Top UI UX Trends for Mobile App Development in 2023

Top UI/UX Trends for Mobile App Development in 2023

“Impressive UI and UX can increase the conversion rate rapidly.”

Of course, it’s a proven fact. According to LedgeView Partners’ recent report regarding UI and UX, nearly 94% of first impressions have been driven because of attractive UX/UI design. So, for a mobile application, you must have a sleek and attractive design and functionality to get the maximum benefit from it. 

As a top-rated mobile app development company we have designers who are masters in UX research, wireframing, visual designs, mock-ups, color theory, and typography. Based on their expertise, we write this blog to list out the current booming things in mobile app UX and UI designs. Let’s explore now!

Dark Themes: Deliver Satisfaction to End-user

From the inception of smart devices like PC, smartphones, and others, both light themes and dark themes have their unique fan base. But in recent days, the inclination toward the black theme has been increasing. We at Uplogic Technologies feel the change as most of our clients demand dark themes for their mobile apps recently. 

Besides this, Earth web recently mentioned that nearly 81.9% of smartphone users use a dark theme. In addition to this, it also claimed that nearly 64.6% of internet users wish to access websites in dark mode. So, in 2023, the dark theme will win the market with the majority of its fan base.

Micro-Interactions will Help

Today we’re in a world in which technology is emerging day-to-day. Most people are always immersed in their smartphones for nearly half of a day. Compared to the last decade, people of this decade love to see interactive elements on webpages and apps. 

Technically, we can refer to the word “Animation” as “Micro-Interactions”. These micro-interactions can make the users alive while using the app. It can increase the retention rate and number of active users for a mobile application. 

We came across micro-interactions at least once in our life. For example, Like buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. Despite these micro-interactions being simple, they can refresh users of the app instantly. So, it’s one of the important things that you must consider while designing your mobile application. 

Minimalism Works

To define minimalism as a minimalist, we can say “Need More Fewer”. But actually, what’s it? 

Let’s check 🧐

It’s just an integral part of Scandinavian design. But solely it’s a famous design theory in the mobile app development industry.  Nearly a decade before people wouldn’t love to describe themselves as minimalist. But when it comes to mobile applications, minimalism has an equal or higher chance and the possibility of engaging customers than maximalism design. Then, why don’t you give it a try? 

Many famous and successful brands have been following the minimalist concept, especially for their logo. Apple, Uber, Nike, Airbnb, etc are great examples of this. As the inclination towards minimalism has been rising in recent days, it’s best to consider it while designing your mobile app. 

Consider Maximalism Also

Despite minimalism is one of the famous design theories followed by many famous brands, you have to analyze the concept of maximalism as it also has its fanbase. 

Each theory (minimalism and maximalism) has its unique philosophy. For example, minimalism promotes or denotes the quality of simplicity, utility, and elegance. Meanwhile, maximalism describes celebration, unlimited imagination, and willingness to explore.

So, whatever “Less is More” 😎 or “More is More” 🤩, choose the best approach based on your brand’s approach and nature. 

3D Design: The Most Wanted

While writing this part, we question our UI/UX team, “Why do people love 3D design a lot?”. They smiled and replied, “They’re realistic, understandable for everyone, can be detailed, and most importantly businesses choose this kind of design recently because most end-users/customers can be easily attracted to 3D designs.” 

The moral of the fireside talk is, “To improve user engagement, you can try the most demanded designs, 3D💡.”

All of the above are recent trends of UI/UX design in the field of mobile app development. But you should note, all these are only additional toppings just help designers to maximize the essence of your app design. So, the primary and essential things of app design must be good and effective to get advantages of these top 5 trending design strategies. Let’s discuss it in detail in the next part. 

General and Primary Things of Mobile App Design

Last but not least we have the responsibility to describe the necessity of elemental things of app designing as an on-demand app development company. This elemental thing includes color theory, typography, wireframing, branding, responsiveness, and other layout designs. 

Before concentrating on the advanced trends, you need a team who can handle these elemental things as masters. So that you can develop advanced designs and UX elements. 

Why Not Us?

In case you’re looking for a team of developers and designers to develop a mobile application for your business, you can hire us. We are a team of innovative code brains and attractive design creators who can develop and deliver any kind of mobile app on your demand at Uplogic Technologies. For more details contact our experts now!

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