Pharmacy App Development

A typical pharmacy business should be patient-centric as patient satisfaction is a key to the success of a pharmacy business. In the traditional form of pharmacy business, people stand in a long queue to get medicines. It is time-consuming and tough for elders. That means it is hard to obtain patient satisfaction through the traditional […]

Online pharmacy app

Did you know? Approximately 128 billion USD is the expected size of the global online pharmacy market in 2023, as per a report from Statista. That means a lot of opportunities are open for entrepreneurs to build their careers or a business in the pharmacy industry at the present market.  So, prepare yourself if you […]

The demand for pharmacists continues to grow. According to the National Association of Chain Drugstores, the number of U.S. pharmacies grew by 144 percent between 2006 and 2016.  The growth of the pharmacy industry has been driven by the increasing need for medications. As pharmacists continue to improve patient care while minimizing costs, they also […]

ways to improve pharmacy business

The conversion rate is a key metric for any online business. It measures the overall efficiency of your conversion strategy. The higher the conversion rate, the more conversions are occurring for each site visit.  The conversion rate of your pharmacy business is the sum of all the individual conversion rates of each of your website, […]

Pharmacy App Development

People have visited pharmacies frequently throughout the last few decades to purchase medications. However, in this digitalized era, technological breakthroughs have ended this.  The pharmacy delivery mobile apps have made people get their desired medicines delivered to their doorstep in a matter of minutes.  Assume that a few individuals in your locality cannot walk through […]

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