. If a product is out of stock, the customer can reserve it in advance or set up notifications for when it restocks through the grocery app.
  • Boost customer loyalty: The supermarket manager cannot notice all the customers visiting the store to identify the regular customers. But the grocery delivery app helps entrepreneurs view customer details like the history of their previous purchases. Through this, entrepreneurs can personalize user experiences by sending them promo codes, special discounts, and offers to encourage them to use the app frequently. 

Entrepreneurs can have the advantage of these benefits and other additional benefits from a features-enriched grocery delivery app. To avail of such an app, know the features that ensure the flawless functionality of an on-demand grocery delivery app. 

What Are the Top Features of a Grocery Mobile App Development?

Some cutting-edge features provide a better user experience. Look at the customer app, store app, delivery app, and admin panel features to add some other features that suit the app to improve the user experience, which will help your supermarket business succeed.

Customer app features:

  • Easy signup/login option: Signup/login is the first step for the user to interact with the app. Make the signup/login process seamless by allowing customers to access the app with their existing email or social account and a password. 
  • Advanced Search: The grocery delivery app solution displays the list of products available in the store. Customers can find the items they need by searching for the products with specific filters.
  • Multiple payment options: Customers select the payment option to place the order. They can opt for the payment option that is convenient for them to make payments from the payment options like card, e-wallet, net banking, and ( COD ) Cash On Delivery.
  • Order scheduling: The scheduling option in the grocery delivery app allows the customer to schedule the specific delivery date and time to receive their products after placing the app.
  • Real-time tracking: Customers of the grocery delivery app can track the real-time location of their assigned delivery partner to know the live update of the delivery process. 
  • Review and Rating: Customers can provide insightful feedback and rating for the overall service quality through the grocery delivery app after receiving the ordered products. 

Store app features: 

  • Store management: The store manager can modify the product list displayed in the grocery app and manage the stock inventory based on the stock clerk’s report. And can also effortlessly manage the payments for the delivery.  
  • Delivery management: Supermarket staff can view the orders that customers place and pack the ordered products for the delivery person to pick up and deliver to the respective customer. Based on the delivery schedules selected by customers.
  • Order notification: Customers will have a real-time update about their order, like order confirmation from the store. And the delivery person will pick up the package after receiving the delivery notification from the store app. 
  • Help and support: Customers can directly contact the supermarket through the in-app call or chat option available in the “help and support feature” to enquire about their order or to inform them of any changes. 

Delivery person app: 

  • User profile: The user can register for the application as a delivery person after filling necessary details and smoothly logging in to the app with an email ID and password. 
  • Request for Delivery: Delivery persons will receive delivery requests from the supermarkets, and the delivery person has access to refuse or accept the delivery requests to maintain a proper work schedule at once. 
  • In-app navigation: To complete the deliveries within the allotted time, the delivery person can check the consumer’s location to determine the best route without traffic. 
  • In-app call/chat: This feature enables the delivery person to directly contact the store or customers in case of any confusion regarding the delivery process, like the customer not being in the given location, location changes, or wrong address. 
  • Manage order history: The delivery person can manage orders they have completed and track their earnings in real-time without perplexity.

Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard:  Entrepreneurs can easily manage their supermarkets with the dashboard. It allows entrepreneurs to have access to look at crucial data like orders, payments, and successful deliveries anytime, anywhere.
  • Loyalty program management: The administrator can implement loyalty programs by developing promotional codes, gift cards, and exclusive deals that lure them to use the service more frequently.
  • In-app ad management: Entrepreneurs will have the control to approve the ad to display in their grocery delivery app. It is the typical way to yield high revenue other than through sales or service charges.
  • Push notifications: Admin can send app notifications beneficial for users, such as promo codes, unique offers, discounts, and existing combo deal updates to entice them to make grocery purchases through the grocery delivery app. 

Entrepreneurs can integrate more user-friendly features other than these features mentioned above to increase the user experience and revenue simultaneously without any interception in the business growth. 

Monetization Channels of a Prominent Supermarket App

Supermarket app development to move the conventional supermarket business into the online platform that increases the customer base and creates a better business-customer relationship will generate promising revenue. Here are some monetizing ways that can be implemented through their grocery delivery app solution. 

  • Delivery charge: For every delivery, entrepreneurs can charge the customers a certain amount as a delivery charge to get their groceries delivered to their doorstep without any delay. Or entrepreneurs can collect a fixed fee on a monthly or yearly delivery basis to provide unlimited deliveries at that particular time. 
  • In-app advertisements:  Entrepreneurs can charge third-party advertisers differently based on the advertisement forms. It is one of the best ways for an entrepreneur to generate more income through a grocery delivery app.
  • Paid Subscription: Users can pay for subscriptions to unlock new features and get extra benefits. For example, delivery will be free, prioritized without surge fees, and Ad-free app usage.

These are the potential ways for a grocery delivery app to generate revenue. Entrepreneurs can spike their income by adopting other revenue streams and optimizing them in their customized on-demand grocery delivery apps. 

To avail of such customized apps and lead a successful business in the market, entrepreneurs can select a mobile app development company with experts like Uplogic Technologies.


In a nutshell, applications for grocery delivery are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. Entrepreneurs can gain more benefits and returns from optimizing revenue streams and integrating cutting-edge features in their on-demand grocery delivery apps. 

Uplogic Technologies can develop and deploy a flawless operating grocery delivery app that can add value to the supermarket business and satisfies customers’ expectations and needs. Our skilled app-developing engineers will tailor a grocery app with avant-garde features to support you to gain a niche in the retail industry. 

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