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Why Bike Taxi Services are Best Alternative Choice Over Public Transport?

Considering the current situations and market trends reveals that the ride-hailing industry is one of the great markets filled with opportunities. The segment is estimated to reach more than USD 276 billion in 2022.

It shows high demand for ride-hailing services in the market. So, by utilizing this situation, you can succeed. Especially when you have a unique business idea, you can maximize the possibility of success. The bike transportation service is an innovative idea followed in very few countries. 

So, concentrating on the business model with proper technical support like bike taxi management software/ application will ensure your success in the market. Now let’s expand your vision on the bike taxi management system and its benefits through this blog. 

Steps to Establish a Bike Taxi Business 

If you are the entrepreneur who explores the term “bike taxi business”, then you must be updated with its working flow, business model, strengths, opportunities, threats, and others. This data will help you to establish your bike transportation service (bike taxi business). 

A bike transportation service (bike taxi) is nothing but one a ride-hailing service that allows the passengers to utilize bikes to transport from one place to another place. All the functions and working flow of a bike transportation service are the same as a cab-hailing service. The only major difference between a taxi business and a bike taxi business is the vehicle used for transportation.

Despite that, both need unique market insights and factors for success. For example, the bike taxi business plan can support micro-entrepreneurs by increasing the opportunities to ensure their economical growth, as it needs a low investment compared to the cab taxis. 

As aforesaid, it is a rare business model followed in very few countries. So, by establishing such a business in a country without a bike taxi business, you can create demand and dominate the market in that region. Simply, the business allows you to follow the blue ocean strategy.

However, you need an online platform to establish and run a bike taxi business as the whole workflow depends on such an online handle. So, such an online platform should be effective and easily accessible anytime and anywhere. Hence, a bike taxi app will be the perfect solution to establish a bike taxi service. 

How are Bike Taxis Best Alternatives to Public Transport?

When penetrating a new market, your business should have major convincing factors to choose your products/services. Likewise, your bike taxi service should be able to convert customers, particularly those who use other transports to commute. To do that, you should know how bike taxis are better than any other public transport. 

  • Fast Response – Bike taxis can reach customers faster than any other public transport. In many regions, commuters have to wait for public transport for a long time. But the customers can get a ride (bike) within a few minutes with an online bike taxi booking app. 
  • Urban Transportation Solution – Many commuters are choosing taxi services to catch their train/ flight/ meeting/ or anything at the last minute. So, they are looking for transport that can skip long traffic, use shortcuts, and drop them at the right time. It is possible when they choose bike taxis. It’ll be a marketing factor that can help your business to penetrate the market.
  • Affordable – Most of the time, the passengers need to pay more than the estimated cost to travel in a taxi. But due to various factors, the fare charged for bike taxi travel is lower than that of car taxis. Simply, it is quite a reasonable fare to transport the passengers. So, they’ll choose bike taxis instead of public transportation. 
  • Safety – Even the fast transportation matters, safety is also on the priority list to choose a ride. You can check the eligibility of a driver while the driver onboarding process through the bike taxi application. In addition, every passenger should be provided with a separate helmet to ensure further safety.

These valid reasons suggest your customers choose your bike taxi instead of a cab service. That means these are the convincing factors for your bike taxi business. Let’s explore what things can be automated in your bike taxi business with an on-demand bike taxi application. 

How is Complete Automation Possible with Bike Taxi App?

A bike taxi application can act as a transportation management system and a bike taxi management software also. The application has the potential to automate all processes that take place in your bike taxi business. To do that, it has three elements.

Customer Application – With this application, your customers can check the services you’re providing and can book a service online. Once the trip is scheduled, the customers can check the details and the real-time location of the driver. Once the customer completes the ride, they can pay online with multiple options with the application. They can provide reviews and ratings about the service. All these are done with the following features.

  • Online Booking and Scheduling Facility,
  • Able To Track Driver’s Location,
  • In-app Communication for Ride Confirmation,
  • Multiple Payment Facility,
  • Review and Rating,
  • In-app Wallet, etc.

Driver Application – It is a separate application that has all the necessary and advanced features to ensure the fastest and safest rides. Through this application, any eligible individual with a bike can enroll as a service provider. So, only eligible drivers are on board and able to create and manage their profile and their vehicles. By accessing these profiles, the customers can book the service.

Along with this, the drivers can accept or reject the online booking request, and others with the following features of the driver application. 

  • Easy Sign-in and Log-in Process,
  • Create and Manage Profiles,
  • Accept / Reject on Ride Requests,
  • Real-time Customer Location Access, 
  • In-app Communication, 
  • Accept Multiple Online Payments,
  • Complete History Tracking, etc.

Admin Panel – Admin is the higher authority panel that can optimize your businesses. Through that, you can manage all the processes that take place in the application. Through this, you can control the revenue streams, commission rate, in-app marketing campaign, etc. The admin can access the user data and process it to optimize the taxi business. 

With all these elements, a bike taxi application can automate the complete process of the bike taxi business. Through that, the application can be utilized as a transportation management system and a bike taxi management software. 

Finding the Best App Development Company to Avail a Bike Taxi App

A bike taxi business can be a successful one when it is powered by a robust app. Only a top-rated bike taxi app development company can develop such an operative mobile application. So, you need to focus on choosing the on-demand bike taxi app development company. 

A typical on-demand bike taxi app development process starts from scratch that is nothing but developing the application from your rough idea. When you choose this on-demand bike taxi app development process, you can include any custom features, UI, or UX as per your need in your bike transportation service app. 

But some entrepreneurs are choosing no-code or low-code platforms for the on-demand bike taxi app development process. Such platforms can produce only a simple application that couldn’t process online bike taxi booking services. That’s also a reason behind the failure of an on-demand bike taxi application in the market which causes business loss. So, be careful about choosing the on-demand bike taxi app development company. 

Uplogic Technologies is one of the top-rated on-demand bike taxi app development companies with years of experience. We can develop a custom on-demand bike taxi app solution for your bike taxi business before the deadline. As we developed many successful applications for many businesses, you can rely on our on-demand bike taxi app development process and the outcome. 

Key Takeaways

With an on-demand bike taxi application, you can establish and manage your bike taxi businesses. When you have a top-class transportation management system and bike taxi management software you can easily manage your bike taxi business online. But a single bike transportation service app can replace these with its unique and productive features. 

Uplogic Technologies is a bike taxi management software and on-demand bike taxi app development company that can produce unique bike taxi apps for your business. With our app solution, you can convince the customer that your bike transportation service is better than public transportation. 

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