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5 Questions to Ask Yourself about a Towing App Before Starting a Road-side Assistance Service

The market size of automobile towing in the US in 2022 is estimated at USD 1.3 billion. The annual growth rate of this industry from 2017 to 2022 is calculated as 5.5%. So, investing money to establish a business in this industry is credible for returns. 

But, plenty of opportunities in the market aren’t ensuring success. The process of utilizing the opportunities properly makes a business successful. The roadside app development will be the perfect solution that allows entrepreneurs to utilize the opportunities in the towing service market. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a guide for establishing a towing business, it is the right time to read this blog. It contains the perfect answers to your five questions about the on-demand roadside assistance app development that helps you to establish a robust roadside business. Let’s get into this blog.

Is Your Towing Business Plan Efficient Enough to Fulfill Customer Expectations?

A business plan is the map of business operations and its working flow that describes the company’s goals, operations, marketing objectives, and financial objectives. Usually, it has been represented in the business canvas. However, you need to describe all the elements of the canvas to check the feasibility of a business. 

So, it needs to be flexible and has the efficiency to fulfill the customers’ expectations. To make sure that, you need to check your business plan that has compatibility with current market trends and demands. 

Nowadays, the customers who need on-demand services, use their phones to avail such services at their current location. The drivers who need roadside assistance also follow the same procedure. Nearly, 6.3 billion smartphone users are in the world now and it is increasing every day. So, your business model should be included with a technical solution that connects you, customers, with you and allow them to avail your service online. 

The drivers who need roadside assistance prefer to find the towing services with their mobile. So, having such an online platform will compromise the expectations of your potential customers (drivers). If the online platform of your towing business is a mobile application, it extends the feasibility and accessibility of your business. 

Does a Mobile App Elevate a Road-side Assistance Business?

Not only on this blog, but you may also read that an application has the potential to convert customers and connect them with your business online in an effective manner. Is it true?

Absolutely yes. Let us explain this with an example.

Consider you establishing a towing business without an application and waiting for the customers’ request. But, the possibility of having requests frequently is too low by referring to your physical sign board. They couldn’t remember your signboard as they cross thousands of such signboards daily. 

Controversy, if you are having a mobile application for your towing business, the customer whose vehicle is failing to move on the road, can reach your service at any time anywhere through their phone. They need not remember your sign board for a phone number, instead, they can book your service online within a few taps. 

So, the possibility of getting more requests can be increased. Simply, an on-demand roadside assistance app can increase the potential of your roadside service. Along with this, it can streamline your towing business and helps you to monitor and manage multiple towing vehicles through a single window. 

Can Towing Apps Provide Customer-first Service?

A roadside assistance app can help you to concentrate on customer service. Simply, it helps the business admin (you) to manage all your fleet of tow trucks and drivers, online requests from customers, marketing processes, and optimizing the workflow. A single roadside assistance app can make this possible with its three interfaces. They are the customer app, service provider app, and admin panel. 

Customer Application – A dedicated mobile app that facilitates the customers to access your services and their details online. They can surf the data of multiple services and request the particular service they need. They can track the real-time location of service providers (tow truck drivers), ETA and estimated cost, rate the service quality of the service providers, etc. It has the following features to do these.

  • Endless Listing and Search Tools,
  • Online Booking/ Scheduling, 
  • Track Real-time Location of Service Providers,
  • In-App Communication Facility, 
  • Multiple Online Payments,  
  • Review and Rating, etc.

Service Provider App – This application ensures connectivity between you and your service providers. At the same time, it also empowers the service providers to locate the customers, update the service status, manage their availability, and profile data, track their service history, and others. This element of the roadside assistance app has the following features.

  • Easy Sign-in and Onboarding Process,
  • Create Profile and Manage Data,
  • Accept or Reject Online Requests,
  • Manage Their Availability,
  • Track Their Service History,
  • Locate the Customers,
  • Update the Service Status, etc.

Admin Panel – It gives you the monopoly to monitor and manage all the service providers. Through that, you can manage all the user data and process it for better insights to optimize your workflow. With this panel, you can manage in-app marketing processes, assign tasks for service providers, etc. 

This structure of the roadside assistance app ensures customer-centric service. For example, it helps you to reach the location of customers at the right time, empower customers to share their opinion on your service, can support customers even after the completion of service, and increase the loyalty of the customer base. 

How to Win Customers’ Loyalty with a Towing App? 

Unlike other on-demand services like taxis, salons, and beautician services, there are very few loyal customers as they need towing service only when their vehicle fails to function. So, creating such a customer base needs more effort and investment. To do that you need to provide many services like vehicle repairing service, on-spot vehicle repair service, car washing, and others. It can strengthen the possibility of having more loyal customers. 

Along with this upgrade in your business to achieve loyal customers, you need an updated custom on-demand roadside assistance app to convert more customers into loyal customers. Here is the list of a few strategies to convert customers online through your roadside service app. 

  1. Reward Customers – As per the recent statistics related by Google, 72% of customers are loyal to the brand that provides additional rewards and benefits. So, provide personalized offers on repairing or customizing their vehicle. As the roadside assistance app has the access to send the notification to the customers, it can announce special offers to them to convert them. 
  1. Robust Transaction Service – Quick and secured transactions in your roadside assistance application can attract more customers. As per recent statistics, there are 75% of smartphone users more likely to avail the services that have robust tech solutions for transactions. 
  1. Be Simple – The customers who use your roadside software need not be an expert in operating technical devices. So, the roadside assistance app should be simple and effective to attract more customers. Nearly, 74% of customers feel that they can be loyal to the business with a seamless and easy application. 
  1. Updated Tech Stacks –  By providing seamless service with updated tech stacks, you can reach more customers and convert them by providing convenience in the service. On average, 63% of customers are more likely to be loyal to the brands that provide the best app experience. Such the best user experience can be obtained by using the latest tech stacks in the roadside assistance app development process. 

So, a custom on-demand roadside assistance app development can help you to enhance customer loyalty with your expanded business model. But, choosing the right solution is mandatory to get such a robust tow application. 

Are You Choosing the Right Solutions?

Plenty of roadside app development companies are here to provide tow app development services. But all firms are not providing roadside assistance apps with the same qualities and features. Some firms are using low-code and no-code platforms to develop such applications. 

So, choosing the best roadside assistance app development company is necessary to benefit from a towing app. Fortunately, you are at the right place where custom roadside assistance apps are crafted with the latest tech stakes that is Uplogic Technologies.  

We have an eminent team of developers who have years of experience in app development. As many happy customers are suggesting our products and services, you can rely on us for a roadside assistance app that is the best in quality. 

Key Takeaways 

These are the simple and necessary questions that you have to ask yourself before starting a roadside assistance service or choosing a roadside app development company. We at Uplogic Technologies have crafted many custom applications for various kinds of businesses including towing services. So, you can expect an operative roadside app from us that will be useful to expand your business and compete in the market.

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