Why Is It Difficult To Develop AI-powered Mobile Apps And How To Simplify The Process?

Why Is It Difficult To Develop AI-powered Mobile Apps And How To Simplify The Process?

Developing AI-powered mobile applications is the current talk of today. Many businesses are allocating dedicated teams to investigate the technological advancements and prospects in it for their business. 

As a result, experts conclude, automating business processes, simplifying complex workflow, obtaining customer engagement, and seeking attention from a potential customer in the market is the major advantage of having an AI-powered mobile application for a business. 

Considering the impact of AI in the market… maybe, developing a mobile app that is powered by AI will be an essential thing in the future for business growth. 

Whatever, until yesterday we thought AI is the future tech, today we got AI in our mobile phones. So, it’s time to act fast toward the current trend. That’s why you need to choose a mobile app development company that can develop AI-powered mobile applications. 

But most people thought it was a high-level project no small business or startup can integrate AI. But the fact is, anyone can access and integrate AI simply. Let us reveal the behind-the-stage show of developing AI-powered mobile applications. 

Why is It Difficult to Develop AI-Powered Mobile Apps?

In layman’s terms, developing an AI-powered mobile app means developing a “Jarvis” like AI system (Jarvis- a fictional AI character in Marvel cinematic universe). That’s why most people think it was a herculean task. In case you’re one of those who thought so, then you should realize the difference between AI-powered and AI technology. 

The Truth Is…

AI system development is a complex process that needs more investment of time, resources, and money. Meanwhile, developing AI-powered solutions is not a complicated thing. Let’s take a look deeper.

Developing an AI is really a prodigious task as it contains complex processes like logic planning, algorithm development, machine learning, natural language processing, accurate perception system, and including automation components. Doing these processes requires high-specification computers or supercomputers. 

And the next challenging thing is data availability and quality. AI systems require a huge amount of data storage and servers to train on. The data must be credible and high-quality to abstract the best result from the AI. 

In the next step, the AI must handle and process the data it has. So, it needs comprehensive algorithms. But there are multiple models and algorithms to make this infrastructure. It must be chosen based on the problem you want to solve. But handling and working with multiple algorithms will be challenging.

Shorting out issues and errors in machine learning is also a big challenge. For example, overfitting in ML. It means the AI will be responsive to only trained data and related things; meanwhile, the AI system doesn’t respond properly to irrelevant data. 

You need an expert team of developers and other technicians to handle these challenges properly to develop AI. You need to invest more money to hire a dedicated team and create the infrastructure for AI.

That’s why developing AI is hard for small businesses that have an average budget for developing AI. But they can get the advantage of AI in another simple way. Let’s check it.

What are AI-APIs?

Any business that wishes to adopt AI can go for “AI-powered Solutions”. So, what is it actually, and how is it different from AI technology? Let’s check.

AI-powered solutions are technologies that are supported by artificial intelligence. It’s possible with AI- APIs. By following this method, you can easily get the benefits of AI for your business. That means you need not invest more money to create AI infrastructure or hire a dedicated development and support team for that. 

Through API integration you can utilize the AI capabilities of another AI like Google BARD, Chat GPT, and others. This integration process must be done by focusing on the objective of the business. 

For example, Gmail uses AI technology to provide “Smart Replies” features to its end-users. Netflix uses AI to recommend content to its users based on their viewing history and preferences. Likewise, Amazon uses AI in its eCommerce app to provide appropriate recommendations. 

Like these, you can automate and leverage any of your business operations or complete processes by using AI-powered solutions. Considering this, using AI-APIs to develop AI-powered mobile applications is a feasible and simple solution to take advantage of AI. 

You have multiple options for AI-APIs for example IBM AI called Watson, Google Cloud AI Platform API, Azure Cognitive Services, and Amazon Rekognition which can automate your image recognition and video analysis with machine learning. 

Can You Develop AI-powered Mobile Apps?

In case you are willing to integrate AI into your business, then developing an AI-powered mobile application is the perfect solution. To make it simple, you have to contact a mobile app development company that provides consultation and AI-API integration. 

By doing this, you can get aid from experts to validate your app development idea, workflow, its feasibility, and others. All you need to do is, 

  • Get consulting from an experienced mobile app development company,
  • Hire talented mobile app developers,
  • Choose the best AI API for your workflow,
  • Discuss and go with the best app development methods,
  • That’s all! You can get your AI-powered mobile app.

At Uplogic Technologies, we’re capable of doing AI-API integration as we’re a well-known destination for innovative API integration like RFID, IoT, and others. In addition to this, we’re providing consultation services. 

So, you can get the best possibilities of getting attractive and cutting-edge AI-powered mobile applications from Uplogic Technologies effortlessly. To know more, contact our experts now!

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