Providing different services to customers via mobile apps is now common for every industrialist. Due to the expansion of digitized platforms, a best-sustaining solution is needed for entrepreneurs in this current era. This blog describes the real-world expectations of mobile app development, trends that will dominate in 2021, and the top strategies followed by Uplogic […]

Guide to ondemand app development

With the immediate provisioning of goods and services to the customers, the On-demand economy is the big economic movement for the tech-based companies. The in-built digital mesh is the top-most stage in the business structure to balance the supply and demand for an on-demand economic scenario. Same as that of the convenience customer’s services, the […]

Your business will always have competitions and if you are not aware of your competitors, you will be missing out on the big opportunities to grow in your business. There are many FAQs like why are your competitors outranking you? What are their strengths? Their weakness? What are their marketing strategies? For all this one […]

The on-demand app is a platform for the customers whose needs are fulfilled at one place on mobile devices. It is difficult to go wrong mainly while developing on-demand mobile applications. If you have a great innovative idea to develop a unique app. Ever since apps were identified as the expertise to boost the business, […]

Uplogic is an experienced firm in software development, app building, and other web-related services. Since we are in the field for a long time, we were able to see the marked technological shift that happened in the last decade. Fortunately, Uplogic was able to sustain during the uncertain times because of our commitment to change […]

On-demand is a type of business model which uses the digital revolution to aid the people by creating a digital marketplace to connect users and service providers. It is also called the sharing economy. At present, it makes a gross revenue of $60 billion worldwide with the year on year growth exceeding 20%. Uber and […]


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